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Brienne's bust, by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur Cowgirl
Gender Female
Occupation Adventurer

Unnamed Father (Father)

Unnamed Mother (Mother)
Location Mad Cow Quest

EDITOR NOTE - Page is currently outdated, reworks coming soon.


Brienne is what Brint chooses to call herself after undergoing a genderswapping transformation brought about by the glowing golden rune-inscribed armor found in a Hidden Cave in Harvest Valley.


Brienne stands at a towering eight feet and six inches, her muscular caramel body notably less furred than it used to be. Her light blue eyes regard you with ardent interest, never straying far from gazing at your face. Renewed to their former glory at last, two small white horns sprout out and up from her head above her furred cow ears, an ever-present threat to hanging lights, low doorways, and particularly dumb foes. Lacking the snout of her male counterpart, she now has a cute button nose and a pair of plush pink lips pulled back in a pleasant smile. Her hair is a bright white, falling down past her shoulders.

Your eyes travel down her bombshell body as she leans back with an easy grin, all too happy to let her partner check her out. Her unadorned neck is smooth and directs your attention downwards to her very impressive cleavage, a lush, fertile valley created by way of two enormous breasts being tightly constrained in a simple leather bra obtained from Gwyn. As stacked and bountiful as Brienne is it's a miracle that the item of clothing can contain her at all, even if only barely.

She's still clad herself in the loincloth she used to wear but as you watch she slowly lifts it aside, dimples appearing on her cheeks as her lips curl upwards. Her eyes flit from side to side as she shows off her thick, muscular thighs to you, and what a sight they are. Their fur covering starts about halfway down, smooth bristles coating her legs all the way down to her strong calves and black hooves. She still possesses the tell-tale tail, and it's swaying behind her rather mischievously as she lets the cloth fall back down with a cheeky grin.

From your more intimate moments together you know for a fact that what lies between Brienne's powerful thighs is a slick, hot pussy just begging to be filled with your bestial tool until she squirts. She's more than happy to let you know it, too, as confident as ever. Around her tight, bouncy backside a dark chocolate asshole sits between her sizeable cheeks, right where it belongs.


  • Appearance
  • Talk
  • Sex
  • Dismiss/Recruit


  • Leaving
  • Parents
  • Village
  • Sex
  • Hawkethorne
  • Regets
  • Children (Avalable if The Champion had children with Brienne when she was Brint)


When the Champion approaches on sex, they will finger her before moving on, opening up the sex menu for her.

  • Missionary - Slide your cock into that tight, welcoming cowgirl cunt.
    • Suck Tits - Get some of that yourself.
    • Squeeze Nips - She looks so teasable like that...
    • Keep Going - Not time for that now, you have a cowgirl to fuck!
  • Face Fuck - Take ahold of Brienne's cowgirl horns and fuck her face.
    • Remember That - You'll hold her to that.
    • Right Now - Oh really?
      • Gentle - Relax and let Brienne bring you to the peak. She's already working hard to do so.
      • Rough - Take matters - and horns - into your own hands once more.
      • Savage - Plow Brienne's face and dump the resultant load right down her squeezing, gagging throat.
  • Give Oral - Lick and suck on Brienne's pussy until the jiggling cowgirl squirt herself dry.
  • Titfuck - Take advantage of those massive cowgirl breasts Brienne is sporting. (Requires a penis)
  • Milk Bath - Brienne pretty pent up in the about some fun with her and Cait? (For Milk Bath to be available Cait must be lactating and you must be in The Frost Hound.)

Milk Production

Because of Brienne's milk production she needs to be regularly milked every 72 hours/3 days.

Milking options are:

  • Tease - Can't the big, strong, milky cowgirl take care of herself?
    • Waitwaitwait - You didn't know that.
      • Hands - Stay hands-on.
      • Mouth - Drink Brienne's milk right from the tap.
    • Ask Cait - Ask Cait to help Brienne out.
      • Watch - Follow the busty duo and observe.
        • Just Watch - Hands off and let Cait do her thing.
        • Join In - Get involved while Cait switches to massaging her.
        • Drink Milk - The best way to get milk out of Brienne's overfull breasts is...
      • Nah - They've got it under control.
    • No - Not interested. She can do it herself or find someone else.
  • Okay - Sure, you can help out.
    • [Same as Waitwaitwait sub-options]
  • Ask Cait - [Same as Tease sub-option]
  • No - [Same as Tease sub-option]


  • Powers
    • Giant Reach - [At-Will] [Dual] [Melee] [Weapon] - Brint makes and attack with both his axe and mace. The attacks have -25 Accuracy, but allow him to use two non-light weapons at once. (Flavor text needs to be updated post Mad Cow)
    • Cleave
    • Execute - [Recharge 4] [2Hand] [Melee] [Weapon] - Make a massive swing with a two-handed weapon, aiming to lay low a wounded foe with a single strike. This attack imparts +50 Attack Power, plus Attack Power equal to the percentage of the target's maximum Health already lost.
    • Frenzy - [Encounter] [Stance] - Give into your inner fury, throwing yourself into a berzerker frenzy. You gain +50 Attack Power, +10 Critical Chance, and +10 Focus and Lust Resistance, but your Armor is reduced by half. This power can only be activated when Health is below 70%.


Mad Cow - Required to recruit Brienne