Family Matters

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Family Matters
Creator Wsan
Quest Giver Brienne
Requirements Have Brienne
Level Range 6+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward ???
Location Outskirts
Timed? ???
Can Fail? Yes

Brienne squirms in her chair, cheeks turning a deeper shade of chocolate. "Well... okay, there is some of that. Look, I just think it would be... really... fucking hot if you were fucking all three of us..." she says, breathing a little harder.

Brienne has an idea for how you can become part of the family. It's a little unconventional, but she's very enthusiastic about the prospect.

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Ask Brienne about Hints? and choose It's Okay Brienne wants you to win over her family — by fucking them into submission. Start with her sister, Rina.
1 Choose Stay Platonic after fourth Training session with Rina Brienne will be a little disappointed when she learns you're keeping her sister as a friend rather than a romantic prospect, but she'll get over it if you fuck Cassia into submission.
2 Finish your first date with Rina and Brienne after Flirting with Rina Brienne couldn't be happier with the way things are going in her home, and especially Rina's bedroom. If the two of you keep smothering Rina with so much love and attention, you're going to have your hands full keeping her satisfied every time you're around! Keep up the 'dates' and see where this leads you.
3 Turn down Rina, but Flirt with Cassia during your wine date You turned Rina down, but you've seized upon the chance to have sex with the girls' exceptionally fertile mother. Brienne'll be thrilled. All three of the cowgirls are happy and content with the current state of affairs, though perhaps there's more to be done... / though you haven't quite finished with them...

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.

4 Finish Rina's dates and then Flirt with Cassia Just like you promised your faithful girlfriend, you've had sex with both her beautiful sister and her outrageously fertile mother. She'll be thrilled, no doubt. Now you'll have to contend with keeping all three of your wonderful lovers happy — though it doesn't seem like that'll be too difficult, really. / and you've got just the idea.

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.

5 (failed) Remain platonic with Rina and Cassia Brienne's going to be sad that you promised to indulge her only to spurn the chance at a relationship with her sister and mother — but you've made the decision you believe in, and she'll come around to it eventually.
6 Finish Rina's dates and then remain platonic with Cassia You turned Cassia down, opting not to interfere in the woman of the house's affairs, though her two daughters are more than happy to hang off your arm. Brienne's already excited enough about the current situation — she'll forgive you for not going all the way. And besides, it's not like you've finished with them...

This is as far as this quest progresses for now.

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After you visit Brienne's family in the Outskirts for a second time, you ask Brienne about the Hints? Brienne has been giving you regarding her family. Brienne confesses that she's very into the idea of you sexually dominating her family, to which you can reply It's Okay to acquire the quest or Not Interested to disable the content.



To move things along with Rina, offer to help her with Training. After four training sessions where you bond with Brienne's younger sister, you are given a choice to define your relationship with her.

  • Flirt: Who says you have to leave her behind? There's plenty of ways and reasons to see each other, after all.
  • Stay Platonic: Keep Rina as a friend — she's cute, but you don't harbor any romantic feelings towards her.

Regardless of your choice, you progress forward in the quest. If you chose to Flirt with Rina, you have four 'dates' with her before progressing to the next stage of the quest, or otherwise you move ahead straight away. Cassia has a day off after a stressful work period contending with The Siege of Khor'minos and some sudden staff vacancies, and wants to celebrate it by getting wine drunk with you and Brienne. An opportunity presents itself, and you can choose how to proceed with the quest.

  • Flirt: Take a chance and see if Brienne really takes after her mother...
  • Console: You don't want to make waves in Cassia's nice little life — you're not interested in her romantically, anyway.

As long as you Flirted with either Rina or Cassia, the quest progresses from here. If you remained platonic with both Brienne's mother and sister, you fail the quest.

Notable Loot and Rewards

Unknown, but probably involves closer ties with Brienne's family.