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Bust of Cassia by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Family Brint (son) / Brienne (daughter)
Rina (daughter)
Unnamed Husband
Location Khor'minos Outskirts

"Oh, it's you two!" Cassia says, smiling. "Welcome home. I'm just doing breakfast if you'd like to join us."

Cassia is Brint/Brienne's mother, who lives in Telduum village in the Outskirts. Since Brint left, she's been living with her daughter Rina. Cassia is a dedicated mother, though her children may use the word 'stifling' instead. She's also been forgoing her own social life to be a single mother to her children, something you may be able to help with later on.

"Overbearing and protective but from a good place... That was part of why I left. But she was a good mom. Just... hung up on dad. Y'know, the whole disappearing thing... then me pulling the same stunt."


You come face to face with what could only be described as an incredibly voluptuous horned woman, a white toga fitted around one of her enormous breasts and leaving the other totally bared, displaying a large golden doorknocker piercing hanging from her dark brown nipple.


First Encounter

"Hi mom," Brint says, smiling. "I'm back."

"Oh," she whispers, tearing up. "Oh my god, it's really you."

As you're travelling through the Outskirts with Brint/Brienne, as you get to the north-east of the map your minotaur companion will note you're approaching their village. Brienne is hesitant to enter, with the dramatic changes she's gone through since leaving, but both Brint and Brienne offer to take you home to meet the folks.

  • Go Inside: Enter the minotaur village.
  • Don't: Not just yet.

If you Go Inside, you leave any other companions at the gate and head in. Brint/Brienne meet Cassia at their childhood home, prompting a tearful reunion with the prodigal child. Cassia takes a moment to recognise Brienne, understandably. You and Brint/Brienne share a meal with Cassia, with Cassia commenting on your relationship with her child and warmly thanking you for bringing them home. With some parting hugs, you're back on the road.

The second time you head into the village with Brint/Brienne, Cassia and Rina are home. After another warm reunion, you and Brint/Brienne head into a room to relax and talk as Cassia and Rina set the table. After another nice meal with the family, you're back on the road.

Subsequent Encounters

After the initial encounters, you can return to the Village once a day between 6:00 and 21:00. The family greets you warmly, with variants depending on what time of the day it is, and you can choose Cassia to speak with her while helping wash dishes. Cassia's home has running water, which blows your mind, especially with the Scholar background.

  • Herself: Ask Cassia about herself.
  • Brint/Brienne: Ask about Brint/Brienne.
  • Rina: Talk about the youngest of her children, Rina.
  • Partners: Does Cassia have anyone else in her life?

If you have a Quickie with Brint or Brienne, Cassia can interrupt to let you know there are snacks available. You or Brint come up with the cunning ruse that your partner is taking a nap under the covers, but Cassia may not have bought it.

Once you've resolved Rina's interactions, either through completing her dates or by remaining platonic with her, the next time you visit Rina will be away at a friend's house. Cassia is home however, and invites you and Brint/Brienne to celebrate her first night off work in a long time with many bottles of wine. Your companion retires to their room after a lot of wine, and Cassia reveals that she used to be an adventurer. However, she laments that it's been a long time since she looked like she did as an adventurer.

  • Flirt: See if Cassia is up for some fun. / Take a chance and see if Brienne really takes after her mother...
  • Console: You don't want to make waves in Cassia's nice little life — you're not interested in her romantically, anyway.

If you Console Cassia, you drink a little more before retiring to bed with your companion or taking Rina's bed for the evening. After a heart-to-heart in the morning, you head out with Brint or Brienne.


If you Flirt with Cassia after drinks, the two of you head to her bedroom.

  • Lie Back: You'd like nothing more than to let this buxom cowgirl ride you into the bed. / You'd like like nothing more than to lie down and let Cassia take the reins.
  • Push Her Down: Lie Cassia on the bed instead.
    • Get BJ / Oral: Get blown / eaten out by an eager Cassia.
    • Rimmed&Titjob: Turn around and get Cassia on her knees, rimming your ass while she rubs your swollen cock between her massive sweaty tits. (requires penis >=10 inches)

Once you're done, you can choose to Stay and cuddle with Cassia, or Leave and head out in the night.

Quest Related

Family Matters

Cassia is one of the... ah, targets, that Brienne gives you in her optional quest.