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Busts of Rina by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Athlete
Family Cassia (mother)
Brint (brother) / Brienne (sister)
Unnamed Father
Location Khor'minos Outskirts

"Oh! Hi guys!" Rina says, coming in from the garden to find you and Brienne relaxing in the lounge. "You shoulda come outside, I was training!"

"Hey, Rina," you say, smiling. "Just didn't wanna disturb the star athlete."

Rina is Brint / Brienne's younger sister, and an aspiring athlete. She lives with her mother Cassia in Telduum village in the Outskirts. Rina was a tomboy from a young age, playing sport with the boys until the Minotaurs sexual dimorphism made that impossible. She's committed to her athletics, though her mother worries she's not planning for her future and needs to find a husband.

"She was always the little sister I kept out of trouble. 'Specially 'cause she liked playing sports with the boys. She was pretty unhappy when puberty happened and they all shot up and she didn't, and suddenly they didn't want to play 'cause they didn't want to hurt her. She hated that."


Rina's soft blonde hair is messy and sticks out all over the place but you have to admit it fits her, and the tuft always hanging down between her little horns is cute enough. Her gentle eyes are the same color as Brienne's / Brint's but they've seen less of the world, her relative innocence shining through. She's got big, fluffy cow ears that hang down when she's relaxing, though they perk up a bit whenever she looks at you.

Her breasts are enormous on that athletic frame of hers, barely contained by the little tank top she's wearing — one of the straps is constantly falling down her arm, and she never seems to notice. Her bared midriff is toned but not nearly muscled enough to show her abdominals, the body of someone who keeps in shape by running. She has a narrow waist and generous hips, which seems to be something that runs in the family.

Her powerful-looking thighs give way to furred legs, narrowing on the way down. You can see she has quite muscular calves when she adjusts her footing, her ankles leading to two hooves. Her butt is just curvy enough that you can tell she spends time working on her lower body, as if the thighs weren't enough of a tip-off.

She's on the shorter side, only a few inches above five feet. She gives you a shy smile as you finish regarding her, meeting your eyes with a curious gaze.


First Encounter

Rina throws herself at Brienne for a hug, closing her eyes and smiling as she's enveloped by the taller girl's arms. "Hi Brienne! Oh my gosh, you look so cool!"

"Aww, hey Rina," Brienne says, smiling as she rubs her little sister's back. "Good to see you again."

The second time you visit Telduum village with Brint / Brienne, Rina is at the family residence with Cassia. She accepts Brienne's change in circumstances quickly if relevant, wrapping her sibling and then you in a warm hug.

You, Brint / Brienne, Rina, and Cassia enjoy a nice meal, with Rina shooting you furtive glances when she thinks you're not looking. As you're leaving, Brint laughs at how Rina seems to have a crush on you, while Brienne is... also supportive. Especially if you accepted her quest.

Subsequent Encounters

After the initial encounters, you can return to the Village once a day between 6:00 and 21:00. If you approach her by choosing Rina, she'll either be gardening or thinking about training.

  • Appearance: Check Rina out.
  • Tomboy?: Does she feel like she has more masculine interests?
  • Sports: Does she like sports? (requires having done Tomboy?)
  • Brint / Brienne: Ask about Rina's big brother, Brint / new sister, Brienne. (requires having done Sports)
  • Cassia: Ask about Rina's mom, Cassia. (requires having done Brint or Brienne)
  • Training: See if Rina's in the mood to train. (requires having done Cassia)

If you help Rina with her Training, there are four training scenes that trigger one after another, with one per day. You impress Rina with your athleticism honed through life or death adventuring, and bond with Rina as she confides in you. She's anxious about her future, and feeling increasingly lonely and isolated in quarantine. Rina also asks what you planned to do with your life, which draws a background specific response. After the fourth training session, you can choose where you want your relationship with Rina to go.

  • Flirt: Who says you have to leave her behind? There's plenty of ways and reasons to see each other, after all.
  • Stay Platonic: Keep Rina as a friend — she's cute, but you don't harbor any romantic feelings towards her.

Rina can also walk in on you and Brint or Brienne having a Quickie, quickly recognising what Brienne is doing and getting embarrassed, or complaining that Brint's room smells like a stable.


If you Flirt with Rina after the fourth training session, the next time you visit Brint's family, Cassia will excuse herself, having to be out for the day. Brint, and Brienne (if you declined the quest Family Matters) will join her, leaving you and Rina alone to have sex for the first time. If you accepted Family Matters, Brienne will join the two of you. From there, you have three more 'dates' with Rina, with content varying depending on whether you have a penis, whether Brienne is involved, and whether Rina is Dominant.

If you have a penis, you have the following options as dates. Brienne may be involved depending on previous choices, and you can choose the dates in any order.

  • Teach Deepthroat: Get Rina down on her knees for a quick teaching session focused on getting you as deep as she can in her throat. / Get Brienne and Rina down on their knees so big sis can show little sis how to properly sheathe your stiff cock in her throat.
  • Teach Cowgirl: Teach Rina how to really ride... / Get Brienne to show Rina how to really ride...
  • Teach Anal: Get Rina nice and used to taking your dick in her ass.

If you do not have a penis, and Rina is not dominant, you have the following options as dates. Brienne may be involved and you can choose them in any order.

  • Teach Cunnilingus: Teach Rina about eating pussy. / Teach Rina about eating pussy together with Brienne.
  • Teach Scissoring: Teach Rina something totally new.
  • Teach Fingering: Teach Rina to use her fingers properly by giving her some hands-on time. / Teach Rina to use her fingers properly by giving her some hands-on time with you and Brienne.

If Rina is Dominant, she takes the lead, subjecting you and Brienne to various trials as she embraces her nascent dominance. After three dates, Rina is much more confident in her role, and buys you and Brienne matching buttplugs to thank you for your service.


"I think we have a natural on our hands," you say, lifting an eyebrow.

"You think?" she says, eyeing you.

If you have Brienne, do not have a penis, accepted Family Matters, and have a sexual relationship with Rina, there is a point during the first date with the sisters where Rina starts to assert herself. You can encourage her dominant streak here, or keep her under you.

  • Stay Sub: Make sure Rina knows her place. Push her down and make her scream in pleasure.
  • Dominate Us: It's clear Rina has a talent for this. Maybe she should be the one running the show...

If Rina is Dominant, it affects future sexual interactions with her as she becomes a domme for you and Brienne. It will only trigger when you do not have a penis, although if you lose your penis she will once again assume the role of domme.

Quest Related

Family Matters

Rina is a person of interest in Brienne's familial side quest.