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"A noble race if there ever was one. Great both in the bar and in the bedroom. But woe betide you if you ever find yourself facing one down on the battlefield."

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  • Minotaurs Codex Entry


Name: Minotaur (pl. Minotaurs)

Sexes: Male, female.

Height: Ranges from 6'0" to 8'8" (182 to 265 cm).

Weight: Ranges from 180 lb to 480 lb (82 to 218 kgs).

Hair: Various shades of brown, black, red, white, gray.

Eyes: Blue, green, brown, hazel.

Lifespan: 80 to 90 years.

Maturity: 18 years.


As a race, minotaurs display obvious sexual dimorphism. The males possess far more bestial traits, the most prominent of which is their cow-like snout, often adorned with decorations such as a golden ring. Their bodies are far larger and more muscular than their female counterparts, affectionately termed 'cowgirls'. Whereas the men have a fur covering all over their bodies, the women have fur only on their tails, ears, and from the midpoint of their thighs downwards.

Both sexes have full digitigrade legs which end in black hooves, horizontally oriented cow ears, horns of varying lengths, and a long, furred tail with a tuft at the end. The latter is often evident of their emotional state; when excited, the tail will appear quite animated. There are some important differences to note between the two sexes, as well — males sport the genitalia of equines, no doubt having had a common ancestor in the past, where the females have no such thing. They do, however, possess exceptionally fertile bodies.


The body of a cowgirl is necessarily very robust, with wide hips to facilitate easy childbirths as well as extremely large breasts to ensure they can feed such large children. Minotaur infants are generally born one or two at a time, though as many as four has been recorded. Puberty is generally reached at ages ten to twelve, during which both sexes experience periods of massive intermittent growth until they are in their late teens.

Over time, the gargantuan size of minotaur penises relative to the vaginas of cowgirls has caused a shift towards extreme stretchiness to accommodate their counterparts. Additionally, a cowgirl begins lactating at some point after reaching sexual maturity — this acts as both a signal to males and as an impetus for her to begin breeding lest she have to milk herself. Many minotaur women act as wet nurses for others, as male children need an extraordinary amount of sustenance while they grow.


At one time, minotaurs were a singular race of beast-like men and women. However, over a long period of raiding, breeding, and eventual mutual intermingling, a schism appeared. Two tribes split apart, one formed from the men of Khor'minos we know today and the human women with which they had taken as partners, and the other of beastwomen and the few human men that stayed with them. The underlying cause for minotaur men preferring interspecies partners has never truly been unearthed, though many theories have been put forth.

Over a long period of time, cowgirls have gradually taken on some minotaur-like traits such as their legs, tails, and ears, but they remain mostly human in appearance. The men have remained mostly as they were according to records, though the same cannot be said for the men of the second, smaller tribe — which by now has diverged so entirely as to be called a separate species. After traveling, the minotaurs built their new home inside a mountain: Khor'minos.

Settled roughly 570 years ago by the beastmen and their women, Khor'minos is now the home to almost the entire minotaur race. It has never suffered a successful invasion thanks to numerous tunnels and twisting mines by way of entry, and tensions between minotaurs and orcs remain high to this day.

Society & Culture

Khor'minos is largely monocultural, with minotaurs making up the vast majority of its inhabitants. However, they welcome newcomers to the bustling city and as a result, there is a large spread of differing races making up a diverse labor force and other non-essential positions. Religion is not nearly as uniform — a temple of each of the seven gods can be found within their city, with the majority of followers worshipping Lumia or Velun.

The minotaurs are led by a king which as of this writing is King Kelsaz, third of his line. Naturally, due to their suitability to combat roles, the legions of Khor'minos are comprised almost entirely of minotaur men. It falls to the women to inhabit the upper echelons of society, taking positions of leadership and management to guide the minotaurs in academic and cultural pursuits.

Minotaurs abide by the adage "it takes a village to raise a child". All children are raised in tight-knit groups, eventually splitting into gendered units to be taught the applicable trades. Men are taught to hunt and fight and women are taught to care for children as well as how to best grow into society's required roles. Both sexes are taught how to read and write, mathematics, and history during their schooling, with continuing private tutelage being the norm for the wealthy.

Monogamy and polygamy are equally accepted among the minotaurs; it is not uncommon for a female to couple with multiple males or for a male to have a 'harem' of multiple females, though many pair and remain monogamous for life.

Codex Acquisition

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Other Information

Big buff cow-bros and chesty babes that make the best milk in the Marches. Khor'minos, the legendary city of the minotaurs, is hidden away to the east of Hawkethorne.

  • Bovine
Cute Adjectives
  • Bull (minotaur)
  • Cow (cowgirl)


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Adel Brint Brienne Cassia Cecilia Fenraus Feronia Gloria
Adel Brint Brienne Cassia Cecilia Fenraus Feronia Gloria
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Hirrud Kavi Livernus Livie Livrea Lucia Marilla
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Mel Mimi Minotaur Guards,
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