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Busts of Rooh by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Male
Occupation Guard
Location Khor'minos Outskirts

"Oh, the adventurers," says Rooh, giving you an upwards flick of his head. "Howsit."

Rooh is a cheerful, if irreverent guard stationed at a gate leading out of the Outskirts into the 'rear' of the city. He's known the guard he's stationed with — known as 'Rooh's friend' — for close to twenty years, and the two have learned to put up with each other. Rooh's known as a prankster, and for his frequent visits to the Slums. He is however serious about security, if only because his superior would have his head otherwise.

"Buddy/Lady, I've been putting up with this clown for close to twenty years now... You just learn to live with him."
—Rooh's friend


First Encounter

The first time you approach Rooh and his friend, they warn you that you'll need a token to enter. He recommends that you could visit the Slums instead, prompting his friend to butt him with the haft of his spear. Rooh grabs it, and the two guards squabble over control of the weapon, until Rooh sticks gum on it and returns it to his companion. As they try to clean their spear off, Rooh reiterates that you'll need a token, and advises you to speak to somebody else.

Subsequent Encounters

On subsequent visits you can converse with the chatty guard, as there's rarely anything going on at the interior gate. He has some information about the tokens you'd need to enter, though he's not able to provide them for you.

  • Enter: (not yet available)
  • Talk: Talk to the guards a bit.
    • Tokens: How common are these tokens, anyway?
    • Blowjob?: Would Rooh be interested in a blowjob?


"Y'know, some of the other guards are interested," he says, nodding back in the direction of the outpost. "And you seem like a boy/girl that's up for that. Keen?"

If you inquire about giving Rooh a blowjob, his buddy sighs and offers to cover for him. However, if you prefer, you can invite his friend to come along. And some of his friends, and some of their friends, and Brint and Arona if you have them along for Cait & Guard - Of Course.

  • Find Cover: Go find somewhere for Rooh to stand while you eagerly suck him off.
  • Another Guard: Two horsecocks to suck are better than one.
    • No Thanks: You've gulped down enough sperm for the day/night.
    • Of Course: Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't you want more horsecocks to suck? (24 hour cooldown)
  • Cait & Guard: Let Rooh bring his friend, and you'll bring Cait. Two horsecocks, two sluts. It's a match made in heaven. (requires Cait)
    • No Thanks: You've gulped down enough sperm for the day/night.
    • Of Course: Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't you want more horsecocks to suck? (24 hour cooldown, counts towards thiccening Cait)


You are able to be impregnated by Rooh or his compatriots during the Cait & Guard - Of Course' option. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply, and see Generic Minotaur Pregnancy for more details.