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Arona Clothed.png
Full Bust of Arona by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Orc
Gender Female (pre-tournament)
Occupation War-Captain
Warchief (post Right of Conquest not ambushed)
Height 7'10"
Cock Size 12"
Bust Size DD
Family Argoth (older brother)
Hretha (older sister)
Unnamed Father [deceased]
Unnamed Mother
Relatives Aretha (niece)
Religion Lumian
Faction Kervus Tribe
Ex-Kervus Tribe (post Right of Conquest ambushed)
Location Foothills (North and West)
Kervus Warcamp (post Right of Conquest not ambushed)
Companion Tag Aggressive
Level 3
Health 200
Resolve 100

"Yeah... it's good to be queen."

"Been meaning to talk to you, too. See, I'm chieftain now, and I'm starting to set things right in the camp, but it don't need my undivided attention. So you ought to take me with you while you're out fighting. Help me keep my skills sharp! Hretha can handle stuff for me day to day, and you can handle my dick. That's a damn good deal for everyone, huh?"

"That, uh, that right? Good! Listen: I might be chieftain, now, but I owe you one for putting my ass on this throne. I'd gone alone, and my cheatin'-ass brother would have had his goons gangbang me. So yeah, if you need some help on your quest... or maybe a warm place to lay your head and sheathe your cock/fill your pussy at night... I'm your girl! Hretha can handle things day to day around the camp while we're off having our fun."

"These little golden flowers bloom all up the sides of 'em come springtime. Hretha loves the smell but they make me sneeze like crazy; she says it's the plants cumming into the air and I'm breathing it in, but that's the stupidest thing I ever heard."

Arona is the youngest sibling to the Kervus Tribe's leadership of Argoth, the warchief and Hretha, the orcale. While raiding the Foothills, she travels with an all-female warband that will loot and pillage anything they come across. Arona's personality is quite aggressive, although should the Champion best her, she will treat them differently. Arona was born female, but after she was introduced to a strapon, she loved it but it was difficult to cum from. She wanted something that'd be a part of her, so she won a great orc tournament and got her wish from her sister.

"Yeah, I'm responsible for that. She had a few boys here and there, but nine out of ten times I'd hear her across the fort with someone, it'd be another woman. When Arona won the grand melee at the tribe's year-end festival, earning herself the right to ask anything of the chief, I already had done the research to give her what she'd inevitably ask for. Only boon she ever asked of me and Argoth both, as far as I recall. Even when she was little, she wanted to do everything for herself. Cook, stitch, build... and when she realized what would make her complete was a throbbing big cock 'tween her legs, she went and won the biggest fight on the island for the right to claim it as her due."


Arona is a mighty orcish warrior, seven feet and ten inches of chiseled muscle and toned, dark green flesh. Like any orcess, she sports a pair of small tusks jutting up from her lower jaw, peeking out from her hard black lips, and slightly tapered ears that are pierced with rows of gold studs along their upper halves. Despite the dusky hardness of her body, Arona's eyes are a brilliant blue, full of more cunning than her battle-forged physique would belie. Her hair is black as sin and naturally thick and shaggy, though it has been shaved down on either side, leaving a hawk of trimmed hair that transitions into a long braid down her back.

Despite her powerful muscles, Arona's femininity is beyond question: a pair of weighty DD-cups breasts sit high on her chest[if Warhides set:, only just held back by the tight embrace of her hide-and-leather top, though even with its fur lining, her outfit leaves plenty of enticing cleavage open to your perusal|else if Chieftain's Bronze set: beneath her Chieftain's Bronze]. Her nipples are as black as her lips, broad plates of midnight each pierced with silver bars, keeping them stiff no matter her arousal. Beneath her bountiful amazonian bust is a toned, hard chest and softer belly that shows just a hint of chiseled muscle as it transitions into her flared hips.

Her lower chest is inked with a set of claw-mark tattoos, three sharp savage lines under each breast. Her upper arms are likewise adorned with swirling, softer patterns. A wolf's head bearing a pair of antler-like horns is inked onto her left shoulder, a mark of her clan; the other is patterned with interwoven circles.

Arona's outfit is as eye-catching as its wielder, meant to emphasize the orc's hard-won assets more than to protect her in battle. Her ample chest is supported and contained by a tight wrap of hide and leather, lined with grey fur and held together by a straining bronze clasp suspended between her breasts. It leaves her belly and upper arms completely bare, as if her tattoos and muscle alone are enough to shield her from harm.

[if Chieftain's Bronze set:Her forearms and hands are wrapped in hide gauntlets reinforced with crude metal plates, stained with dried blood and rust. Similar greaves gird her legs, up to the knee, where they once again give way to her thick, muscular thighs and then into a pair of beast-hide breeches that hug her hips snugly. The garment rides up her ass, leaving half of each firm cheek exposed, but the real eye-draw is the thick bulge between her legs. Atop all of that, she wears a great bronze helmet with a feathered plume. Somehow, she's convinced herself all this armor lets her be less defensive in battle...]

She's carrying an over-sized warhammer slung on her back, looking more like the weapon of an angry storm-god than something a humanoid should be swinging. Yet she handles the massive weapon with ease, making it seem feather-light... until she crashes it into someone with ground-shaking force. A chipped and battered wooden shield complements the grand hammer, bearing the demon-wolf sigil of her clan painted in shades of blood and sable-red.

Arona might have been a full-bodied woman once, if the black-lipped and vice-strong pussy between her legs is any indication, but through some orcish witchcraft, she's become so much more. A pole of dark green cock hangs down from above her twat like an overt challenge to any other would-be man in the room, easily twelve inches long and thick as a halberd's haft. Below that magnificent slab of meat hang a pair of weighty balls, swollen with potent orcish seed and dangling low beneath her cock. The bulk of her nuts all but conceals her feminine sex, as if it's nothing to her now that she can breed like a virile stud.

Opposite that, Arona has a toned, firm behind. Her shallow cheeks conceal a cock-draining asshole, right where it belongs.


During Right of Conquest

First Encounter

The Champion can encounter Arona and her all-female orc warband at the Foothills (North and West) when they're at least level 3. Upon encountering Arona, she will state that unlike most raiders who will demand their opponents to surrender, she likes to get warmed up before she'll fuck them.

Subsequent Encounters

Encountering the orcish war-party again will always result in an immediate fight, however, based on Arona's Dominance score, when she locks eyes with the Champion, her gaze will vary; from cool, easy confidence (<= -100) to unabashed, shameless lust (>= 76).

If the Champion had gotten Arona's HP or Resolve below 50% but was defeated, she will remark that it was a good fight and that she's definitely hard after it. If not, she will mock that the Champion came to the Foothills to get pounced on for a good time by some harpies or if they were hoping a big, strong orc babe would come and give them a good beating. The Champion will also be robbed of 11 to 30 EC.

If the Champion is victorious in combat, they will be given the following option:

  • Interrogate - Rather than doing what she'd have done to you, try and get some actual information out of the orcish war-captain. What the hell are they doing all the way out here?`
  • Ride - Take the hermaphrodite leader's big, fat cock for a ride! (Champion knockup chance)
  • BendHerOver - Shove the haughty orc onto her hands and knees and plow her hard from behind. (requires a cock)
  • Breed Orcs - Get these orcish sluts on the ground and fuck them full of your seed. (requires a cock & (Cum Quantity >= 500 or Libido >= 33))
    • LetHerFinish - Do the orcess a solid and let her finish herself off.
    • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her... (Arona Dominance score < 0 or Champion is a Bimbo)
    • Fuck Her - No getting off without your say-so. Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.
  • BrintFuckHer - Let loose your minotaur [stud/friend] on Arona while you watch. (requires Brint)

Interrogating Arona will reveal that the tribe is simply in the Marches to loot and pillage, the same as any other orc tribe, but the Champion brings up that half the people in Hawkethorne couldn't scrape two silvers together and that it's the only real town for miles, unless the Kervus plan on battering down the gates of Khor'minos. She will simply shrug and state that it's her brother's plan, his rumor, his tribe, and she was perfectly content to kick around and beat down harpies for cocksleeves until the Champion came along. If the Champion has not found the location of the warcamp yet, she will point the Champion to the hills at the north-east.

Once Arona's Dominance score has reached -100 or 100, a new scene will play the next time they encounter her.

Dominant or Submissive

As the Champion continues to fight against Arona and her warband, certain factors will influence her attitude towards the Champion on whether she will act dominant or submissive towards them. This will determine how Arona will treat the Champion and may provide unique options. Note that the score will initially start out at 0 and the score will not change once they hit the upper or lower limit (100 or -100). Note that once Arona is a companion, the Champion can offer Arona a chance to become the dominant one, however, once she is dominant, she will not give them the same chance.

Dominant (-100)
Scene Change
Defeat Gangbang -25
Defeat NTR -25
Defeat Catch -25
Pregnancy Acknowledge -10 (if score < 0)
Pregnancy Encounter - Accept -10
Submissive (100)
Scene Change
Interrogate +10
Ride +15
BendHerOver +15
  • Breed Orcs
    • LetHerFinish
  • Breed Orcs
    • Help Her
  • Breed Orcs
    • Fuck Her
BrintFuckHer +15
Pregnancy Acknowledge +10 (if score >= 0)
Pregnancy Encounter - Refuse +10
Dominant Arona

Should Arona be dominant [DomArona] (score of -100), the next time the Champion encounters Arona, she will be alone. She will state that the Champion is quite difficult to track down, however, she's got their scent as she gives them a deep sniff. She remarks that they smell like her cum, which brings her to question if they bathe, but she cuts to the chase by stating that although she might be able to put them over her knee if she wanted, they're still the best fighter she's met since the tribe made landfall. She plans to challenge her brother, Argoth for control of the tribe, however, he will cheat once she starts winning, so she needs the extra muscle considering she can't trust anyone in the tribe to not fuck her over. The following options are available for the Champion to decide on what to do:

  • Sure - That sounds... pretty great. What can you do?
  • Hell No - Wait she can't just sign you up for this, you're not her slave... yet.
    • Get Off! (will result in a fight)
    • Sorry! - When she puts it like that... you really don't have much room to maneuver here.

Should the Champion refuse to aid her and attempt to back out, she will attack the Champion, and should they lose, it will result in the Arona's Slave Bad End. If the Champion wins, Arona will jest about 'where had this side of the Champion been all this time', but states that she still needs their help, although this time as partners. The Champion tells her that they'll think about her deal, causing her to shrug and state that they've earned the right to choose before heading off.

Submissive Arona

Should Arona be submissive [SubArona] (score of 100), the next time the Champion encounters Arona, she will be alone, putting a hand up in a sign of peace. She will explain that for once she's not here to fight, that she's met her match, and she loves it, because its given her a new bar to rise to, a new goal to train for till she can beat them. She's here to discuss a mutually beneficial agreement; that Hawkethorne wants the Kervus gone and that Arona wants to go, however, her brother refuses to move and won't explain himself. She's got it in her mind to challenge her brother for leadership and she needs someone to watch her back when Argoth starts losing. She proposes that if they back her up when she challenges her brother, she'll get the tribe out of the Marches.

Challenge for Leadership

Having gone through the majority of events for Right of Conquest, once they have reached the Orc Pavilion, they will see Arona with Hretha, who's anointing Arona's cheeks and face with war paint as she stands ready to challenge her brother. The Champion will have two options when the two are about to face off:

  • Hide&Watch - This is what Arona brought you here for, right: to watch just in case her brother does something fishy?
  • Ambush Argoth - Well, this is what Arona brought you here for, right: to jump her brother and make sure she wins?
Ambush Argoth

Ambushing Argoth will incur the wrath of the gathered orcs as Argoth declares that his sister plans to assassinate him. Arona will be forced to join the Champion in a battle against the Chief & Goons; consisting of Chief Argoth, the Orc Thane, and an endless wave of orcs. If the Champion loses the fight, it will result in a Bad End in which Argoth will exile his sister and enslave the Champion's party for the Kervus Tribe. Argoth's defeat will end the fight, but because of the Champion's interference, he will remain the warchief and Arona will be exiled for violating ancient tradition. This will greatly anger Arona but she will straighten up and declare that she doesn't need the Kervus. When asked what she'll do now, she asks if there's a tavern in Hawkethorne because she can't make important decisions sober. The Champion will have the following options on how to respond:

  • Nope - There's no tavern in Hawkethorne. She'll have to go somewhere else... and hopefully not come back.
  • Yes - There's a great little drinking hole waiting for her. Arona will no doubt be amenable to recruitment after this.

Lying to Arona will have her take a deep breath, say her goodbyes and march off into a dark canyon beneath the shadow of the warcamp, most likely the Champion will never see her again.

Telling her about The Frost Hound will have her move to the tavern.

"Then it's settled! To the Fuck Hound or whatever!"

Choosing to hide and watch will allow the duel to proceed normally, in which Arona manages to split and snap Argoth's weapon, and send him staggering to his throne. Unwilling to accept his defeat, he will call upon the surrounding warriors to interfere, however, they don't make a move, which causes Argoth to yank a chain that brings Benny, a massive hill troll, into the Orc Pavilion. After being struck by Benny, Arona will call upon the Champion to aid her, to which they may choose to Fight! or Leave. Choosing to leave will result in Benny causing absolute chaos as the orc leadership is demolished, the fates of the orc siblings unknown, but it doesn't matter. Deciding to fight and aid Arona will pit them against Benny and Argoth.

When the Bang Bros have been defeated, the warriors will howl in approval for Arona as their new chieftain. Hretha will inform her sister that she must decide what to do with their brother after having been utterly shamed. For SubArona, she'll offer the Champion a piece of her brother before she exiles him back to the southern islands. Regardless of their decision, a pair of Kervus warriors drag the fallen chieftain out of the pavilion, with Hretha and Gerik following to chase the fallen chieftain off. With Arona now in power, she'll want to celebrate her victory and new title as chieftain.

Post Right of Conquest

Exiled Arona

If Arona had gotten exiled from the Kervus and the Champion had told her about The Frost Hound, they can find her at the inn.

Approaching her at the inn for the first time will have them ask how she's handling things, she replies she feels shitty, that she can't believe she fucked up this bad, and she's never gonna see her sister and niece again or until Argoth's killed himself. In the meantime, she'll drink herself into stupor, but an idea comes to mind and she offers that if they need a big battle-hardened bitch to beat somebody down for them, she's their gal.

For interactions, see Companionship.

Chieftain Arona

First Visit

Visiting Chieftain Arona for the first time will have her grin as she rhetorically asks that shouldn't the Champion be out fighting a demon or something before the Champion replies that they've come to talk to her.

With SubArona, the Champion will saunter to her, which causes her to squirm for a moment as her breeches tent when the Champion gets close. She will mention that although she is chieftain now, she owes them for putting her ass on the throne, and that if they need help with their quest or a warm place to lay their head and sheathe their cock/fill their pussy at night, then she's their girl. She adds that Hretha can handle things around the camp while they're off having fun.

With DomArona, the Champion will take a knee before her, which causes her to heft a leg over their shoulder and will later use her knee to yank their face into her musky leather breeches. She says that she's chieftain now and she's starting to set things right in the camp, however, it doesn't need her undivided attention, so they ought to take them with her while they're out fighting so she can sharpen her skills while Hretha can handle that day to day stuff for her, they can handle her dick.

Subsequent Visits

With Arona as the new warchief, the Champion will be allowed to enter and leave the Kervus Warcamp as they see fit. Arona can be found at great pavillion tent where she will be lounging lazily upon her throne with one leg kicked up over an armrest.

Upon visiting Arona, the following events may occur:

  • 20% chance for:
    • Throne Blow [no option] (DomArona only)
    • Orc Gangbang (if Orc Guards are not pregnant)
      • For DomArona [no option]:
        • Breed Guard (if has a cock and Orc Guard knockup chance)
          • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her...
          • Fuck Her - Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.
        • Guard Fembang (if does not have a cock)
      • For SubArona:
        • Guard Fembang - Let Arona's guards have their way with you! (Orc Guard knockup chance if has a cock)
        • Breed Guard - Take each of Arona's pet bodyguards in turn, giving her a creamy load to remember you by. (requires a cock and Orc Guard knockup chance)
          • Let Her Finish - Do the orcess a solid and let her finish herself off.
          • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her...
          • Fuck Her - Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.

For interactions, see Companionship. Note that [no option] implies that the scene will automatically occur when the conditions are satisfied and the Champion will not be provided an option to back out.

Chieftain's Bronze

With Arona as the new warchief, she will special order an armor fit for the Kervus' glorious new chieftain. When the Champion has Arona with them, the next time they visit Ragnild (after her initial meeting scene at the forge), they will find Ragnild fitting Arona's new armor on her which Hretha claims that it's some of Ragnild's best work.

"It's not magic, Arona. Armor exists to give you a last chance to live through blows you fail to deflect, it doesn't make you impervious to them."
"Yeah, yeah, I know! I know!" the chieftain growls, adjusting her helm. "Still, if I end up having to fight this great enemy my brother was howling about, then I want to be prepared! Ain't gonna be parrying demon-magic or mind control; gotta rush in and crush the bitch's skull fast and hard, no holding back. If [name] wants to hide behind my shield, we can talk about that, but for now? I'm going into battle swinging!"

This will unlock Arona's Chieftain's Bronze companion set.

Orc Bodyguards

While Arona is at the warcamp, she has a group of four amazonian bodyguards that remain close to her. As the Orc Gangbang, SubArona will offer her horny bodyguards to the Champion, while DomArona will let her guards have their way with the Champion. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply and see Orc Bodyguards for more details. Note that if the Champion does impregnate the bodyguards, all four of them will become pregnant.


At The Frost Hound, Arona can be found doing a variety of things, ranging from arm-wrestling with Garret when he's available, fruitlessly flirting with Brienne, re-braiding Etheryn's hair (if had done a threesome with her), to busily cleaning the bronze face of her shield.

Regardless of where Arona is, the following options are will become available once they approach her:

  • Appearance
  • Talk - [DomArona:See if your mistress might be willing to talk instead of just fucking you...|SubArona:Swap some words with your beta.]
    • Her Homeland - Ask Arona about the islands that her tribe hails from.
    • Companions - Ask Arona what she thinks of your friends...
    • Her Dick - So what's the story with that dick of hers anyway?
    • Her Family - Get Arona's thoughts on her siblings, or any other relations she may have out there.
    • Dominance? - After beating Arona over and over in combat in the foothills, she seems to have naturally come to accept you as her "alpha" of sorts, despite her obvious preference to be large and in charge. What's up with that? (SubArona only)
    • Challenge Me - Give Arona a chance to try and take back her place as alpha from you. (requires Dominance?, had sex with Arona at least once and SubArona)
      • Challenge - Challenge the big ol' dickgirl to a session of oiled-up orcishing wrestling, as her ancestors demand. Or maybe that's your libido talking. Either way... (can't be done if any of the two are pregnant)
        • Nevermind - Not right now.
  • Recruit
  • Sex - The big amazon babe is always up for some fun...
    • For SubArona:
      • Ride Her - Plant yourself on Arona's big ol' dick and take her for a ride. (Champion knockup chance)
      • Plow Her Ass - Put Arona on her hands and knees and pound the bratty dickgirl from behind. (requires a cock)
      • Missionary - Get those fat balls out of the way and fuck Arona's dusky womanhood. (requires a cock)
      • Threesome - Ask Arona if she'd be down to share one of your friends with you.
        • Cait - Bring your kitty cleric along to worship at the altar of Arona's body. (requires Cait)
          • Ride Arona - You and Cait can drag the muscular beta down and join forces to keep her there, pinned between your thighs while you make out.
          • Double Titfuck - Have Arona and Cait get on their knees and worship your cock.
        • Etheryn - Surrender little Etheryn's ass to the (Silly Mode:horde/big green bully's dick). (requires recruited and fucked Etheryn, and she's available)
          • Watch Them - Arona's right: Ryn is starved for dick. Sit back and watch the big orc plow Ryn's ass.
          • Spitroast Ryn
      • Nursing Handjob - Your big, bratty girl needs to relax a bit. Put her in your lap and let Mommy take care of her. Some nice {warm milk // sweet honey} and a gentle handjob ought to do the trick. (requires feminine pronouns and milky D-cup+ titties)
    • For DomArona:
      • Random Chance [no option]:
        • Get Fucked (Champion knockup chance)
        • Ride Her (Champion knockup chance)
        • Sex Bone (requires cock and additional 33% chance to add to list)
          • Cum Now - You just want release!
          • Titfuck - Take Arona up on her challenge and try and hold back!
        • Cait Threesome (requires Cait)
          • Dual Worship
            • Sloppy Seconds - Use Arona's creampie as lube to fuck Cait raw while Arona plows you from behind. (requires a cock)
            • Clean Cait - Use your mouth to eat up all of Arona's wasted seed while both girls tend to your needs.
        • Etheryn Threesome (requires Etheryn)
          • Watch Them - Arona's right: Ryn is starved for dick. Sit back and watch the big orc plow Ryn's ass.
          • Spitroast Ryn
        • Nursing Handjob - Arona bullies the Champion out of her {milk // honey}, and demands a crotch handshake to boot. (requires feminine pronouns and milky D-cup+ titties)
  • Sleep With
  • Throne Fuck - Fuck Arona in view of anyone who cares to watch. Assert your dominance. (For SubChieftainArona only and must be at her throne)
    • Ride Cock - Mount her cock and make her breed your [vag/ass] for the whole tribe to see.
    • Fuck Her - Put Arona on your lap and bounce the big ol' amazon on your [cock]. (requires a cock)

Note that (Arona Takes Her Pleasure) occurs when traveling with DomArona whose Resolve is <= 25, when moving through an explorable tile outside of settlements, she will fuck the Champion and includes a knockup chance for champions with a vagina. If Cait is present in the party, she will join in and make it a threesome.


Her Homeland

On the topic of her homeland, Arona mentions that their islands are off the east coast, past Khor'minos, and although most people call them the northern islands, in orcish, they're called The Sailgraves. The reason for the name comes from the surrounding reefs that make it impossible for anyone but the natives to sail through. Unlike the elves or humans, the orc tribes don't have empires or take land, they fight fair and square, take a few slaves, some treasure, and then go home. Her home island has a defensive hill covered in rocks and trees, and some room for farming on the coastlands where most of the tribe lives. Arona's kin live in an old fort up on the middle of the hill that was built by her ancestors. The place is pretty cold all year round which makes farming challenging, "winters are brutal, summer is cool, and wind's a bitch if you aren't up in the hills". There are also:

"These little golden flowers bloom all up the sides of 'em come springtime. Hretha loves the smell but they make me sneeze like crazy; she says it's the plants cumming into the air and I'm breathing it in, but that's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Younger gals of the tribe make crowns of 'em, weave 'em into their hair... and boys make a game of snatching 'em off and running. 'Specially to girls they like."

The Champion comments that knowing Arona, she's probably stolen plenty.

"Damn right!" she laughs, giving you a lusty grin. "Boys are supposed to just give the flowers back when they get caught. Since I was another girl, though, they had to chase me down and wrestle me for 'em... that's the fun part. Got my first kiss that way, let this big beast of a babe a year or so older'n I was catch me, pin my arms. Crushed her garland but she didn't care at that point, was so fuckin' mad that I was startin' to think she'd rip my tusks out when she leaned down over me. Went for my tongue instead, fished it out with hers. Haha! When I finally got my cock, she was the first orc that got to taste it... in every hole. Shame she didn't come a'raiding with us this year, I'd introduce you. Got an ass so fat she practically bounces right off your lap, but she's near as strong as me. She comes down on your face and your head'd pop like a melon!"
Her Dick

On bringing up Arona's favorite topic, the Champion asks what's the story behind it as orcs aren't naturally hermaphrodites. Arona explains that the gods fucked up for not giving them all big ol' cock, that they could have drowned the world in orcish halfbreeds already. When asked if she wishes she'd been born a guy, she howls with laughter and after a long awkward moment, she says that the gods made up for the lack of cock by making her stacked with a great ass and thighs too. However, the problem was that as the chieftain's little sister, she was expected to have kids and that meant a lot of time not fighting while she waddles around the keep. Another problem was that she tends to prefer women, although hard abs and fat cocks have their place, she'd rather have a big pair of tits and a wet juicy quim. Unfortunately, the actual sex of women to women was just alright, but when she was introduced to a strapon, everything changed, but it was hard to cum from, so she wanted something that'd be a part of her. Unfortunately the orcs don't have alchemists, so she competed in a tournament to prove who is the strongest and the toughest where the winner can ask the chieftain and the high shaman for anything. She fought in the tournament fair and square and when she won, marched up to Hretha and told exactly what she wanted, including all the details.

"So yeah, that's how I got my cock. Made Hretha pray for it from Lumia, drank a tankard full of a cumshot from every grown man on the island, and the next day I woke up with morning wood pressing into a slave-girl's ass. Ha, she got a hell of a wake-up!
Her Family

When asking about her family, there are 4 possible scenes that can play:

  • Random Chance for:
    • Hretha
    • Argoth
    • Argoth's Daughter (if talked about Argoth from Arona or Hretha)
    • Hretha's Relationship with the Champion (if has had at least 1 kid with Hretha)

On the topic of her sister, Arona describes their relationship as fire and water. She goes on to add that Hretha looks like a chunkier, blinder version of their mother, complete with nagging at all hours anytime she does something Hretha doesn't like. Although Hretha isn't much of a fighter, she can kill with words that can beat them down harder than Arona and her hammer can, although she means well. Hretha only speaks out like that because she cares too much about everyone, and she has no doubt that she'd jump in front of an arrow for Arona, and Arona would do the same for her without hesitation. The two didn't get along as much as they'd like to, although Arona does love her sister and she practically raised Arona when their father died as their mother and Argoth were too busy keeping the tribe from falling apart. If Hretha is pregnant or already had children with the Champion, Arona will warn them that if they hurt her sister, she will cut them in their sleep.


On the topic of her brother, Arona will spend a moment collecting her thoughts, although mostly by staring into her drink. She begins by stating that:

"My big brother was the best fighter of his generation. Warband leader without equal. When pa died, Argoth stepped up to fill his place even if he was barely big enough to heft the old man's axe. Took command of our tribe's fighters, beat the would-be usurpers into submission, and proved his mettle in ballsy raids all over the Sailgraves. Was a time he was the life of the party, you know, hard drinking and harder fighting, inseparable from his men. Actually looked up to the bastard, I did. Wanted to be just like my big brother..."

Argoth isn't like Arona when it comes to sticking their dicks everywhere they could, he was more like Hretha. He deeply loved his woman but he changed after she got sick and died shortly after childbirth. Her death had broken Argoth as Arona never saw her brother smile again, not even for his kid and years passed where she barely saw him, until Hretha had her prophecy of a great battle. Although he set up the warcamp, the tribe just sat like gargoyles waiting for the end-of-the-world fight 'like a bunch of idiots'. [ExiledArona:The camp had been falling apart and now with Arona gone, there's no one around to keep the amazons busy. Tensions were hot, warriors were restless and supplies were low, all because of Hretha's dream. She hopes that when Argoth find his big war and dies in it, Hretha will allow Arona to come back to the islands.|ChieftArona:Had Arona not challenged Argoth, the camp would have fallen apart, or would have invaded Hawkethorne. When asked if she wished things had turned out differently, she counters by rhetorically asking if she wishes she didn't make her niece an orphan and if she wishes she was never going to see her brother again, but she had to do something.]

Argoth's Daughter

On the topic of Argoth's daughter; Aretha, Arona reassures that even with her father [staying chief, she's pretty much safe/being exiled, if anyone tries anything, they will have to go through Arona]. She's back at the Sailgraves as they can't bring someone that young to a warcamp, even for orcs. Arona continues by stating she's a sweet kid, although she's blind like Hretha, she puts on muscle easily like her and she made Arona teach her how to use a shield and spear. When the Champion notes that they sound pretty close, Arona agrees [ExiledArona: and makes her getting exiled suck all the worse]. Arona was the closest of her family to Aretha's age, and with Argoth 'being all fucked up by his woman dying', it was pretty natural that someone had to teach her how to walk, fight, and live, and despite her blindness, Aretha's a hot-head like her.

Hretha's Relationship

On the topic of the Champion and Hretha having a kid, she's actually quite happy that somebody got to break Hretha's womb and it's by somebody she approves of. The Champion expresses their relief that she's not mad about it, to which Arona asks why would she be. She praises them and she's honestly happy that it wasn't from anyone in the tribe because none of them respected Hretha like Arona and Argoth do, and when the 'demon-hunting bullshit' is over, [SubArona:they can take them both as sister-wives|DomArona:she'll take them back to the islands and the Champion and Hretha can be together, when she's not using them].


When asked if it's normal for the orc tribe to naturally come and accept a superior, Arona confirms that's how life has always been in the islands; that it's normal for the strong to rule. The Kervus only rule because they are the strongest, the strongest of the Kervus rules the tribe, and since they've proven themselves stronger than her, she's gotta do what they say. Although she can try and turn the tables, the rule only applies to the Champion. When questioned if they should worry about Arona shiving them in their sleep, she takes offense to it as she explains it's got to be an honorable open challenge.

Challenge Me

The thought of challenging the Champion for dominance hadn't come across her mind because of all the demon shit and all that's been going on. Although she loves being the mean alpha bitch, she warns them that if she wins, she's not letting them go again as she's only going to play for keeps, although if the Champion wins, it doesn't change anything as they're already the top. With that, the following options will be available:

  • Challenge - Challenge the big ol' dickgirl to a session of oiled-up orcish wrestling, as her ancestors demand. Or maybe that's your libido talking. Either way... (can't be done if any of the two are pregnant)
  • Nevermind - Not right now.

The challenge, set by the Champion, involves an oiled-up wrestling match for dominance. This makes Arona scoff as she loves the idea, although she's the one who's supposed to be issuing the challenge. When the pair are oiled up and ready, the Champion has the following options:

  • Throw the Fight - Let Arona win, and willingly become her submissive. There may be no coming back from this decision.`);
  • Fair Fight - Make it a fair fight... and to the best wrestler, victory.

Throwing the Fight results in a default loss as claims her new position by fucking the Champion.

A fair fight involves a bit of RNG as whoever gets the highest number among:

  • Arona - (rand# 0 ~ 9) + Strength
  • The Champon - (rand# 0 ~ 9) + Strength/Agility (which ever stat is higher)

If Arona wins, like throwing the fight, she will claim her new position by fucking the Champion.

Sleep With

The Champion may ask Arona to be their bedmate, regardless if Sub or Dom Arona, so long as they currently don't have an active bedmate.

  • For SubArona:
    • Random Chance (determines what the Champion will use as a pillow):
      • Sleep with Tits (Champion knockup chance)
      • Sleep with Belly
      • Sleep with Thighs (requires gotten fucked by Arona at least once)
  • For DomArona:
    • Random Chance (determines what Arona will do)
      • Sleep with Fuck (Champion knockup chance)
      • Sleep with Tired (Champion knockup chance)
      • Sleep with Blowjob (requires at The Frost Hound and Champion knockup chance)

Note that each sleep with scene has it's own unique wake up scene.

Orc Lodge

Written by BubbleLord

Upon revisiting/visiting the Orc Lodge after the events of the Right of Conquest, a trio of orcs present will attempt to pull the Champion into a gangbang. If SubArona, they will have the option to refuse their attempt, knowing full well they have authority over Arona such that the trio need to know their place, however, this option will not be available with DomArona as they don't have authority through Arona.

Opinions on other Companions

Companion Output
Atugia "A what-a-han?" Arona spits out when you start asking her about Atugia's condition. "The fuck Belharan gibberish is that?"

You shrug. "That's just the word for it."

"Sounds dumb. Girl needs to get her head stitched on, or get a helmet riveted to her armor. Any idiot can come up and knock her rock off and then where'd she be? Wandering around blind and disoriented. Good thing she's got us to watch her back!"

"Right. So have you two gotten along?"

Arona shrugs. "Dunno. I guess. Can think of lotsa ways to use her weird magic head for fun, but I asked if I could fuck her neckhole once and she slapped me. Bah!"
Berwyn "So, Berwyn?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, I dunno. Kid's got a bad attitude. Keeps to himself mostly. Fine by me I guess: I like my men big and buff, if I'm gonna have a man at all. No offense to the wiz-robe or nothin', he's just not my type. Lemme know if he ever gets himself some nice tits, though. That ass of his is already ripe for pounding! Otherwise? Won't suck my dick, don't care that much."

That's Arona for you.
Brienne "Are you and Brienne gonna work together alright?"

"Oh, yeah, sure. Dunno why she fuckin' hates me, though. I think she's a damn fine slab of beef. We were back on the islands and I'd pay a chest of hawks to get her as my bedslave... assuming somebody else already collared her. But that'd be the most fun part, so fuck, on the other hand... hrmm..."

"Have you considered that might be why she doesn't like you?"

Arona blinks. "Wha? Why? I'd oil up and fight like a beast for the chance to fuck her! What fucking compliments a woman better than that!?"

"... Nevermind."

Your amazon companion bristles. "Don't fuckin'... argh! I don't know, what do you want me to say? She's fuckin' pretty and has great tits and she's strong as fuck and I get a boner every time I look at her. I think she just hates orcs. Racist cow. We don't even raid Khor'minos! Just... you know, some of the villages around it. I don't get bent out of shape cuz their legions burn our boats when they sail up! Least she could do is lemme drink her milk sometimes. I bet it's the sweetest cream in the Marches[if Milky:... aside from yours!|else:.]
Brint "You and Brint would make a good team," you float.

"Yeah, damn right. Hammer and anvil! Let the big bull crush our enemies against my shield! I don't go for men much but the big guy's definitely my type: all muscle and dickmeat, but not just a brainlet about how he ruts. He's got a soft side! When I first saw him I figured he'd be about as complex as the warrior boys back at the camp on a good day, but there's a lot of depth under all that shaggy-ass fur. Gives great hugs, too, but don't tell 'im I said that. Bet he doesn't want anybody to know he'd hug an orc!"

She laughs. "Shame he ain't keen to let me plow his ass, and I think even I'd break in half on his cock, so... eh, guess we'll make do! [if had BrintFuckHer at the Foothills:Damn good in the sack, too. Fuck, I know I fancy gals more'n beefcakes but that bull hits some sweet spots deep inside. Think Hretha called it the G-spot! Ha! Ah, [name]... you ever wanna [DomArona:get broken apart by me and that bull again|SubArona:share me with your bull again], just say the word."|else:Bet he'd be great to spitroast a bitch with. [DomArona: Maybe we'll test that theory sometime!|SubArona: Or maybe you'd rather see him break me open, huh?] Libido like a minotaur's, I bet he wouldn't let a little bad blood get between him and some pussy."
Cait Arona's crotch throbs visibly through her pants the moment the kitty's name leaves your lips.

"Cait? Hell of a cat. Met a few Jassirans on boats the clan took, but it never gets old watching a god-wrought slut fall on your dick and worship it like a holy rod, and the pink kitten's real top-class even among her kind. Can barely pop a boner in her presence before her hands are on you, asking if you want a little prayer session with her fuckboy god. Ha! No need to take a passion priestess as a slave when they'd do everything you'd ask 'em and more just for the glory of Mallach."

"Sounds like you two've been getting on well."

She smiles. "Yeah. Yeah! Even if I didn't spend most of our time together ogling... or groping... her... or more... then I'd still think she's sweet. Gods-damned bubble of optimism and cheer. Kinda girl you want as your best friend, that you'd take out drinking and looking to pick up sluts together. And if you come up empty, ain't a doubt that she'd be thrilled to be the girl you come home with. Or take you and her date together!"

That sounds exactly like Cait alright. "Aside from sex, though, any deep thoughts on her?"

"There's more to her than sex!? Ha! Naw, like I said, she's sweet. Smarter than she looks but she doesn't rub it in your face. Seems sad inside sometimes, but that never drags her down. Doesn't let herself drag anyone else down either! Not like a lot of these sob stories all over the Marches! If she wasn't jumping at the chance to jump outta her panties at any dick wagglin' in her face, she'd make somebody a damn fine wife! Hell, I'd take her in a heartbeat. Get that curvy beaut in some of the tribes' leathers and furs, put some jewelry on her... yeah. Now that's a thought."

[If Bimbo:"Ohhh, yeah," you giggle. "We should go fuck her!"

Arona grins. "Any time you're horny for her, I'm happy to share ya."|else:Well, you got a couple sentences out of her without devolving back to how much she wants to fuck Cait, at least...]
Etheryn "Ah, poor little 'Ryn," Arona sighs, rubbing the side of her face. "Fuck, man, when she told me her sob story... look, if I get the chance to rip Alissa's head off and punt it into the sun, I'll do it. And this is me we're talking about! I ain't a tower of fucking empathy, but damn that's all kindsa fucked up. Poor kid."

"Yeah... Wouldn't call her a kid, though. She's a lot older than us."

Arona waves a hand around. "Dumb elf bullshit. She looks like she's my age, acts like [Low Confidence:a whipped puppy|Neutral Confidence:she's scared of her own shadow still|High Confidence:she's just starting to build up some kinda ego again]. You ask me, ought to treat her like a peer. Maybe a little sister even. I ain't acting like an elf barely past puberty's my granny just cuz of the years passing. That's stupid!"

"Alright, alright!"
you laugh. "So you pity her, huh?"

"What, don't you? Look if you want me to yammer on about how nice her butt is or how cute those little balls are when they dangle out of her skirt, I can. She ain't normally my type, too small and timid, but she's pretty enough. Kinda feel guilty
[had threesome with Etheryn and Arona:about fucking her though. I mean, I ain't gonna stop. 'Specially since she seems to like it so much! But sometimes I'm balls-deep in her little hole and I think about who else's touched it and my dick wilts for a second. You know what I mean?|else:about getting a boner from her bending that sweet little ass over near me once in a while. Like I ought to... I dunno, like she needs protecting and a damn hug, not my lecherous pole waggling at her. I mean, I'd fuck her given the chance... probably. If she wanted it bad. Wouldn't put the moves on her though. Fuck it feels weird feeling bad for people, I don't like it.]"
Kiyoko "So about Kiyoko..."

"Won't suck my dick. Don't care."
Arona yawns, looking askance. "Keep 'er. You two make a cute couple anyway, and the way I hear it, you just drool some precum near a broodmare like her and she'll get pregnant. Don't need a buncha green kitsune running around!"

Okay then.
Quintillus "So does having Quin around bother you?"

She shrugs. "Nah. You and Cait're the ones with a beef against the weird fuck-cult. Won't suck my dick, though, so don't care that much."

Classic Arona.

Other Companions' opinions on her

Companion Output
Atugia N/A
Berwyn N/A
Brienne "Ha ha... I think I actually like her less, now," Brienne says, grimacing. "Not spreading my legs for her, that's for sure."

"Has she asked?"
you ask.

"No," she replies, rolling her eyes. "Like Arona ever asks anyone about anything."

"Fair point,"
you concede.

"At least she fights well but the way she handled the encampment situation?" Brienne says, shaking her head. "She shouldn't even be within smelling distance of a leadership position. And you can smell [if an orc:her|else:orcs] from pretty far. I'm glad you're in charge, [name]."
Brint "What do you think of Arona?" you inquire.

"Ah, she's alright," Brint says, waving a hand. "Never gonna be best friends[if had done BrintFuckHer at Foothills:, 'specially after our Foothills run-ins] but... she's fine. Strong arm, nice body. Even her personality's fun, not that I'd ever tell her. Enjoy pissing her off too much."

"You two do seem to get along, in your own weird way,"
you note.

"We understand each other," he nods. "Can count on each other in a fight, too. That's worth a lot."
Cait else:"The orc? I'm still shocked she was willing to partner up with us... and to be honest, it kinda scares me having her around. She wasn't trying to kill us, I know, but she and her friends were perfectly happy to [if fought and won against Arona:try and ]force themselves on us. I know what she said, but what's to stop her from pulling that same kinda stuff again? And even if she does keep helping, who knows what she's capable of doing in your name?"

Cait shrugs helplessly. "I dunno. I'll follow your lead, [name]. You've got a better sense for people than I do... I hope."]
Etheryn N/A
Kiyoko "She reminds me of the oni who live in some of the more mountainous provinces back home. Wherever you go, no matter what culture you find yourself in, once you clear away the trappings certain archetypes are common amongst all peoples. Like oni, she is also rather big and vital. I understand that is greatly respected in her native culture, and unsurprisingly so given the conditions her people have to live in. It is good to have someone like her between you and whatever it is you're up against."
Quintillus "Orcs are always the same, so it's no surprise Arona radiates big dick energy. [if SubArona:You being the dominant one in your relationship is rather shocking.|if DomArona:I am a tad surprised you're her personal subby bitch, though.] As long as she keeps orderly, though, I can't imagine anyone more fitting for an ally."

Quintillus holds up his hands, pantomiming out the exact length of Arona's dick. "She is rather big in more than just height, though."

[if Bimbo personality:You, like, love how he only wants to talk about the sexy stuff.|else:How is it that he only seems to want to talk about her dick?] With a wave of your hand, however, you press him; are they getting along?

"Of course!" Quin smirks, lowering his hands. Instead, he snaps and the spark of his magic dances between his fingers. "Orcs love to cum and I can make her do it with a snap of my fingers. She's paid me a visit or two to try out my gifted touch, but I think she's more interested in a chance to fight than a chance to blow her load. If we had the time, I'd love to give her an all-out spar... but it's a tad bit unfair when I can make someone orgasm on the spot with my concentrated magic. She'd have to beat me in the first strike or so if she didn't want to get left in a puddle of orc cum."

Other Interactions

Companions can accompany the Champion in their adventures, providing not only combat assistance but offering their opinions and talents to aid them. The following items are the interactions of Arona with other characters, situations and events or comments of other characters on Arona while accompanying the Champion. Note that Bad End interactions are not included in this list.

Scene Other Characters
Requirements Description Writer
Atugia - Dullahan The Champion

Atugia at the guardhouse of Castle Hawkstone "Weird, right? It stops knives and stuff too. Probably wouldn't protect me if some huge orc with a hammer decided to play whack-a-mole, but I'm sure it could be useful in a fight. There isn't really anythin' else excitin' about it though," she says with a bored sigh.

"That some kinda challenge?" Arona grins, patting the head of her grandhammer. "I'm always up for whackin' off on cute girls' heads."

"You're face looks like it's taken more than a few whackin's"
Atugia snaps back. Before Arona can decide whether or not to take her up on the challenge, she turns back to you with a huff.
Brother Sanders - Cloister - Yes The Champion

Brother Sanders
Completed Getting Into The Closet "All right, then. Give me a moment to make the necessary preparations; I'll be back shortly." With that, Sanders turns and paces back into the rectory.

"This isn't quite my style," Arona grumps as she turns and paces out of the chapel. "I'll see you later."

What's gotten into her? You shrug and turn back to waiting for Sanders to return.
The Observer
Cait - Atugia The Champion


At The Frost Hound She shakes her head and laughs. "I don't know. I'm sure if there were really other dullahans, I'd have seen actual scholarship about them. Besides, Atugia doesn't seem like the menacing type... well, your first encounter aside. She is kind of intimidating, but more in an angry-drunk-lupine kinda way more than a monstery kind of way. She doesn't let what happened to her neck and head bother her, so that's admirable. And she's apparently really old, too! I'd love to pick her brain about how life was like before the Godswar... before we lost so much of our civilization that some parts of the world don't even remember what writing is. Can you imagine what she knows that even the most venerated scholars in Belhar can only guess at?"

Across the tavern, you hear Atugia belch into her beer. Arona guffaws and slaps her on the back, making the tiny warrior pitch forward.
Cait - Frost Marches The Champion At The Frost Hound Cait casts a glance at Arona across the bar and adds, "There's a whole lotta orcs in the foothills now. They made landfall to the northeast, I'd think, but their numbers are growing. It's getting more and more dangerous to go through the hills with so many orcs wandering around." Savin
Cait approach The Champion

At The Frost Hound

Had done Cait Arona Threesome

10% chance to occur
As you saunter over to Cait's usual table, you notice that Arona's beaten you to the kitty. Cait's snuggled up in the orc's lap, half-heartedly glancing at her tome while her legs grind back and forth in Arona's lap. By the way your amazonian comrade is leaning back with eyes closed contentedly, occasionally gasping and groping at Cait's waist... something tells you the two of them are enjoying a little together time.

Chuckling to yourself, you slide into the seat across from them and clear your throat.

"H-hey, sweetheart," Cait murmurs, biting her lip. "Just a sec? I'm, uh, at the best part."

She indicates her tome, but Arona's starting to breathe a little harder, grunting to the beat of Cait's subtle motions. Hope Garth doesn't take notice, or you're all in for an earful.

After a few moments, Arona grunts softly and grabs Cait's hips in both hands, holding her down on her lap and sucking in a long, sharp breath. The cat-girl gasps and flushes darkly, slowly letting out a deep breath as Arona flops back in her seat, seemingly spent. Deep, deep inside the kitten's womb, you've no doubt. "There, the cat-girl sighs, closing her tome and reaching down between her legs. Arona slowly opens her eyes and gives you a little smirk, before hefting Cait off her lap and standing up.

"Good 'reading lesson,' kitten," she chuckles, ruffling Cait's hair. More quietly, she adds: "You next, [name]."

You give Arona a wink and turn back to Cait, watching as the cat-girl squirms uncomfortably in her chair. "Oof. Even sitting still, Arona manages to be rough with me! So, anything you need, [name]? Otherwise I'm gonna go snag a bath!"
Cat Harem - Breed Them post Snuggle The Champion

Cat Harem
Requires a cock

Is not Impotent
"Hey! Wakey-wakey, [SubArona:[name]|Dom Arona:bottom-[boy/girl]]!" Arona bellows, clapping you hard on the back. Ow. Seriously, ow. "Heh, look at you. Is that your best? [SubArona:Better have some for me, fucker. How can you go running off with a harem and not[ Silly Mode:eat your greens too? I am the green giant around here, after all|else:include me]? That hurts real bad.|DomArona:Don't remember giving you permission to go running off with pretty cat-sluts. Think you and I are gonna have a talk about the chain of command around here. Maybe with one end around your neck and the other to my cock!"]

Fortunately, she leaves you be, hooting her way downstairs. Phew.
Centaur Pack first encounter The Champion

Centaur Pack
First Encounter else just arona: until Arona grunts, raising her [weapon] to her chest.

"Centaurs," she spits, so forceful it sounds like a curse. "And a lot of them. Be ready, [name]. We don't have an orc warband to help us here."]
Centaur Pack - RideLeader The Champion

Combat Victory if ass: asshole is destroyed, the dripping hole between your cheeks] stretched so wide that taking in the base of a wine bottle would hardly even pose a challenge.

"Nice," Arona snickers. You can hear the smugness even from down here.
Centaur Pack - KillLeader - Arona The Champion

N/A "Scared to do it yourself, [name]?" Arona says, grinning at you as she approaches the packleader. "That's not like you. Good thing you've got me!"

It's over the moment she brings her weapon down, the packleader incapable of defending himself thanks to your earlier efforts. One less of Kasyrra's malformed creations in the world. You've done good here, tipped the scales in favor of an untainted land. The wide-eyed centaurs you leave behind will hopefully have learned their lesson, and if not... well, you'll still be here the next time they come around.
Drider Queen defeat Cait egging The Champion


The Drider Queen
Combat Defeat

Arona is Dominant
"Shut up," the drider angrily barks. "Hands up on the tree! Interfering when I am going to make your leader carry my children? I won't have it!"

Your dominatrix chuckles, clearly enjoying the notion that your submissive ass can lead. But you don't have time for this because Cait is right; do you watch or close your eyes?
Effigies - Nipfuck The Champion

Defeated Effigies
Combat Victory "Ohh, wanna pollinate my tits?" she giggles, squeezing her shoulders together. "Yay!"

Arona's already balls deep in one of the other effigies, but she gives you a thumbs-up between thrusts.
Effigies - Tentacles The Champion

Defeated Effigies
Combat Victory "So give [him/her] more!" the archeress giggles, slipping another tentacle around and driving it straight into your [passhole]. You gasp, crying out with shock and pleasure. This only leaves you mouth open for another vine to violate, slithering deep inside you until you gag on it.

"Lemme know if you want me to pull you out, champ," Arona laughs. You cast a sidelong glance at the orc, who's already found a tree stump to sit on and has pulled out her cock, stroking it to the display. You're not entirely sure she actually would help, considering...

Her sisters give you lustful grins even through their orgiastic bliss, clearly relishing the opportunity to keep ravaging your every hole. They aren't the only ones. You bite your lip and crook a finger, telling them to give it to you harder this time. You're quickly becoming addicted to their sweet cum and trashing vines.

"Yeah, fuck [him/her] up, garden sluts!" Arona jeers from the sidelines, gleefully beating her meat.

You lie on your back, covered in cum of various colors and types, breathing hard as the latest of your orgasms passes through you like a bolt of lightning. With it goes the last of the effigy tentacles, leaving your [has vagina:[vagina] and ]asshole gaping open and leaking a veritable lake of purple spooge. You feel like you're floating on the ground, head swimming and eyes heavy with contented lusts.

To top it all off, the brawny amazon who's been watching you all the while saunters over, grins down at you, and rubs out a nice, thick wad of steamy orc jizz onto your [chest]. Cherry on the cake, really.

Effigies - Fertilize - Get Fucked The Champion

Defeated Effigies
Combat Victory

Has had sex with Arona
It's almost impossible to concentrate, sandwiched between the lusty sluts, drinking deep of their pheromone-laced scents and cumming your brains out from over-stimulation.

"Not gonna get a better opportunity than this," Arona grunts, wiping some plant-cum off her and presenting her dick to you. "Not too busy for one more?"

For her? Never. You reach out and grab her dick, stroking her off between [knot/balls/hilt]-deep thrusts into the sodden slut in front of you.
Effigy Herald encounter The Champion N/A You find yourself following an old, overgrown wagon trail headed north through the towering flowers. There's some kind of glade ahead of you, but the closer you approach, the headier that ever-present sweetness in the air becomes. It's immediately identifiable as the same stuff the effigies you've encountered spray around themselves, but a hundred times more powerful, so potent that your eyes water.

Arona waves a hand in front of her face. "Damn, that's nasty. The good kinda nasty... but still fuckin' nasty."
Etheryn reunion with Harrick The Champion


Scene only occurs once "Oh for fuck's sake, it's worse than a harpy!" Arona growls, wrapping her fist around her hammer. Savin
Etheryn Confession The Champion

Scene only occurs once Arona crosses her arms, looking down on the comparatively tiny elf. "Looks like she just needs a good fuck, [name]. I can have her back in shape in a couple minutes, unless you're gonna take care of her. Savin
Forest Kitsune first encounter The Champion

Forest Kitsune
First Encounter "Now then, I tire of idle talk. Will you allow us to take what we need, or shall you force our hand?"

"If it's a fight they want, it's a fight they're going to get,"
Arona says with a grunt. "Take it from me, [name] — if you feed these foxy bastards, they'll just come back for more next time. Clobber them hard over the head, though, and they'll learn to stay away. 'Sides, if you want charity from me, threats aren't the way to go about doing it."
The Observer
Forest Kitsune - Help The Champion

Forest Kitsune
First Encounter "Here you are doing me a favour, and I'm contriving to sabotage myself by scaring you off... please, just make your decision already. We're hungry."

You feel a tap on your shoulder, and turn to find Arona glowering at you. "I don't like appeasing these gingertails. Better to knock their heads and teach 'em a lesson! But since you said you're going to help them, I say get to fuckin'. Put on a show for me, huh?"
The Observer
Forest Kitsune - Share Food The Champion

Forest Kitsune
1x Trail Rations or Camping Supplies "Aww, damn it," Arona grumbles, arms folded across her chest. "Now that they've learned that you're a reliable source of food, they'll start bugging you to no end, just like a pack of harpies. They're gonna rob you blind and you won't even care."

You're not sure she should be throwing stones about charity. Where'd she be if you hadn't backed her up?

"Possibly in the stocks, or worse. But I'm more trustworthy than a bunch of furred soul-suckers," she grins.
The Observer
Forest Kitsune victory The Champion

Forest Kitsune
Combat Victory You know these people are supposed to be slippery, but that has to be some skill for them to vanish that quickly into cover. It's certainly far more impressive than their attempts at banditry, that's for sure.

Arona has little care for the undergrowth, snapping roots and trampling small bushes in her pursuit of the foxy bandits. Eventually, even she has to admit defeat, but not before having left a small trail of destruction in her wake.

"Damn it," she snarls, panting heavily she she returns to you. "I swear, I'll turn the lot of them into pelts when I finally get my hands on their furry hides."
The Observer
Frostwood Kitsune first encounter The Champion


Frostwood Kitsune
First time encounter There it is again! As the sounds of laughter and merriment fill your ears, you're sure you're not just imagining it all. You turn this way and that, trying to pinpoint its origin; it's not just coming from around you, but also from above and below, as impossible as that sounds.

On her part, Arona appears to be absolutely aggravated, the orcess getting out her [weapon] and banging on her shield with it, creating an unholy din. "Hey, fuckers! We know you're there, so just come on out and fight already! Or are you lot just too craven to face us in a fair fight?"

You've been around Arona long enough to know when her bravado is genuine and when she's faking it, and if that underlying tremor to her voice isn't a dead giveaway, you don't know what is.

[if Brint present:"Damn it, green-skin!" Brint says, glaring daggers at Arona. "We're trying to be quiet here!"

"No point in that, you load of bull,"
Arona counters. "Might as well draw them out to a fight and get it over with instead of skulking around. That is, unless they're gh — "

"Unless they're what?"

"Never mind."

Has not met Kiyoko before:

As you try to collect your thoughts, the flame suddenly darts off into the darkness that lies between the trees, and you find yourself unable to resist giving chase. While you know you should be more cautious, the lure this apparition represents is simply too much for you to resist; a strange sense of wonder and longing trails in its wake, leading you over old roots and matted heaps of pine needles.

"Hey! Moron! Just where do you think you're letting yourself be led off to?" Arona stumbles after you, her thick, solid frame hampering her in the close confines of the thick woods. "Damn it, what if it's a ghost or something? I won't be able to save you from that, you nitwit!"

The Observer
Frostwood Kitsune - Accept The Champion

Frostwood Kitsune
N/A All right. If you're not going to come to any harm and you're going to get something out of it, why not? It might even be interesting.

"Suit yourself," Arona grunts. "Nothing doing with me, I'm telling you as much."
The Observer
Frostwood Kitsune - Doggystyle The Champion

Kitsune Trickster
Requires a cock "Well, aren't you a mouthy thing despite how small you are," Arona says, sauntering forward. "Guess it's true that size doesn't matter — you thinking of bringing down the entire woods on us with that screaming of yours? Well, I've got a solution for that, and it's to give your mouth something else to do while [name] pounds you from behind."

Whipping out her half-hard prick, the orcess winks at you. "Don't mind if I do. A girl has needs, [you know/as I'm sure you're well aware of yourself]."

With that, Arona gives her cock a few more strokes to get herself well and truly stiff, then props up the kitsune trickster by her chin and jams her cock straight into the dark-haired beauty's yipping maw. If you had any protests to what she's doing, you're a little too preoccupied with your furious fucking to say anything. The trickster's eyes grow wide at the sudden insertion and you hear a few muffled yips, but for what it's worth, she has shut up.

"Mouthy little thing," she mutters as she sets herself into motion, the both of you spitroasting the kitsune eagerly. "You can use that lips and tongue of yours to do something useful for once."

The hot tightness clinging so tightly to your [cockNoun] only makes you want to drag this out for as long as you can, in direct contrast to the fury with which you're fucking her; your upstrokes leave her whimpering as her pussy tightens about your girth, reluctant to let you go, your downstrokes bounce off her increasingly red and swollen lips and cause her to thrust her head further onto Arona's cock. The warm core of her fluffy tails grip your thighs, instinctively seeking to draw you against her, to have you penetrate her as deeply as you can and smash her brains out with your [cockNoun].

Y-you're getting close now. Breath heaving as you pump in and out of the kitsune trickster, you work with Arona to wring all the pleasure you can out of this fluffy cumrag before the inevitable happens. The two of you pass the raven-haired beauty between each other, alternating thrusts with such force that her body slumps back and forth in the spitroast, unable to muster the strength to even keep herself steady. At last, you feel your [balls/groin] churn, working up the final stretch towards release — and at last, you explode straight into the kitsune trickster's [waiting womb/inviting cunt]. She sags against Arona's cock, making mouthy little noises in her throat just as Arona cums right after you, filling her mouth with steaming hot orc spunk. It overflows from her lips, down her chin and dribbles to the ground in a steaming puddle — what a beautiful mess.

You keep on going until you've emptied yourself, giving her a couple final thrusts to ensure that you're well and truly drained; at last, you pull yourself out of the furry cumrag, Arona following suit after you. The orcess gives you a grin and wink as she cleans off her cock on the kitsune's forehead, then saunters off to get herself properly dressed and ready once more.
The Observer
Frostwood Kitsune encounter The Champion

Frostwood Kitsune
N/A "Oh great, more soul-suckers." Arona looks more tired than annoyed at the prospect. "Say the word, [name], and I'll beat their heads in so we can be on our way." The Observer
Gnoll Raiders first encounter The Champion First Encounter "You're getting that look again, [name]," Arona says with a dry chuckle as she readies her [weapon]. "I like it. Come on, let's put these mangy mutts out of their misery — we're practically doing them a favour as it is." The Observer
Gnoll Raiders - Get Sucked The Champion

Defeated Gnoll Alpha
Combat Victory Eyeing you from the side where she's sating herself on one of the other gnolls' asses, Arona gives you a grin and thumbs up. "Well, looks like you're showing this ragged cum-dump just who's the meanest girl around here. If she give you trouble, let me have a go and I'll sort her out for you." The Observer
Gnoll Raiders - Leave The Champion

Defeated Gnolls
Combat Victory Grunting, Arona gives one of the fallen gnolls a sound kick in the side. "Mangy things. Even I don't think I want to give these wretches a pity fuck, and that's saying something." The Observer
Gnoll Raiders defeat Rape scene The Champion

Gnoll Alpha
Combat Defeat "A woman after my own heart," Arona groans from beside you. Whether the orcess' attempt at dry humour is meant to hide the shame of defeat or otherwise, you have little time to think about it. The Observer
Gytha - Bang Her The Champion

Combat Victory "Hah!" Arona bellows. [DomArona:"Better not disappoint, [name]! If I don't hear any squealin' I might have to show you how it's done."|SubArona:"Yeah, you do that — if anyone around here knows how to make a bitch into a cocksleeve, it's you. Don't let me down, [name]!"] William
Harpies - Pay & Leave The Champion 10 EC

Default Leave after Pay for no cock
"Nice," Arona grunts, scowling at you. "Way to go, hero. We sure showed them."

You scowl at the orcess and motion for your party to keep moving.
Harpies - Group Assjob The Champion

Defeated Harpies
Combat Victory "Not bad, [name]," your orcish mate grins, treading weightily around the gaggle of submissive thieves, idly twirling her [weapon]. "Hmm... too bad you're hogging that ass all to yourself. I guess I'll have to settle."

She laughs and grabs the hips of the harpy whose lips were gracing your crown moments ago. The feathery vixen yelps in surprise, but her vocalization turns into a delighted moan as Arona fixes the avian's broad hips on her sister's bliss-ridden face and drops her own breeches, letting her cock slap wetly against the harpy's thighs. You get to witness first-hand as the beta bird's eyes go wide, and her lips croon a sweet song of pleasure as the orcish amazon's meaty member rams full-force into her twat.

"Squeeze down, you gaping broodmare," Arona grunts, hilting herself inside the harpy and grabbing a rough handful of ass until she squeals. "Squeeze — or would you rather I spill my seed in your bowels?"

You grin, knowing the orc well enough to think the harpy might get both holes filled either way, and turn your attentions back to the pretty butt and lusty tongues you've secured yourself.

You move faster, pistoning into the pillowy lips of the top harpy, trying to match Arona's thrusts as best you can, driving yourself to greater heights of pleasure.

Arona finishes by the time you've softened inside the harpy's tight embrace, flooding the beta's quivering twat with a musky load of orcish seed. The younger harpy flutters her eyes and coos happily as she's thoroughly bred by the amazonian warrior, filled until glistening white slime trickles down her thighs.

"One good thing about these damn hills," the orc chuckles, slowly withdrawing and wiping herself clean on the leader's face. "No shortage of these feathery cum-rags."

Hretha - Priest Service - Fertility The Champion

Has a vagina

Is not Pregnant

Is not Infertile

Is not already in Heat
Hretha chuckles and steps back, giving you a rough clap on the shoulder. "Regret asking yet? Damn but [if a lupine:if you aren't a bitch in heat now|else:you smell like a bitch in heat]. Probably because you are now! Now go in the goddess's grace and spread your legs 'till [SubArona:some stud's seed sticks|DomArona:Arona's packed your belly]." Savin
Hretha - Fuck Pussy The Champion

Requires a cock The seeress regards you with a wry grin. "[SubArona:So, it's come time to take your well-deserved spoils as the warchief's [master]? I suppose I have no choice,|Whatever would Arona think, if she knew her favorite [fuckboy/eye candy] was sticking it to her big sister on the side?]" she purrs, giving you a little wink. Savin
Hretha Pregnancy reveal The Champion

Requires a cock

Hretha is pregnant
"I'm glad you've come back... and for your sake, I hope you're prepared to handle what you've created. There's nothing on the gods' vast world that gets as horny as a pregnant orc, and there's only one [race] I thirst for now..."

[ Silly Mode:Oh woe is you...]

If first Hretha preg:

"Oh you're really in for it now," Arona jeers from behind you. "I have to send my girls back home when they get pregnant, or they make the whole camp into their harems to burn off the stress. Can't get rid of my sister that easy, though, so you'd better be ready to dick her down like crazy!"

[DomArona:You glance over your shoulder at your big green mistress. "You don't mind that I knocked up your sister?"

"Pfft. Why would I?"
Arona shrugs. "Somebody's got to make a mother out of her eventually, and it's not like she'd let me do the deed. That body's been begging for it since those udders grew in."

Hretha growls, "If you weren't the chieftain I'd beat that smug grin off your face with my shoe."

"You can't even see my face!"
Arona protests, followed by a gasp as one of Hretha's boots sails past her head. "Gah, fuck, okay. Look, I'm happy for you anyway you big fat cow. [name]'s a good fuckstick. Not as good as me, but you know, second best in the Marches."

Hretha starts reaching for her other boot.

|SubArona:You glance over your shoulder at your big green beta and give her a grin. "What, not jealous I'm spreading my seed around the whole Kervus clan?"

"Jealous of what?"
she grins back. "Somebody finally making the fertility priestess put her womb where her mouth's been? I just wish you'd called me in to help! That curvy body of hers has been begging to be knocked up since those udders first grew in."

Hretha snorts. "Hasn't [name] fucked that smugness out of you yet? You know you're never too big for a spanking, little sister!"

"Don't threaten me with a good time!"
Arona sneers.]

If repeat preg:

"Haha, are you ready to retire as [name]'s personal breeding cow yet, big sis?" Arona jeers from the tent flap. [SubArona|"I'd be kind of jealous if I didn't need to help [him/her] save the world and all still."]

Hretha sighs. "Lumia graced me with a body fit for breeding... I suppose it would be an affront to her fertile majesty if I didn't use it as intended. But you won't get rid of me that easy, little sister. Someone has to actually run this tribe while you're off [DomArona:plugging your cock in every hole across the Marches|SubArona:being [name]'s personal bottom bitch]... I mean, helping [name] defeat the big bad demon."

The two she-orcs snort at each other, butting tusks... and then grinning at each other and embracing. "I can't wait to meet my next nephew or niece," Arona chuckles. "I'm glad you and [name] are carrying on..."

"The tribe needs a strong next generation,"
Hretha answers back. "It's always been my duty to ensure it."

Ihzalti regular meeting The Champion

N/A "So, [name]; what can I and little Miro do for you today?"

Your orcish friend chuckles, leaning back on one hand and gently elbowing you. "She actually calls that fat mouse little, can you believe it?"
Ihzalti - Fortune The Champion Quintillus is not present "Ah, yes! A splendid idea!" Ihzalti ensures Miro is firmly on the table, raising both of her hands and clapping them tightly together. "Your fortune-seeing, I mean! My duty at the nest is what I live by these days, after all! Please, si-... oh. Right. You're already sitting!"

Your orc companion's brows furrow, leaning back and uncrossing her legs. "Really? You're entertaining this? I didn't see you the type, [name]."
Kasyrra Post Preg - Hide & Watch Imps Giving birth after getting fucked by Kasyrra during their encounter at the Corrupted Garden Even Arona has been subdued, all three of her holes occupied by multiple thrusting impcocks, each one jostling for position atop the angry amazoness, slapping her flexing abdominals while they violate every orifice on her rugged body. Cum pours from both her black-lipped pussy and her tightened asshole and as you watch, some begins to stream from her nose before she begins swallowing it down. Wsan
Keros - Bind - Yes The Champion N/A You look back at Arona for input.

Arona just shrugs and grunts. "Don't look at me like that, Hretha's the one who handles these things. As far as I know, she's never actually seen Lumia directly, but being her priestess has worked out pretty well for her."

"That one treats her followers quite well. Good reputation. We don't get along perfectly, but that's understandable."
Keros rocks back and forth lazily on the well-tended grass, his tails rolling about in his wake. "Nice woman, just too serious for my tastes."

You can see why.

"Thank you. I think that's all we need... let's get to it, then." Keros stretches his fingers forth once more, and you fight the instinctive urge to recoil from them. Despite their now too-long appearance, the wrongness with which they move, you know he doesn't mean you harm — what he's taken from you, he's obliged to give back in equal measure. His touch isn't cold, nor is it pleasant — instead, the sensation is thick, as if he's pushing at clay. In a sense, he is...

"Reminds me of when Hretha finally got me that dick I'd been wanting," Arona says to no one in particular, crossing her arms as she waits for the operation to be done. "Won't say I didn't have second thoughts, but it was the best thing I'd ever gotten done to me. You turn yourself into whatever you want, [name]. It'll just make you more fuckable."

"You feel it within you, do you not? The burning passion of foxfire, cold and hot alike?" Keros smiles and dusts his hands in an easy, exaggerated motion. "It'll take some getting used to, all of it, but I'm sure everyone will be happy to aid you in acclimatising to your new reality. Your body is part of who you are, yes, but it is more than that."

Arona folds her arms as she eyes you up and down. "Hmm. Not as good as an elf, but still a pretty decent cocksleeve, I'd say."

Well, you can't deny that there are some similarities in the general aesthetic.

That gets the orcess to grinning. "Well, come find me after we're through here and we can give it a go. Take this new body of yours out for a spin, see how well it measures up. Sure, it looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty little thing, but you never know until you try."

The Observer
Kinu Cooked Meal The Champion

Young Inari Kinu

Random chance (versus other Gift Back scenes)

During 7:00 to 11:59

35% chance for Gift Back to occur
It doesn't take long for Kinu to return, a large tray of covered dishes in her hands. She sets that down on the table, then returns with another, and another, until there's a veritable spread in front of you, filling the entirety of the table's surface. Steam gently rises from under the covers into the cool morning air, bringing with it a slightly salty and appetising scent.

Arona shifts about on her cushion, clearly uncomfortable with the whole idea and trying to decide if she should at least try to respect appearances or just throw propriety to the winds in true orcish sense. "Look here. I get that this is your family and all, but I'm hungry as fuck right now. You don't mind if I stay, right?"

With that, all of you quietly apply yourselves to the offering Kinu's made in return for your gift. It's not gourmet, far from it — it's the kind of meal a working girl like her would sit down to at the end of a day, intended to fill the belly and regain one's strength for the rest of the day. The sourness and salt only serve to stimulate the appetite and thirst, and soon enough Kinu's ladling out extra servings of mushroom egg broth for you all.

"Lumia's tits, not having any drink blows." Arona's long since given up fiddling with the lacquered chopsticks and is eating with her hands where possible, in true orc fashion of ignoring everyone else's etiquette. "But I guess it's only expected, isn't it, girl? You're going to be someone to your people like Hretha's to my folk, right? My sister doesn't touch the drink that much, either. Maybe I should get a couple tankards of mead down her throat when I next pop by the camp. Wouldn't that be a treat!"

The Observer
Kohaku first encounter The Champion

N/A With that, Kohaku bows again and half-turns, scurrying off with her hair and four tails swishing behind her.

"Now that's a sprightly little soul-sucker," Arona remarks, watching the little fluff-tail run off. "Wonder if she'd be as sprightly on my cock. Not that I care that much, but I won't say no if it happens."
The Observer
Kohaku - Events The Champion

Random chance "Rumour has it that Takahiro saw an orc who could walk on water during one of his trips out. Don't you think that's interesting, nojya? Orcs always look like they would sink straight to the bottom of a lake or ocean — [if an orc:I mean, just look at you, no offense meant|else:they're always just so solid-looking]. I wouldn't imagine they float well."

Arona chuckles throatily. "She's not wrong, you know. We don't bother with longships for nothing."
The Observer
Kohaku special offer - Swift Sword The Champion

Random chance Then again, it's really balanced for an iron weapon, and you get the impression you could handle this well. The weight is still there, but you assume that's intentional, to provide power behind your strikes.

"Not my style," Arona says from behind you as she studies the blade over your shoulder. "Can't deny it's pretty damn well made, though; I know Rags would love to get her hands on something like this for study. Might have considered it myself if I were a fan of such things."
The Observer
Kurako - Threesome - Arona The Champion

Requires a cock [SubArona:"So, Arona..." you glance at the horny orcess. Her cock's already tenting behind her kit. "How badly do you want in on this? What's mine is yours, after all."

She bellows out a laugh, cracking her neck and tossing her gear to the side. "Damn right, [name]. But hey, live it up a little. Here, I'll even make it easy for you to fuck this fox."|DomArona:"How're you feeling up to a little tag team, Arona?" you ask, grinning at the horny orcess' tenting dick. Her viridian skin flushes a lustful red at the idea. "Get over here, you can have her ass."

"Heh, don't mind if I do, [name]," she answers, marching over, discarding the more unnecessary bits of her gear in the process.]

Sidling up behind the kitsune, Arona gets down and dirty, groping the kunoichi throughout undressing her. You don't need to do anything more than unwrap her waistband while your burly companion does the rest. "Had my eye on this ass the whole time, not gonna lie." The betusked futa squeezes one of Kura's bubbly ass cheeks. "Gonna love feelin' em clench around me when I pump your gut full of my cum."

In quick fashion, the large orc hefts the smaller kitsune by her thighs, lifting the nude fox up past her erect dick and seating her moistening pussy right on the emerald shaft. Grinning and chuckling, Arona rubs the grappled kunoichi forwards and backwards, sliming her shaft in freely-flowing gircum. "Look at that, [name], so wet even you couldn't mess it up," she snarks over the moaning ninja, "c'mon already, before I lose my boner."

Multiple minor variation and comments further in the scene

Lady Evergreen first visit The Champion

Lady Evergreen
First Visit Arona chuckles. "How come there ain't any ugly old hag witches, huh? You're all so damn fuckable. It drives me nuts."

Evergreen stifles a laugh. "What would be the use of magic if I looked my age, hmm? Come back when that supple green skin starts to wrinkle and those muscles start to fade... I'll show you my secrets — and just how fuckable they'll make you!"

"Sorry, I [SubArona:only bottom for [name],|DomArona:don't bottom]," Arona shoots back, licking her tusks.
Lieutenant Jen - FrontBelt The Champion

Lieutenant Jen
Combat Victory Clambering up and onto her steed, the woman made the animal turn and gallop so fast you barely have the time to move out of the way. And after almost getting run over, you can't help but feel like it might not be smart for a mercenary with bad — or maybe good? — memories of orcs to be fighting in the Foothills.[if orc:She seemingly has no issue with you but it isn't as if you've been chaste with her.]

"... Does she not see how green I am or did she run into something called an orc that doesn't look like me?" The orc amazonian behind you sighs, shaking her head for only a moment before chuckling. "Not that I mind; must mean she considers me honorable or whatever. Must put me on the 'might fuck' list."
Lusamine - Gossip orcs The Champion

N/A Orcs are strong so if you're going to fight them, get someone big and beefy to stand in the way! Maybe a minotaur helping you would be a good idea! Your big orcish friend would also be a good help, I guess. BubbleLord
Lusamine - Gossip Arona response The Champion

Each scene separated by number of times she's responded to the gossip Your orc companion slips into view, grabbing Lusamine by the ear and shoving her down to her knees. Lusamine's eyes widen and she immediately moves her hands to grab Arona's belt to disrobe... except Arona pins her head against the wall, sticking her there with her bulge pressed hard into her face.

"I ain't fucking you, so settle down sweetcheeks!" The warrior strokes her mercenary grind-girl, chuckling and looking back at you. "Not with everyone around to judge you — it'd be cruel if they saw you lose to a sex-driven war-fiend of an orc like me. [if orc:Hell, I bet the [DomArona:bitch|SubArona:Champion] here would already do a good job of ruining that shining bronze reputation of yours.|else:Next time I might not be so nice.

Arona releases Lusamine's ears — the elf girl panting and clenching her thighs — before planting her hands and contenting herself to embarrassing Lusamine properly. Grinding the lump of her prick back and forth, Arona humps her gently into the wall so that her lips push across the cloth lewdly. The display is definitely vivid but more suitable for the room than wantonly hammering her throat. No one is going to pick a fight with Arona however; the orc spends almost an entire minute toying with Lusamine before finally stepping back.

Lusamine shambles back up and collects herself... completely unaware of the stain between her legs or at least trying her best to ignore it.

Arona snorts in disbelief.

"You're an elf — doesn't that make you biased?"

Rather than cockback immediately, Lusamine sizes your orcish companion up and deftly turns her nose at the orcess. She twirls two of her fingers in her hair for another moment before her response comes.

"I'm a wyld elf. And I've seen enough orcs that I think they can't do much more than have sex and fight. Not like I'm in Jen's league but... a generation or two of orcish raiders in our homeland makes it hard to think otherwise."

Arona's tusks shiver in a bit of controlled rage but with everyone watching she knows she'll need to wait. Hopefully the next time this happens, nothing bad comes from it.

"Elvish whore must be thinking of a hard dicking if she's thinking that way."

Lusamine turns her gaze in disbelief but Arona's bulge saunters into her attention, Arona wrestling her down to her knees. Arona throatfucking Lusamine here and now isn't far from believable but to your surprise she simply presses her concealed prick against the elf's face. The mercenary grumpily scowls and blushes but lets Arona rub her prick's clothing mound pseudo-mark her entire face.

"Haha!" Arona laughs and finally lets go, watching Lusamine hastily clamber to her hooves. "You actually do want it, don't you?"

"S-shut up! All you orcs want to do is breed and I'm sterile anyway!"

Arona and Lusamine ignore you — looking at one another intensely before Arona chuckles.

"I'd give you a real run through even if you can't bear children; just pick a time and place, slut."

Lusina - Pay The Champion

100 EC "You fucking coward," Arona growls, knuckles going white around her [weapon]. "Seriously? I could bash this bitch's head in with one hand behind my back. Solo!"

The moth just wags a finger at Arona. "Listen to your master, orcy. [he/she] knows what's good for you!"

Arona just bristles and sets her jaw tight.
Marefolk Shaman - Walk Away The Champion

Marefolk Shaman
Combat Victory "Bit of a waste," Arona says, looking thoughtfully over her shoulder at the equine's amazonian, statuesque form. "Bet she'd make a great lay."

Well, if she wants to use the shaman so badly, she's more than welcome to have a go at it.

"Nah. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to if we were just arsing around, but like you said, we've got better things to do, so lead on. Don't make me regret this decision, okay?"
The Observer
Ninian - Him? The Champion

Combat Victory "I really do miss our place, but... well, it's either I struggle or I go back. And I refuse to go back as long as... they won't apologize... even if it is the closest thing to home, as you big folk might call it."

Your cocksure orc chuckles, shooting a smirk at the somber pixie.

"Well, at least he's got a tough head. Can't say if it's for the right reasons, but for someone so pint-sized, that's not a bad amount of pride!"
Quintillus victory The Champion

Combat Victory against the Cultists chasing Quintillus The rustling grass at your back reminds you that they were hot on the heels of that bunny cultist, whisking around just in time to see the handsome lad raise his empty hands. Arona hefts her axe between the two of you to keep him from drawing too close and the cultist steps away with a small grin. BubbleLord
Rindo first meet The Champion

First Meet Arona sucks in a sharp breath at the sight. "Wow. I wouldn't even take that one as a slave — fucking something that pathetic would just make me sad."

You throw her a sharp glance, and she folds her arms and stares you down.

"What? Did I say something wrong?"
The Observer
Sigrune first encounter The Champion

N/A She came out of nowhere — literally. You get your wits back about you just in time to see her stepping out from behind one of the arch's feet, yet she's so large that there's no way she's been standing behind it this whole time. Indeed, the woman can only be described as a giant: she stands more than four yards tall, all wiry muscle and tattooed cobalt skin barely covered by a bear-hide loincloth and chest wrap. A mane of black hair falls around her shoulders, the lion's share pulled into a braid that falls well past her broad hips. Two wine-red eyes stare menacingly down at you.

"Hey look, a jotun," Arona says off-handedly. You hear her neck crack as she steps up to your side. "Ain't fought one of them before. This'll be fun."
Sigrune - Talk The Champion

Must not have attack Sigrune Sigrune eyes you cautiously for a moment before lowering her axe again. "Talk."

"Aw, gods dammit,"
Arona huffs, planting her [weapon] in the ground. "I was this close to a good battle chub."
Tanuki Witch first victory The Champion

Tanuki Witch
First combat victory

Not defeated before either
"Guess you're all pent-up," Arona says with a chuckle. "I can relate. Wonder how you'll do for a bit of relief — by the looks of it, you're about fit to burst yourself."

If accepted the cock and ball size victory and loss conditions:

"Do whatever you want," Arona growls, arms crossed over her chest. "But if the bitch so much as takes an inch off my dick, I'm stoving her head in."

The Observer
Tanuki Witch first defeat The Champion

Tanuki Witch
First combat defeat

Not victorious before either
"Ugh, that bitch," Arona groans, rubbing her forehead. "My head fucking hurts, I've got a chub, and I'm in a terrible mood right now. Lumia's tits, if she so much as touches the cocks I worked so hard to get Hretha to give me — "

It's fine. You'll make sure that doesn't happen.

"Ha! Talk is [has a cock:—" she pauses for a moment and looks thoughtful. "Well, better you than me, I guess."|else:cheap." She hammers home her point with a derisive snort.]

Look, she got her cock through alchemy, right? Suppose she lost it somehow — couldn't she just ask Hretha for another? She did earn hers, and Hretha's got no reason to refuse.

"Yeah, but can you imagine her? 'Oh no, Arona, I told you that if you kept on sticking that thing of yours in all kinds of places, you'd eventually lose it. And it's happened!' No thanks, she's schoolmarmed me enough when I was a spratling."

If accepted the cock and ball size victory and loss conditions:

"Well damn," Arona groans from beside you. "Real nice of you to take one for the team, [name]. I know if this slut here were to take so much as an inch off my dick, I'd — "

She'd what, lying on the ground in a fuck-addled heap as she is?

"Shut up, asshole."

The Observer
Vari - Vari (Vari fuck) Leothrans N/A "Oh," she gasps, cheeks coloring as her eyes flit away and then back. Her big, poofy tail wraps around her inner leg as she begins to smile uncontrollably, her voice going up a couple of octaves. "Um, it's just back there... I'll take you to it."

Arona laughs as she grabs a hulking leothran male and an amazonian woman as a pair, nodding at you while Vari takes you to her.
Vaush non-hostile encounter The Champion

N/A "Well well," Arona chimes in from behind. "I can't say I'm surprised to see you like this, old man. Drunk, sad, and useless seem to be your calling cards these days."

The shaman simply readjusts himself and looks over at her. "I see [ChiefArona:being chief|ExiledArona:getting exiled] hasn't dulled your acid tongue. And for your information, I don't have nearly enough booze to get drunk out here; so there." He sticks his tongue out at her, causing Arona to simply roll her eyes.

"If you ever wondered what washed-up looks like, here it is [name]. Vaush here used to be one of the best warriors in the tribe, now he's just some fat old drunk." Without another word, Arona walks off, leaving you with the unphased Shaman.

"Always fun meeting with royalty[ExiledArona:, or former in this case]. Full of shit as usual. I mean look at this." He lifts up his robe just enough to show you his ripped, rock hard abs. "Does this look fat to you?"

Arona yells from the distance.

Vaush rolls his eyes, "Kids these days! I betcha she's still upset about that time I pinned her in the last wrestling contest. She looked like she was gonna gut me like a fish after that; probably could have too. I ain't too proud to admit I'm rusty, maybe even so rusty that there's not much left under it." He stares off into space. "... But that's just an old man rambling, and I doubt you're here for that."
Vaush - Him The Champion

N/A His stein runs empty and he reaches over to grab his wineskin to refill it. "I know I sound like a crotchety old fart that doesn't like anybody. Really it's just a few groups that really crawl under my skin, mostly the ones who don't understand anything that's not on the working end of an axe. Call me what you want, but I just don't think that sweeping across the countryside, butchering or enslaving anyone in your way is a good idea long term, especially with all the weird shit that's been happening recently. But I'm just one guy, my opinion doesn't really matter all that much."

"I suppose Arona is part of one of those groups?"

"Royal types are definitely up there, though Arona is probably the most tolerable. I don't think Argoth ever got over me leaving the warrior shit behind. And Hretha... Let's just say it's complicated and leave it at that, okay?"

Arona grunts, "I ain't sitting so far away I can't hear, old man."

"That was a compliment, you meathead,"
Vaush quips back.
Trail Rations consumption The Champion N/A "Needs more meat," Arona mutters as she picks at her food. "Needs more of everything, really. Good thing I'm carrying my own extras on me."

Well, she's a big girl. Big girls eat big; it's only to be expected.

She just grins toothily at you. "Tell you what, let's stop to camp and I'll show you something else that's big."
The Observer
Kurokawa Kitsune Den guest quarters The Champion Completed Den of Foxes "Oh, Lumia's tits," Arona moans. "Please don't tell me you're going to stop here for the night, [name]. These soul-suckers are so tiny, using anything sized to them is awkward." The Observer
Kiyoko's Home first appearance The Champion During freeing Kiyoko from the Astral Plane through Komari Arona's up and on her feet in a flash, ready to give battle; when she sees you, though, the orcess relaxes marginally and her face contorts into a scowl. "Ah, it's just you. Damn it, did you have to do that? I was about to get three of those furry cumrags on my dick, and they were more than willing..."

Indeed, Arona's hefty cock is hanging out of her leathers, slowly softening now that there's no source of vulpine temptation in front of her. With a huff, she shoves it back in, then rolls her shoulders as she hefts her weapon.

"So... you yanked me all the way here for?"
The Observer
Orc Lodge visit The Champion

Orc Trio
Post Right of Conquest

Had not interacted with the lodge during OrcQuest
The unfamiliar interior opens up in an instant; the long hall has about two dozen orcs drinking and chatting it up. Whoever they might have believed to be the best chieftain doesn't matter here; warriors who once served Argoth now stomach their disdain for Arona and raise their mugs to her rule. One of them looks up from their table, smirking and pushing his mug out toward you.

"Look who it is! The chief's [SubArona:ally|DomArona:bottom [bitchboy/bitch]]!"

"You know, I heard a rumor that you and the chief aren't actually exclusive;
[SubArona:some say she actually bows to your strength|DomArona:the rumor is that you're actually her personal cocksleeve]. I don't mind sharing, you know... but what about you?"
Orc Lodge - Run (success) The Champion

Orc Trio
Post Right of Conquest

Successful Run attempt
"You can run but next time, your ass is thrashed, [bastard/bitch/runt]!" The leader raises his mug and shakes his fist, unintentionally spilling his beverage all over himself. A few of the orcs in the encampment breaking into laughter leaves him grumbling. He walks back inside and leaves [one 1 companion:you to make your way over to Arona|else:you alone, finally letting you rejoin your waiting companions].

[SubArona:"Not bad!" Arona strides proudly up to your side, elbowing you gently. "As expected of your skill. Against that many orcs, I can see why you'd prefer to just leave them clutching their cocks."|DomArona:Your dominatrix approaches and grabs your [ass], leaning in close and whispering in your ear.

"I guess my little bitch had to protect my property after all. You're no use to me if you end up skewered on their pathetic pricks, [fuckboy/slut]."

Your heart throbs and [has cock:your manhood tents your clothes|else has vagina:a damp spot forms between your thighs]; your mistress has nothing to worry about — you'll never let her goodwill go to waste!]]
Orc Lodge - Embrace The Champion

Orc Trio
Post Right of Conquest "Come on, put that mouth to use! [if orc:Orcs can do more than suck dick, outsider.[DomArona: Didn't Arona teach you that, meat? Or are you only good for sheathing that sword of hers?]]" BubbleLord
Ways Between first time The Champion First Time "Aw, what the fuck is this place even?" Arona grunts. "This ain't right... buncha fucking wizard shit I bet. You better have a plan for getting us out of here, [name]. Pronto!" Savin
Den of Foxes
Don't Enter The Champion Not entering the Kurokawa Kitsune Den Arona grunts. "Getting cold feet all of a sudden?"

Yes. Why, is she going to march you right around and herd you inside?

To your surprise, the burly orc shakes her head. "Nah. That sort of feeling surrounding the place... I recognise it from when Hretha shuts herself away and works on those charms and curses or whatever. I ain't spoiling to go in there if we don't gotta. Magic like that gives me the creeps."
The Observer
Warden Azami encounter The Champion

Forest Kitsune

Warden Azami
N/A A happy mealtime conversation. Given that this is the only way forward, it's really a shame that you'll have to interrupt people while they're eating. No one ever likes that.

Arona grins and hefts her [weapon]. "Hey, I'm not complaining. Better them caught with their pants down than us."
The Observer
Warden Azami defeat The Champion

Forest Kitsune

Warden Azami
Combat Defeat "Damn it!" Arona grunts, tugging at the cord binding her limbs together. You can see her hefty muscles straining at the bonds, bulging with effort; for all her strength, she's unable to break what ought to be no more than simple threads. "Seven-damned soul-sucking brush-tails and their dirty tricks..." The Observer
Artificer Kazuo encounter The Champion

Artificer Kazuo
N/A "You made all that noise, didn't you, outsider? Thanks to you, I can't think straight, and I have so much work to do! Plus, I was really looking forward to Mai's tea..."

Arona grins a toothy, tusky grin, stepping forward to tower over the diminutive kitsune. "Well then, little fox, why don't you work on playing with your toys? Don't mind us, we're just passing through."

You're not sure what exactly it was about those words that provoked the kitsune, but boy is he pissed, his ears turning forward and face turning a rather garish shade of red. Hopping off his stool, the kitsune draws himself to his full height — which can't be an inch above five feet four at best — and plants his balled fists akimbo.

"Ohh, those are big words you're slinging about there, green-skinned muscle-brain! I'm not so absent-minded as to know you're not supposed to be here!"

Arona just guffaws at the outburst. "Hey, [name], this one's really cute. You mind if we take him home as a pet or something? I know exactly what to feed him!"
The Observer
Artificer Kazuo victory The Champion

Artificer Kazuo
Combat Victory else:couple] of young punks..."

"Young punks, eh?" Arona steps up, lowering her [weapon] so that the business end is mere inches from Kazuo's face. "After all that you said, you're still the one on the ground here amidst your broken toys, soul-sucker. It's adorable."
The Observer
Nakano encounter The Champion

N/A [if Silly Mode:Arona just chuckles at the sight. "Lumia's tits, really now? What sick bastard sends a baby like this to fight? This is what passes for a warrior amongst these ginger-tailed soul-suckers?"

|else:"Hey, I didn't know these ginger-tailed soul-suckers actually had warriors!" Arona exclaims without the slightest attempt at subtlety whatsoever. "Wonder if they're any good; I'm already getting a chub just thinking about it. Hope he's less of a pushover than those we've met so far, although I'm not holding out hope for it. You need to eat more meat than what this boy's been getting to build any kind of muscle."

"Barbarians, in great-great-grandmother's house."

"Damn right you've got one here."
Arona smiles, all tusks and teeth. "You going to do something about it with that pretty face of yours? Bet it's pretty good for sucking cock, and I'm already getting a good stiffy just thinking of how much of a fight you'll put up."

The Observer
Nakano victory The Champion

Combat Victory Even with you throwing him to the ground and raining blows on his helmet and chestpiece with your [weapon], he's incredibly tenacious and simply refuses to submit, almost managing to turn the tables once or twice as he attempts to throttle you with his bare hands.

"Stay down, damn it!" It's hard to tell whether Arona's trying to knock out the kitsune warrior or flat-out kill him, considering how vigorously she's applying her [weapon] to the task. "Just give up already, you little bastard!"
The Observer
Komari defeat The Champion

Combat Defeat Your head swims, and you're feeling more than a little dizzy at this point. Whether it's from blood loss or the loss of something less tangible than that is anyone's guess, but all the strength in your limbs has fled, drained away by this tiny, frail-looking fox-woman. It just isn't fair — it doesn't matter how much you beat on her when all she simply has to do is restore her reserves by tearing at your vitality.

"Just stay down!" Arona roars as she struggles to her feet, her flesh searing from the ghostly blue flames clinging to her. The mighty amazonian orcess swings her [weapon] squarely down on Komari, only to have it deflected by the elderly kitsune's walking cane, which by all rights should have been smashed to splinters by such a mighty blow. "I'll turn you into a pelt! A rug!"

For how old she is, Komari moves with considerable alacrity. You can't exactly track her movements, but before you know it, she's got the hook of her cane looped around Arona's ankle and is tugging. As impossible as it might seem, the diminutive old kitsune actually manages to trip up the gargantuan orcess, sending her crashing to the grass and dirt with a mighty thump.
The Observer
Komari parley The Champion

Must have the Amulet of Transference or Amulet of Union Memories that feel as if they were dreams, mostly because they were — dreams that nevertheless were real, perhaps more than real. While you speak, a much more modestly dressed Miko and Mai shuffle up with a tray of tea, set it down, and shuffle away wordlessly.

"Damn, don't they have anything to eat around here?" Arona mumbles as she eyes the tea and steamed buns suspiciously. "I haven't minded the fighting, but a girl's got to have something to fill the appetite she's worked up."

"We can have something prepared afterwards. Some of the younger ones know how to prepare food in a style more suited to the natives of these lands."

Arona just snorts and shrugs, looking even more impatient than ever.
The Observer
Komari victory The Champion Combat Victory With that, the door slams behind you and melds into the tree once more, leaving you in the forest. Now that was something...

"I'm just glad to be out of that place," Arona mumbles. "Most boring place I've ever been to, and most unsettling too."

Oh? You wouldn't call what you just went through boring; at the very least, didn't she get a good workout with all that fighting?

"Those ginger-tailed soul-suckers, they're all so small, their den's practically crushing for a big girl like me. Gotta bend and scrape just to get through the damn doors! They're all smoke and mirrors, and that's a job for Hretha, not a real warrior-babe like me. Save for that one actual warrior they had, none of them were fun to fight, either! Every last one of them would've made good cocksleeves, I didn't get to do that either. Take me out somewhere more interesting in the future, won't you?"

You'll give it some deep consideration.
The Observer
Dog Days
Fight Both victory The Champion

Combat Victory against both Hethia and her warg Snarling and yipping, the warg circles its mistress with determined fury, even though its unsteady gait makes it clear it's on its last legs by now. Scowling, Arona strides up and plants the handle of her hammer directly between the beast's eyes. There's a sharp crack, it yelps, and falls insensate to the ground. The Observer
Fight victory The Champion

Combat Victory against Hethia while Garret fights the warg "Fuck, who cares? I don't think she deserves to die, anyway. I mean, it's not as if she did anything bad."

"You're going to regret sparing those you've crossed this deeply,"
Arona interjects. "If she wasn't out for your blood before, she damn well is going to be when she wakes up."

Garret sniffs. "She's not going to be after you, orc. What's it to you?"

A snicker. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe you liked her pussy so much that you aren't willing to off her for good?"

For a moment, Garret opens his mouth to reply, then realizes Arona's bait for what it is, taking a moment to smoulder and cool before replying. "Well, if you want sloppy seconds after we're finished looting her, feel free to have your fill. In the meantime, [name], want to help me pat her down?"
The Observer
Getting Into The Closet
Trail The Champion Following the trail to the Sorran Altar There's nothing left for it; you're as prepared as you can be for anything the mountain can throw at you. Time to be off. Careful not to slip and fall into the plunge pool below, you edge your way across the damp ledge that rings the inside of the cliff wall.

Arona herself picks her way along carefully, hunched over and with her hands on the ground. The ledge's certainly cramping her style for a big girl like her, but at least she's got enough sense to take her time where it counts.
The Observer
Cultist Patrol encounter The Champion

N/A As you forge your way forward, the sound of footsteps upon gravelly rock from up ahead draw your attention. Not even bothering to be subtle in the slightest, the handful of black-robed figures march down the narrow mountainside trail in two columns, quashing any hope of slipping by them. More of Tollus' underlings, then.

Arona chuckles as she readies her [weapon]. "So, these are supposed to be servants of Argoth's 'great evil', are they? Can't be very great if this is the kind of mooks she's able to gather. Small and scrawny — plus, there's something to be said if this lot can't even outdress orcs to begin with."
The Observer
Cliff Face - Naptha The Champion 1x Naptha Finding some scraps of rope and old rags amongst your possessions, you wring them into a crude fuse of sorts, dip it into the jellied oil and set it aflame. It ignites with a glorious "whoomph", dancing with yellow and blue flames, and you don't hesitate before hurling the jug straight down at the barricade below, watching it plummet like a stone. Precious seconds pass before the ring of shattering clay echoes upwards the ravine walls to you, followed by plenty of screaming and the stench of heavy smoke.

"Ah, music to the ears," Arona says, making a show of cupping a hand to an ear and leaning down to listen. "Come on, [name]. Let's head on down and finish off the rest of those idiots while they're still occupied. Can't wait to finally see some real action."
The Observer
Cliff Face - Venom The Champion 1x Wyvern Venom Well, nothing for it, then. Pausing a split second to take aim, you toss the glass vial down onto the barricade the demon cultists have set up. Nothing happens for a moment or two, then the tinkle of shattering glass, faint but sharp, echoes up the ravine walls to you. This is followed by several surprised shouts and many lusty moans in quick succession, letting you know of your plan's at least partial success.

"Can't decide which's giving me more of a chub, the thought of fighting these bastards or fucking them later," Arona chuckles as she cocks an ear towards the salacious sounds coming from the ravine below. "Come on, let's get our own piece while they're still warm, eh?"
The Observer
Cultist Barricade Encounter The Champion

Did not use anything to deal with the Cultist Barricade

Does not have a shield equipped
This... is unorthodox. Even at this distance, the dark robes and hoods of Tollus' demon cult are clearly visible, but they aren't taunting you, declaring the power of their dark lady or behaving in a manner that would be more stereotypical of the wild-eyed fanatics. No, it's draw, nock, loose — draw, nock, and loose again in disciplined silence.

Well, fuck.

Arona snaps into action, the burly orcess pulling her shield out and holding the massive thing up at an angle. You vaguely wonder where she might've faced such an assault before to instinctively know what to do in the face of danger, but your thoughts are cut short as she grabs you by the scruff of your neck and pulls you into the cover of her pavise.

"Stop fucking around and get in here!"

[if has another companion:Once you're safely pressed against her, she reaches for [] and helps [companion2.himHer] into the cover her shield affords|else:Once she's satisfied you're safe, she braces herself for the next salvo of arrows that's coming down the ravine at you]. "Gonna be a bit of a squeeze, but better than nothing."

As if proving her point, an arrow whistles down and lands smack in Arona's shield, quivering as the barbed head sticks into hide and wood. She snarls and roars a curse [if orc: that would have made your mother blush|else:in suitably ferocious orcish], then breaks into a brisk jog straight for the barricade. Seeing this development, the cultists focus their fire on her, more and more arrows slamming into her shield as she leans this way and that to intercept the missiles aimed for her legs; you [if has another companion: and []] have to hurry to keep up with Arona and the cover she's affording you.

A last desperate salvo of arrows manages to graze Arona's arms and legs, painting her green skin with blood. That only enrages her more as she bowls straight into the barricade and the nearest cultist bowman, sending shards and splinters flying in all directions as she hurls him into his fellows, bowling the lot of them over into some nearby scrub.

"Face me up close, you craven cunts!"

Looks like Arona's got her blood up. Bringing up the rear, you [if has another companion: and []] move to back up the orcess as the cultists drop their bows and draw blades and daggers alike.
The Observer
Cultist Reaver victory The Champion

Cultist Reaver
Combat Victory The reaver staggers, dropping his shield and reaching out for something, anything, with which to steady himself, but his grasping fingers close on empty air.

Grinning, Arona steps forward and gives the reaver a good slam on his armoured chest with her [weapon], sending him crashing into a nearby boulder. There's a loud metallic ding as the back of the reaver's helmet connects with solid stone, and then he slumps to the ground, blood trickling out from under the featureless, full-face helmet.

"You're not half-bad yourself," Arona says with a nasty grin as she steps forward and kicks away the reaver's mace. "Almost got me a few times there. If this is what this so-called great evil is looking to put on the field, I'm going to have a great time."
The Observer
Master Whisper victory The Champion

Master Whisper
Combat Victory Wonder if there'll be more cultists coming, or if that's the last of them. There weren't any shortages of patrols on your way up here from the camp...

"If there are, leave them to me," Arona growls. "That little rat bastard wasn't fun to fight in the slightest, and now I'm all worked up and ticked off with no way to let loose."
The Observer
Harboring a Fugitive
Tollus Victory The Champion


Combat Victory against Master Tollus "That's ahh... gosh. I-it smells like she's in h-heat. Did he break her mind or something?" Ahmri asks, flushed bright as a crimson star. The bound centaur sobers for a moment, snorting out a laugh and rolling her eyes at the younger woman. She falls back into her seeming stupor when she's done. Is... is she playing with you?

"Ha! If she wants to play horse I'd be game to play stallion," Arona grins, prompting a heady snort from the centauress.
Dick Fuck Harem & Vag Fuck Harem The Champion

Hypnotized Followers
Combat Victory against the Unitaur Arona already has her eyes on a winsome centauress, clapping her hands around the woman's waist and giving one of her E-cup breasts a toothy bite. Her action earns a needy groan, and she smiles hungrily.

"Oh yeah, we'll show her."

With their climax, the aura of sexual permanence seems to break, and they begin to grow soft in your hands. It seems like the entirety of the orgy is in a similar state except for Arona, who's pounding a centaur that looks about ready to pass out from the pleasure alone.

Behemoth Victory The Champion


Combat Victory against the Behemoth

Brint must be in the party
The centaur grunts as he tips to the side, totters in the other direction in a desperate attempt to counterbalance, and then crashes to the ground in a giant heap as his legs give way from under him. You breathe a sigh of relief when he doesn't try to get back up.

"The bigger they are the harder they fall, eh Brint? Eh?" Arona jeers, elbowing the minotaur until Brint rolls his eyes.
Pure End The Champion

Centaur Village
Pure End of CentaurQuest by returning Taldahs back to normal Arona wields the centaurs woodcutting maul like a fell lumberjack, cleanly splitting logs at twice the rate of her competition. She grins wide when she sees you staring, flexing her biceps with the axe over her shoulders. Pride exudes from her every pore, at least until the maul's wooden handle splinters and snaps in half. She barks out an apology through tears of laughter, but luckily the other woodcutters find it just as hilarious as she does. Gardeford
Land of Milky Honey
Prince Nyze - Leave The Champion

Prince Nyze
Combat Victory [if has only 1 companion:You and Arona|else:Arona and []] wave the horde onward, smiling and watching the prince vanish into a sea of dusky-skinned hornets. Nyze gasps and curses but cocks quickly fill his holes and hands. A few girls joust stingers trying to see who gets to bully or use his cock, while a few more tease and tickle his toes. Even if Nyze wants to complain, the transparent lust glazes his face in perfect-sync with a quick shot of honey cum blasting across the bridge of his nose. Even a few of the hornets grab his beautiful hair, wreathing it around shafts or tightening it into tight strands to thrust their hips back and forth across it like a wooden horse.

"Haha! Look at them go! He wouldn't be too bad on his back!" Arona enjoys the show, resting her hands on her hips.

Mad Cow
Hollow Cave - Enter Room The Champion N/A Arona grunts. "As much as I'd like to put on the pretty golden armor, [name], I don't think it'd fit." Wsan
Brint's Second Problem The Champion

N/A He sinks to his knees as you dash to his side, looking into his face. He looks flushed and sweaty, like he has a fever. You maneuver the beefy bull into a sitting position as he steadies himself with his weapon, head swaying from side to side. He only seems half-there, his eyelids drooping as he begins to pant.

"Poor boy's in heat," Arona observes, leaning on her [weapon]. "Needs a good, hard fuck to fix him up, I reckon."

"I'm pretty sure he just has a fever,"
you mutter, but honestly, you're not totally sure. This does seem like the influence of the armor and if it is... maybe he really does need to be fucked. Surely such a thing could only accelerate the process, though...

"Hell, I'll do it for fun," Arona offers, grinning. "Always wanted a go at him just to show him who's boss.[[if had done BrintFuckHer at Foothills: Pay him back for old times sake!]"

"I think that might only make it worse..."
you say.

"Well, I dunno what's wrong with 'm, but if it makes him go into heat more often... " Arona says, grinning viciously. "Then good."
Missing Meows
Cat Harem - Join - Use Dick The Champion

Cat Harem
Requires a cock

Default choice if only has a cock
Arona takes a seat on the edge of the pool, swirling a finger around the dark crown of her lengthy shaft. "Alright. Which of you sluts is choking on this first, huh? How about you, little thief?"

Yset blinks up, eyes wandering over Arona's bare, muscular body. She grins. "Well, I am the best cocksucker here. Let's play big girl!"

You ruffle Yset's hair, gently pushing her down your futa orc's cock on the way while you focus your attentions on Calill, watching the elder sex-kitten slowly line herself up with your [cock].

With a little effort, you get her twisted around so her back's resting on your [chest] and her tail's curling around your waist, leaving her tits and pussy open to the rest of the orgy. "I think I'm warmed up enough for that," Arona growls, stroking her turgid green cock as Selima settles onto yours. The she-orc slides herself into Selima's twat, grabbing your shoulders for leverage as she thrusts in. Speared between your cocks, the blonde priestess slowly pushes herself up, taking you back to the crown before letting gravity and the hot spring waters carry her back into your lap.

You urge her to go faster, slapping your [hips] against her meaty rear every time she comes back down. You earn a lusty giggle from the anal-obsessed cleric, and she starts moving. Despite the drag of the water and your and Arona's dicks, she manages a faster pace than Calill ever did, sending tidal waves through the pool with every heavy impact.

The sun-priestess just flashes you a hungry grin over her shoulder as the first surge of [cum] fills her bowels; her butt wiggles into your lap as the rest of your orgasm wastes itself inside her asshole while Arona takes her front. The brawny she-orc grunts once, hilting herself in Selima's pussy as the tension-turned-relief written across her face spells out a clear orgasm. With an almost melodramatic sigh, Selima turns her attention to Arona long enough to plant a little kiss on one of the orc's tusks and whisper, "For a big brute, you aren't so bad... next time, if you take my ass, don't be as gentle..."

Cat Harem - Join - Les Out The Champion

Cat Harem
Requires a vagina

Default choice if only has a vagina
"So many holes to conquer, so little time," your she-orc growls, grabbing two handfuls of Selima's butt as the divine cat rocks her hips on your [face].

"Come on then, you hung amazon," Selima moans, reaching both hands back and spreading her ass-cheeks. "[he/she] isn't eating my ass."

Arona grins hungrily and takes to her knees, unabashedly dragging her nuts over your forehead as she angles her cock up with Selima's back door. A second later and Arona's thrusting in, making Selima's pussy clench like mad around your [tongue].
Cat Harem - Don't (join) The Champion

Cat Harem
N/A "Your loss," Arona grins, adjusting her war-hides. "Pardon me while I dip my wick in some quality pussy..." Savin
Hirrud victory The Champion

Cat Harem
Combat Victory against Hirrud Arona leans in to you and whispers, "You're the hero of the hour, but it sounds clear to me. These girls are just looking for a new [master]. You tell 'em to get down on their knees for you and I guarantee they will." Savin
Cat Harem - TakeHarem The Champion

Cat Harem
N/A The other two nod eagerly and follow Calill into the Frost Hound.

"Nice" is Arona's only comment, watching the three go.
Royal Amnesty
Castle Hawkstone The Champion

N/A "I'm what you ought to be scared of," Arona growls, looking hungrily down at the elf. "Elf slut like her's got one use, [name], and that's planted on my dick. Lemme show her her place, huh?"

"Not now, Arona."
Shades of the Past
Quest opening The Champion

N/A Arona swills down the last of her cheap ale and cracks her mug on the table over where she's sitting. "Don't know about that, grey-fur. I'm not so good at digging around in old places, so the question is... are going to get to knock heads with anything interesting? What'd the catty fuckboy say about that; what sort of danger's hanging around that old ruin?"

Garth shrugs. "River tells me there're spirits lingering about, ghosts, hauntings, that sort of thing. You'd have to ask him for the details, if you choose to take up the job."

Arona rolls her eyes and makes an exasperated noise. "Ghosts. Bah..."

Garth just gives her his practiced barman's shrug and takes her empty mug. "So, [name]. How about it?"
The Observer
River - Opposition The Champion

N/A Hearing this, Arona scowls viciously. "Of course, ghosts. It had to be ghosts."

Now then, you didn't think a [if Dark Knight:big strong girl|else:fearsome orc warrior] like her would have anything to fear from some spectres.
[if not Dark Knight:Arona reaches around and smacks you upside the back of the head with a meaty palm. ]"It's not about being afraid of them, you moron. It's about what they are. You can't bash the innards out of ghosts. You can't hack them to pieces. You can't even throttle them with your bare hands. All someone like me can do is to send for Hretha or Infrith and skulk around while hoping they can deal with the problem. It's fucking frustrating!"

River considers that for a bit, stopping his playing to stroke his chin in thought. "Hmm. That's technically not true. Sure, it'd be harder to put down the ghosts with steel alone, but I wouldn't say it would be completely worthless. Remember, these are spirits caught up in the last moments of their lives; they remember they're supposed to so-called die if someone runs them through with a sword. You wouldn't be able to kill them, but you could prevent them from manifesting long enough for you to escape."

"Hah." Arona folds her arms under her ample chest. "Still sounds shit to me."
The Observer
Garret - Fort Marrok The Champion

N/A "Shit, yeah. If it means getting closer to figuring out what happened to my mom and where she's gone, I'm all in for it. Besides, you're getting nowhere in that place without the strongest man in Savarra by your side."

"Your head's so full of it, pup, it's going to pop like a virgin's cherry,"
Arona says with a snicker. "Sure, you're big, but end of the day you're just a tavernkeeper's son. Only things you've ever faced are dumb animals and drunken farmers — I don't care how many village wrestling tournaments you've won, you're still green as far as I'm concerned. There's nothing that you could do for [name] here that I couldn't do at least just as well."

To your surprise — and Arona's as well — Garret mulls this over, then nods. "Sure, you're right, green-skin. But everyone's got to start somewhere. Either way, it's better to get broken in with someone like you to keep an eye on me than be thrown in the deep end of the river all by myself."

"Well shit, I thought you'd rise to the bait."
Arona reaches over and claps Garret on the shoulder. "You may be a hunk of stupid, but I'll grant that you're strong, and more importantly, you're willing to learn. Maybe you won't be dead weight in that old fort after all."
The Observer
Enter Fort Marrok The Champion


Recruited Garret for the adventure "A few last words," River cautions, holding up a finger. "Like I said, I'll be waiting out here for you. Next, I know Garth said that anything you find save the medallion is yours to keep, but I wouldn't linger overlong looking for treasure if I were you. If you step out of the fort before you're done, I'm going to assume you're giving up and we're all going home. Finally, remember that fighting isn't always your only option. If you can find ways to pacify the ghosts and break the situation they're stuck in, all the better."

"Hate to admit it, but the pup's right,"
Arona chimes in. "I mean, they're ghosts. Don't deny a woman what little pleasure she can wring out of this trip, will you?

River mutters something that's not quite under his breath.
The Observer
Great Hall - Yes The Champion

Attempt to sneak through the great hall filled with spectral lupines ...Which has absolutely no effect. One of the lupines at the table raises her muzzle, sniffs the air, then lets out a wordless bark as she rises from her seat and points squarely in your direction. Every specter in the room turns to follow her gaze, and you swallow hard as each and every one of the ghosts in the hall draw their weapons and make a beeline for you, clearly intent on venting their frustrations on this interloper.

"Shit. Shit. Gods-be-thrice-damned SHIT!" Arona's face has turned an interesting shade of pale green as she stares at the advancing ghosts, gripping her [weapon] so tightly her knuckles are the same shade of color. "Can't you just fucking stay dead?!"

Beside you, you hear Garret take a deep breath and crack his knuckles. "Fan-tas-tic. Okay, lads. They're on our right, they're on our left, they're in front of us, they're behind us. They're not getting away this time."

"Shut the fuck up before I beat your head in too, pup,"
Arona snarls.
The Observer
Tournament The Champion

N/A "Who's next?" she calls out to the crowd. "Anyone still hasn't had a go?"

"Can't say I like ghosts much in general, but this one rubs me the right way."
Arona is actually smiling, the first time you've seen her in good cheer since entering Fort Marrok. "I don't know about you, but I'm of the mind that maybe we should take her up on her challenge."
The Observer
Tournament - No The Champion Garret is not present And they do indeed. The wolves quickly switch from rambunctious to orderly and disciplined, quickly falling into formation in preparation for drills and training. Guess this is your cue to get out of here before someone notices that you aren't joining in — trying to remain as inconspicuous as the living can in a room full of lingering dead, you back off away from the mass and make for the door. Nothing left to see here, as they say.

Arona looks a little pensive as you leave. "Can't say I'm not disappointed with your decision, [name]. But..."

But you'll need all the strength you can get when facing down the jarl, instead of wasting it on something like this. She should know about pacing herself, after all.

A sigh. Is it your imagination, or does Arona sound relieved? "Can't say you're wrong there. I just fucking hate ghosts."
The Observer
Wordlock Chest unlocked The Champion N/A Something within the chest clicks, followed by a loud thump as the mechanisms within disengage. Instinctively, you step back, fearing a trap, but your fears are soon allayed as the spring-loaded lid pops open, revealing the chest's contents. Within is a few hundred electrum in varying denominations, and laid against one side is a silver hand mirror partially wrapped in velvet.

Arona grins. "Now this is something I can get behind. Won't have made the trip worth it, but at least it's not a complete loss any more."
The Observer
Ghosts encounter The Champion N/A You're walking down the crumbling hallways when something clutches at your feet. Thinking it a bit of debris you've gotten snagged on, you try to lift your foot up, only to find that it's not debris that you've gotten snagged on, but a ghostly, furred hand clutching at your ankle. With a terrible howl and blast of chill air, spectral lupine soldiers erupt from the cold stone floor, dressed in the livery they bore in life and their weapons at the ready.

Arona snarls at the sight and hefts her [weapon]. "Come on, dogs! I'll put you back in the grave where you belong!"
The Observer
Ghosts victory The Champion Combat Victory The final apparition stares down the the weapon embedded in its ghostly, ethereal form, perhaps disbelieving that it's been bested. A look of absolute rage crossing its face, the ghost starts trying to claw its way up the length of the weapon, its empty eyes ablaze with ghostly blue flame —

— And dissolves into smoke with a furious howl, an eerie noise that's echoed in the cold, dead corridors by what sounds like thousands of lupine voices.

"Movemovemove!" Arona roars, grabbing you by the arm and hustling you away from the scene. "The damned things are going to be swarming here in no time at all!"
The Observer
Jarl Gunvaldsen Garret successful parley The Champion


Jarl Gunvaldsen
Has the Silver Mirror

Has Garret in the party
"Old man?! You -" Clutching at his chest, the jarl appears poised to snap any moment, but then the spectre looks up at Garret and the mirror in his hands and scrambles back against the throne, back and broad shoulders pressed against the stone backing.

"Well, ain't that something," Arona mutters, a bitter chuckle punctuating her words. "Ghosts afraid of the living. Next thing I know, I'll come across a man biting a dog."
The Observer
Jarl Gunvaldsen victory The Champion

Jarl Gunvaldsen
Combat Victory Guess the stories are right: you can't take it with you. Next things next: the jarl's bastard sword. It's heavier than it looks, and a little unwieldy in your hands, but feels like it could make a good weapon with a little practice.

Peering at the weapon, Arona makes a little thoughtful noise in the back of her throat. "Little too fancy for my tastes. Pretty good blade, though. Some might say a magic weapon's cheating, but I say I'll be taking every edge I can get when my life's on the line."
The Observer
Winter City
Jael'yn encounter The Champion

N/A You've probably never seen an elf so massive in every way. Her body is heavy and muscular, and the bronze sword in her hand is impossibly-heavy looking despite its obvious artistry and silver-gilding. Her coal-black hair hangs in a braided tail down past her ass, more akin to Arona's own, but for a few stray locks that hang down to her tits. SKoW
Locked Door - Unlock (first attempt) The Champion

First attempt on Unlock without the Cock Scepter Yep, that's a butt. A dark, fleshy orifice has been grafted to the brass lock, and it looks wet just beneath the circular entrance. Somebody went through a lot of trouble to craft something like this... and you can only imagine what the key looks like.

Arona saunters up and hocks a wad of spit on the black ring. "Well, only one way to open this lock. Hehehe. Everybody stand back and let the expert work. I'll have this lock begging for mercy in a second."
Arona Pick The Champion

N/A Arona can attempt to open the lock with her cock, but to no avail. Savin
Kasyrra - Hug Her The Champion


Must be lustful or romantic with Kasyrra You stow your [weapon] and step directly into Kas's open-armed embrace. She beats her leather wings and wags her draconic tail, pressing your [face] directly into the deep cleft between her big, milky boobs. "Oh, how I've missed you!" she breathes. Her body eagerly repeats the sentiment, as her fat, soft equine dick throbs against your [thigh].

"[name]!" Etheryn gasps, jaw slacking. "W-what are you doing?"

Arona grunts, adjusting her pants. "So we fuckin' instead of fighting now?"



The first time the Champion encounters Arona and her Orc Warband, they will fight her and her warband consisting of:

Repeat encounters with the warband would consist of:


Attack Power: 24 Spellpower: 21
Sexiness: 24 Temptation: 8
Armor: 73 Physical Resist: 32
Warding: 43 Magic Resist: 13
Focus: 32 Mental Resist: 12
Evasion: 29 Frost Resist: -20

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks



Warhides Set

The default set of Arona.

Stats Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Health 200 240 280
Attack Power 24 33 42
Spellpower 15 18 21
Sexiness 28 31 34
Temptation 8 11 14
Armor 73 76 79
Physical Resist 32 35 38
Warding 41 42 43
Magic Resist 11 12 13
Focus 30 31 32
Mental Resist 10 11 21
Evasion 29 30 31
Frost Resist -20 -20 -20

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks


Chieftain's Bronze Set

A suit of bronze armor made by the Kervus' master smith on special order for Arona once she became the tribe's chieftain.

Stats Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Health 200 240 280
Attack Power 24 33 42
Spellpower 15 18 21
Sexiness 18 21 24
Temptation 8 11 14
Armor 98 101 104
Physical Resist 32 35 38
Warding 16 17 18
Magic Resist 6 7 8
Focus 25 26 27
Mental Resist 10 11 21
Evasion 14 15 16
Crushing Resist -10 -10 -10
Penetrating Resist 25 25 25

  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks



Right of Conquest

  • In the Foothills:
    • Victory sex options:
      • Ride - Take the hermaphrodite leader's big, fat cock for a ride! (if vagina: Champion knockup chance)
      • BendHerOver - Shove the haughty orc onto her hands and knees and plow her hard from behind. (requires a cock)
      • Breed Orcs - Get these orcish sluts on the ground and fuck them full of your seed. (requires a cock & (Cum Quantity >= 500 or Libido >= 33))
        • LetHerFinish - Do the orcess a solid and let her finish herself off.
        • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her... (Arona Dominance score < 0 or Champion is a Bimbo)
        • Fuck Her - No getting off without your say-so. Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.
      • BrintFuckHer - Let loose your minotaur [stud/friend] on Arona while you watch. (requires Brint)
    • Defeat sex scenes:
      • Defeat NTR (must have a companion, 20% chance and Arona's HP & Resolve must be >= 80%)
      • Defeat Gangbang (if: Arona's HP & Resolve must at be >= 50% [33% chance], else: 20% chance) (Arona does not fuck the Champion here)
      • Defeat Catch (if vagina: Champion knockup chance)
    • Through the repeat Pregnancy Encounters:
      • Accept (results in the Champion getting preg fucked)
    • The Champion pregnant encounters:
      • Accept (for repeat Preg Encounter)
  • Bad Ends:
  • After defeating Argoth and Benny through Hide&Watch (choices available for SubArona):
    • Throne Blow - Give Arona a regal blowjob. (default scene for DomArona)
    • Ride Cock - She shouldn't be the only one riding that throne...
    • Pound Pussy - Take Arona's throne from her and make her sit on your dick. (requires a cock)
    • Frot N Lick - Frot with Arona while Cait sucks you both off. (requires a cock and Cait)

Post Right of Conquest

  • Chieftain Arona
    • 20% chance upon visiting Arona at her throne:
      • Throne Blow [no option] (DomArona only)
      • Orc Gangbang (Orc Guards not pregnant)
        • For DomArona [no option]:
          • Breed Guard (if has a cock and Orc Guard knockup chance)
            • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her...
            • Fuck Her - Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.
          • Guard Fembang (if does not have a cock)
        • For SubArona:
          • Guard Fembang - Let Arona's guards have their way with you! (Orc Guard knockup chance if has a cock)
          • Breed Guard - Take each of Arona's pet bodyguards in turn, giving her a creamy load to remember you by. (requires a cock and Orc Guard knockup chance)
            • Let Her Finish - Do the orcess a solid and let her finish herself off.
            • Help Her - Take care of that big, juicy boner for her...
            • Fuck Her - Spin Arona around and pump her pussy with one last load.
    • Unique sex option:
      • Throne Fuck - Fuck Arona in view of anyone who cares to watch. Assert your dominance. (For SubChieftainArona only and must be at her throne)
      • Ride Cock - Mount her cock and make her breed your [vag/ass] for the whole tribe to see.
      • Fuck Her - Put Arona on your lap and bounce the big ol' amazon on your [cock]. (requires a cock)
  • Shared between Chieftain and Exiled Arona:
    • For SubArona:
      • Ride Her - Plant yourself on Arona's big ol' dick and take her for a ride. (Champion knockup chance)
      • Plow Her Ass - Put Arona on her hands and knees and pound the bratty dickgirl from behind. (requires a cock)
      • Missionary - Get those fat balls out of the way and fuck Arona's dusky womanhood. (requires a cock)
      • Threesome - Ask Arona if she'd be down to share one of your friends with you.
        • Cait - Bring your kitty cleric along to worship at the altar of Arona's body. (requires Cait)
          • Ride Arona - You and Cait can drag the muscular beta down and join forces to keep her there, pinned between your thighs while you make out.
          • Double Titfuck - Have Arona and Cait get on their knees and worship your cock.
        • Etheryn - Surrender little Etheryn's ass to the[ Silly Mode:horde/big green bully's dick]. (requires a cock, recruited and fucked Etheryn, and she's available)
          • Watch Them - Arona's right: Ryn is starved for dick. Sit back and watch the big orc plow Ryn's ass.
          • Spitroast Ryn
      • Nursing Handjob - Your big, bratty girl needs to relax a bit. Put her in your lap and let Mommy take care of her. Some nice {warm milk // sweet honey} and a gentle handjob ought to do the trick. (requires feminine pronouns and milky D-cup+ titties)
    • For DomArona:
      • Random Chance [no option]:
        • Get Fucked (Champion knockup chance)
        • Ride Her (Champion knockup chance)
        • Sex Bone (requires cock and additional 33% chance check)
          • Cum Now - You just want release!
          • Titfuck - Take Arona up on her challenge and try and hold back!
        • Cait Threesome (requires Cait)
          • Dual Worship
            • Sloppy Seconds - Use Arona's creampie as lube to fuck Cait raw while Arona plows you from behind. (requires a cock)
            • Clean Cait - Use your mouth to eat up all of Arona's wasted seed while both girls tend to your needs.
        • Etheryn Threesome (requires Etheryn)
          • Watch Them - Arona's right: Ryn is starved for dick. Sit back and watch the big orc plow Ryn's ass.
          • Spitroast Ryn
        • Nursing Handjob - Arona bullies the Champion out of her {milk // honey}, and demands a crotch handshake to boot. (requires feminine pronouns and milky D-cup+ titties)
      • Arona Takes Her Pleasure (when travelling through explorable non-settlement tiles with Arona at <=25 Resolve, Champion Knockup chance, and if Cait is present, she will join and make it a threesome)
    • Sleep With (different scenes for Dom and Sub Arona but will always involve sex before or after sleeping)
    • Challenge Me (SubArona only but if she wins, she will fuck the Champion + knockup chance)

As a Companion

  • As a companion (Shared between Chieftain and Exiled Arona, and outside Arona's own sex options):
    • Bad Ends (only unique non-generic ones placed here):
    • Centaur Pack (Written by Wsan) (Combat Victory)
      • DoubleTitJob - Grab a breasted companion and blow this stud's mind together. (requires non-Flat breasts)
    • Cultist Evangelist (Written by The Observer) (Combat Victory)
      • Spitroast - This goblin's thick enough that you could probably share her with someone else. Hope you have a friend in mind... (requires a cock)
        • Arona
    • During Etheryn Confession:
      • Give2Arona - Give Etheryn over to Arona's tender mercies. Your futa orc amazon can sort out her problem in a hurry.
    • During Mad Cow (Written by Wsan):
      • On Brint's heat problem:
        • Ask Arona - Get the orc studbitch to 'help' Brint out of his predicament.
    • Elthara (Written by Wsan)
      • During Winter City:
        • DoubleTeam - Fuck this priestess to bits with a friend. (requires a cock)
          • Arona - Ask Arona to pound out this elf slut with you.
      • Sic Companion - Send a delegate in your place to make Elthara happy.
        • Arona - Give Arona some room to work and some privacy with Elthara and you suspect that needy elven libido is going to be cleared right up... for now.
    • Sleepy Snake (Written by Wsan)
      • After the Champion fucks the snake, Cait, Brint or Arona may have their fun with the snake
        • Watch - Follow your companion inside and watch them fuck the unsuspecting naga lady.
          • Join In - Help Arona fuck the placid snakewoman and maybe get some of her for yourself.
            • Reward - Get your reward.
            • Don't - Servicing her is its own reward.
          • Don't - Remain a bystander.
        • Don't - Wait it out.
    • The Alraune
      • Arona Fetilize - Have your buxom orc take charge and seed the planty milf. (Written by BubbleLord)


As the Orc Warband

The Champion can become pregnant through the Defeat Catch and Ride sex scenes with Arona. Standard Pregnancy Rules apply and see Arona Pregnancy for more details.


If the Champion is at least 30% through their current pregnancy with Arona's child and has never seen this scene before, the next time the Champion encounters her and her orc warband will be replaced by this scene.

Upon encounter the Champion again, she will growl at them and plant the head of her hammer on the ground as a challenge, however, when her eyes wander over their belly, her fighting stance relaxes as she realizes they're pregnant. When Arona realizes she's the 'father', she laughs, sets her hammer aside and waves off the rest of her warband. She will saunter over to the Champion and her normal hostility melts away as she places a hand on the Champion's stomach. With a tusky little smile, she says:

"Hell, I didn't come to the Marches lookin' something like this, but... but I'm happy. And here my brother said I'd never be a mom. Ha, you really showed him, huh!"

She continues to stroke the Champion's belly with genuine affection and the two have a short moment, before the rest of Arona's amazons start getting impatient as they cat-call their captain. Before she leaves, she takes their shoulder and says:

"You just... stay in town, okay? I don't want you gettin' hurt by any of the other patrols. Or anything! Something tries hurting my kid, it's gonna answer to me, you got that!?"

She will then give the Champion a hug and a squeeze on the ass before rejoining her warband as they find someone else to fight.

If Arona's Dominance score is >= 0; +10, if not; -10.

Preg Encounter

For repeat encounters with Arona when the Champion is at least 30% through their current pregnancy with Arona's child.

When the Champion is meandering through the hills, they suddenly feel a sudden lurch in their stomach and they struggle to fight back a wave of nausea. Suddenly Arona calls out and approaches them, setting her hammer and shield down. She will gently urge them against a nearby stone, and they are given the following options:

  • Refuse - You don't want to let a sex-fiend barbarian get too intimate with you again. (+10 Dom score)
  • Accept - You'd be happy to see this gentler side of the big amazon. (-10 Dom score)

Refusing her by making it blatantly clear that they're not interested earns them a snort from Arona. She steps back, saying she's not gonna fight someone pregnant with her kid before stalking off into the mountains.

Relenting and accepting the orc's guidance assumes they're going to be set against the rocks, however, they're set right onto Arona's lap instead. The two share a moment as Arona says she's never gotten pregnant before and (if first Arona preg: she's never gotten anyone pregnant either |else: they're still the only one she's gotten pregnant). She affirms that they're beautiful, that she made them into an idol of fertility. The two go on to have pregnant sexing, complete with a parting kiss and a grope on the butt for good measure.

As a Companion

The Champion can become pregnant from Ride Her, Throw the Fight, Fair Fight (Arona Victory), Get Fucked, Wake up Tits, Wake up Fuck, Wake up Tired, Wake up Blowjob, and Arona Takes Her Pleasure.

After the events of Right of Conquest and when the Champion has recruited Arona to their party (does not have to be in current party), when they are about to give birth to Arona's child, like most pregnancies, they will be rushed to Gwyn at the nursery. While they are in labor, Arona will barge into the nursery and take a knee beside the bed to hold the Champion's hand, stating that she wouldn't miss it for the world. Arona expresses her happiness when she sees their newborn child and she goes to stroke its brow, but she will leave as she suggests the Champion get some rest.


Quest Related

Mad Cow

To satiate Brint's heat, the Champion can deal with it by getting Arona to fuck him.

Right of Conquest

After learning of the Kervus Tribe's presence in the Marches and the location orc warcamp, the Champion will need to keep sparring with Arona and cement their dominance (or submission) in order to get her help.


Nude Bust by DCLzexon