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Headshot of Benny by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Hill Troll
Gender Male
Level 4
Health 405
Resolve 100
Strengths Benny has 2 action points

Benny is a hill troll held captive by Argoth.

"Oh," Arona says, hammer limply smacking the ground at her feet. "You found a hill troll."


It's a hideous thing covered in warts and boils, its grey-green skin stretched taut over a misshapen humanoid form. One eye, much larger than the other and set deep in Benny's bald head, seems to fixate on you as you enter the arena, filled with mindless, bestial rage. If this wretched creature's ever had a cogent thought in its mind, that time's long gone now. All that remains is the desire to batter your party into the ground.


Benny appears at the end of Right of Conquest. Should the Champion follow Arona's instruction to stay hidden until her brother pulls something, Argoth will pull Benny into the Orc Pavilion to fight Arona. If the Champion chooses to leave, then he will be left to destroy the camp eradicating the Kervus tribe. After emerging victorious, Benny will collapse in the middle of the tent. Should Arona be dominant, she will order one of the warriors to put Benny back in chains.

Losing the battle will result in Benny grabbing the Champion and fleeing back to his lair, leading to a Bad End full of rough sex and failed escape attempts.


Benny can be Poisoned for the entire encounter if the Champion successfully dealt with the Orc Lodge.


Attack Power: 70 Spellpower: 25
Sexiness: 2 Temptation: 16
Armor: 41 Physical Resist: 18
Warding: 26 Magic Resist: 1
Focus: 1 Mental Resist: 1
Evasion: 4 Tease Resist: 100
Drug Resist: 100 Pheromone Resist: 100



  • 500 XP

Quest Related

Right of Conquest

Argoth will bring out Benny to fight against Arona, the Champion has the choice to help Arona or let Benny destroy the Kervus Tribe.