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Sleepy Snake

Vatia DCL Bust.png

Bust of Vatia by DCLzexon
Creator Wsan
Alias FluffSnek
Species Veparus
Gender Female
Location Frostwood
Wayfort (If accepted)



Inside the tree is a snow-white snakewoman lying atop a sizeable mound of her own coils, her voluptuous chest rising and falling with each gentle breath. It seems like the hollow she's lying inside is amplifying her volume, perhaps frightening away smaller creatures. Looking closer you can see that between her pair of very large, perky breasts lies a thick tuft of fur, matched by outcroppings of the same around her wrists, giving her the appearance of wearing bracelets.

Despite being completely naked she doesn't seem to be having too much trouble with the cold, having clearly chosen this location for its warmth and shelter. You catch a glimpse of her clit's little hood as she shifts, in the depression where her wide, womanly hips join with her naga body. One of her eyelids slowly rises to reveal an azure eye that lazily regards you, her countenance as peaceful as a frozen lake.


Trudging through the snow-speckled forest will lead the Champion to hear the sound of breathing nearby. They may decide to:

  • Investigate - Look for the source of the sound.

Investigating the source of the breathing will lead to a large, broken tree with a presumably hollow trunk. Inside, they will find a snow-white snakewoman naked, sleepy and enjoying the warmth of her surroundings (despite it being cold). The Champion may decide to Touch the snakewoman, which will lead to:

  • Massage - Shift your hands to more intimate locations and explore her wondrous body a little more thoroughly.
  • Sleep - Spend a few hours sleeping with the friendly snakewoman. (requires the Champion to not have any active party members)

Sleeping with the sleepy snakewoman will result in a warm blizz of sleepy cuddles. Note that although the Champion does sleep, no random dreams will occur.


Sexing options are available should the Champion choose to Massage the snekgirl

  • Fuck Her - Slide yourself into that warm, welcoming pussy. (requires a cock)
  • Give oral - Put your lips to her lower set and kiss her 'til she cums.

In regards to the Fuck Her scene, the Champion may decide to blow their splooge:

  • Inside - Cum all the way inside her.
  • Her Tits - Warm up her torso with a generous donation.
  • Her Lips - Cum all over those plush pink lips.

After the Champion has finished their sexing, if Brint is in the party, he may decide to share in the warmth and sex the naga lady. The Champion may:

  • Watch - Follow your companion inside and watch them fuck the unsuspecting naga lady.
  • Don't - Wait it out.

If the Champion decides to watch and follow him, they may:

  • Join In - Help Brint fuck the placid snakewoman and maybe get some of him for yourself.
  • Don't - Remain a bystander.

Choosing to join in on the snek fucking by servicing their companion, the Champion may also:

  • Reward - Get your reward.
  • Don't - Servicing him is its own reward.

Should the Champion choose to claim their reward, they will be pounded in their chosen hole.

After a few interactions, Vatia will be missing from her usual place but as the game tells you, she will show up if you make a camp in frostwood. After interacting with her in the camp, next time you go to wayfort, you might encounter her trying to get in. You can allow her to stay or deny.

If you allow her to stay, once she moves in you will be able to interact with her in a bunch of new ways, including unlocking her pregnancy content