Combat Effects

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Combat Effects are positive or negative statuses that can be applied to a character during combat. Sometimes the duration and damages of some effects may differentiate based on the source.

Name Type Duration Source Description/Function Note
Ancestral Aegis Protection 3 Turns You're under the protection of your ancestors, gaining +25 Physical and Magical Resistance and stun immunity.
Aroused Debuff 1 Turn Unwanted arousal imparts -15 Physical, Magical, and Mental Resistances, as well as -10 Evasion and Focus.
Bleeding Damage over time 2 Turns You're bleeding out and taking damage each turn!
Blinded Bebuff 2 Turns You're unable to see clearly, Accuracy and Evasion are reduced by -15.
Blessed Buff 1 Turn A divine blessing grants +10 Accuracy, and +100 Attack Power and Spellpower.
Brazenberry Ale Buff Until end of encounter You feel a lot more confident in your martial prowess thanks to the effects of brazenberry ale. Attack Power increased by X! X = 10 + Cunning + Toughness
Bloodlust Buff 3 Turns Your bloodlust grants +30 Attack Power.
Burning Damage over time 3 Turns AAAHHHH! YOU'RE ON FIRE. You take fire damage each turn!
Conjurer's Concoction Buff Until end of encounter The conjurer's concoction is helping you think a lot more clearly, increasing your Spellpower and Focus by X! X = 5 + Cunning/2 + Toughness/2
Covered Buff 2 Turns You've been given cover, gaining +20 Accuracy, Evasion, and Initiative.
Disarmed Disable 1 Turn You've been disarmed and can't Attack or use Weapon powers.
Eternal Light Buff 3 Turns You are recovering Health and Resolve at the start of your turn from the calming light within.
Feather Dance Debuff 1 Turn A peacock-like dance has reduced your Evasion by -30.
First Strike Buff 3 Turns You've got the drop on your enemies, increasing Initiative by X. X = (0 to 10)
Frigid Buff & Debuff 2 Turns You suffer from frozen muscles and a full-body chill! Evasion and Crushing Resistance are reduced by -25, but Focus is increased by +25.
Focused Buff Infinite Your focus has been increased by +15!
Heightened Senses Buff 2 Turns Your heightened senses grant +25 Attack Power.
Inspired Buff 2 Turns You've been inspired, gaining +10 Evasion and Mental Resistance.
Mirror Image Buff 3 Turns Multiple images move in tandem with you, increasing Evasion by +10.
Obscured Buff 1 Turn You're cloaked with shadows, gaining +10 Evasion.
Poisoned Damage over time 3 Turns Poison flows through your veins. Taking blight damage each turn!
Prone Interrupt 1 Turn You've been thrown down on the ground. Must spend next turn standing up.
Protected Protection 2 Turns You're being protected by an ally, absorbing damage in your stead.
Rhythmic Focus Buff 3 Turns You're in tune with the rhythm of battle, increasing Sexiness and Focus by +10.
Restrained Interrupt 3 Turns You've been grabbed! You're Staggered and must try and break free every turn.
Silenced Disable 1 Turn You've been silenced and can't use Spell powers.
Shielded Protection Infinite You're being shielded by another force, absorbing some damage taken.
Shield Amount: X
Shield amount varies based on power
Shield of Light Buff Infinite You regenerate X health each round so long as your shield lasts. X = (50 x (1 + (Spellpower / 100)))
Song of Courage Buff 2 Turns Prideful music inspires you to fight harder! Attack Power, Mental Resistance, and Focus increased by X X = Presence
Song of Splendor Buff 2 Turns Bardic music inspires you to flaunt what you've got! Sexiness increased by +20!
Spirit Veil Duff Infinite You're protected by divine grace, granting +10 Evasion and +15 Physical and Magic Resistance.
Staggered Debuff 3 Turns Put off guard by staggering force! Evasion, Ward, and Attack Power are reduced by -10.
Steadfast Tonic Buff Until end of encounter Your armor has been treated to provide additional protection from blows, increasing your Physical Resistance and Armor by X! X = 5 + Cunning/2 + Agility/2
Stunned Interrupt 1 Turn You've been left reeling by awesome power. Cannot act.
Sundered Defense Down 3 Turns Your armor is shattered and rent, reducing its effectiveness by half.
Tainted Bulwark Buff 3 Turns Corrupted power improves Armor, Evasion, Ward, and Magic Resistance by +15.
Terrified Debuff 2 Turns Terror grips your heart. Accuracy, Spellpower, and Sexiness are reduced by -10.
Vanguard Buff 2 Turns You've been designated vanguard, granting +20 Armor and Evasion.
Warlord's Cry Buff 3 Turns A fierce warcry boosts your Attack Power by +10!
Winterstem Buff Until end of encounter You are recovering X Health and Y Resolve at the start of your turn from the soothing effects of winterstem! X = 15 + Cunning/2 + Presence/2
Y = 15 + Cunning + Presence