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Combat Effects are positive or negative statuses that can be applied to a character during combat. Items under Source that do not contain any links are sources unattainable by the Champion at this moment and are only available to certain events or NPCs. Sometimes the duration of some effects may differentiate based on the source.

Name Type Duration Source Description/Function Note
Aroused Debuff 1 Turn Allure
Aphrodisiac Sting
Breast Plate (power)
Carnal Hex
Charm Spell
Cum Spray
Lustful Images
Piper's Song
Pollen Spray
Shadow Magic
Trick (1/4 chance)
Wyvern Sting
Wyvern Venom (consumable item)
Unwanted arousal imparts -15 Physical, Magical, and Mental Resistances, as well as -10 Evasion and Focus.
Bleeding Damage over time 2 Turns Bleeding Bite
Bleeding Cut
Blood Let
You're bleeding out and taking damage each turn!
Blinded Bebuff 2 Turns Blinding Beauty
Magic Flash
Pocket Sand
Smoke Bomb
Sun of Jassira
Trick (1/4 chance)
You're unable to see clearly, Accuracy and Evasion are reduced by -15.
Blessed Buff 1 Turn Blessing A divine blessing grants +10 Accuracy, and +100 Attack Power and Spellpower.
Brazenberry Ale Buff Until end of encounter Brazenberry Ale You feel a lot more confident in your martial prowess thanks to the effects of brazenberry ale. Attack Power increased by X! X = 10 + Cunning + Toughness
Bloodlust Buff 3 Turns Raging Thurible Your bloodlust grants +30 Attack Power.
Burning Damage over time 3 Turns Fox Fire
White Fire
AAAHHHH! YOU'RE ON FIRE. You take fire damage each turn!
Conjurer's Concoction Buff Until end of encounter Conjurer's Concoction The conjurer's concoction is helping you think a lot more clearly, increasing your Spellpower and Focus by X! X = 5 + Cunning/2 + Toughness/2
Covered Buff 2 Turns Suppressive Fire (applies to ally only) You've been given cover, gaining +20 Accuracy, Evasion, and Initiative.
Disarmed Disable 1 Turn Aim: Weapon
Charge (on crit)
You've been disarmed and can't Attack or use Weapon powers.
Feather Dance Debuff 1 Turn Feather Dance (power) A peacock-like dance has reduced your Evasion by -30.
First Strike Buff 3 Turns Ambush Argoth option during OrcQuest
Stick and Move
Sneak Attack option on the Alraune Herald
You've got the drop on your enemies, increasing Initiative by X. X = (0 to 10)
Frigid Buff & Debuff 2 Turns Cold Snap
Frost Arrow
Ray of Frost
You suffer from frozen muscles and a full-body chill! Evasion and Crushing Resistance are reduced by -25, but Focus is increased by +25.
Focused Buff Infinite Control Pheromones Your focus has been increased by +15!
Heightened Senses Buff 2 Turns Ranger's Stance Your heightened senses grant +25 Attack Power.
Inspired Buff 2 Turns Bolstering Dance
Rhythmic Focus
You've been inspired, gaining +10 Evasion and Mental Resistance.
Mirror Image Buff 3 Turns Mirror Image (power) Multiple images move in tandem with you, increasing Evasion by +10.
Obscured Buff 1 Turn Fading Strike
Shadow Strike
You're cloaked with shadows, gaining +10 Evasion.
Poisoned Damage over time 3 Turns Envenom
Poison Edge
Vile Edge
Wyvern String
Poison flows through your veins. Taking blight damage each turn!
Prone Interrupt 1 Turn Centaur Trample
Lusty Tentacles (on crit)
Nerves of Steel
Thunder Strike (on crit)
You've been thrown down on the ground. Must spend next turn standing up.
Rhythmic Focus Buff 3 Turns Rhythmic Focus (power) You're in tune with the rhythm of battle, increasing Sexiness and Focus by +10.
Restrained Interrupt 3 Turns Vine Restraints You've been grabbed! You're Staggered and must try and break free every turn.
Silenced Disable 1 Turn Garrote You've been silenced and can't use Spell powers.
Shielded Protection Infinite Guarded Stance
Shield of Light
Spirit Veil
Tentacle Shield
You're being shielded by another force, absorbing some damage taken.
Shield Amount: X
Shield amount varies based on power
Shield of Light Buff Infinite Shield of Light (power) You regenerate X health each round so long as your shield lasts. X = (50 x (1 + (Spellpower / 100)))
Song of Courage Buff 2 Turns Song of Courage (power) Prideful music inspires you to fight harder! Attack Power, Mental Resistance, and Focus increased by X X = Presence
Song of Splendor Buff 2 Turns Song of Splendor (power) Bardic music inspires you to flaunt what you've got! Sexiness increased by +20!
Spirit Veil Duff Infinite Spirit Veil You're protected by divine grace, granting +10 Evasion and +15 Physical and Magic Resistance.
Staggered Debuff 3 Turns Aerial Drop
Blight Orb
Dastardly Trick
Dirty Trick
Entropic Winds
Garrote (on miss)
Imp Dirty Trick
Overhand Smash
Prime Target
Restrained (Combat Effect)
Triple Thread
Shield Bash
Trick (1/4 chance)
Vine Restraints
Put off guard by staggering force! Evasion, Ward, and Attack Power are reduced by -10.
Steadfast Tonic Buff Until end of encounter Steadfast Tonic Your armor has been treated to provide additional protection from blows, increasing your Physical Resistance and Armor by X! X = 5 + Cunning/2 + Agility/2
Stunned Interrupt 1 Turn Cold Snap
Crackle Powder
Dastardly Trick
Jolt (on crit)
Piper's Song
War Stomp
You've been left reeling by awesome power. Cannot act.
Sundered Defense Down 3 Turns Shatterstrike
Shell Cracker
Thunder Strike
Your armor is shattered and rent, reducing its effectiveness by half.
Tainted Bulwark Buff 3 Turns Tainted Bulwark (power) Corrupted power improves Armor, Evasion, Ward, and Magic Resistance by +15.
Terrified Debuff 2 Turns Blinding Beauty
Dark Thoughts
Trick (1/4 chance)
War Song
Terror grips your heart. Accuracy, Spellpower, and Sexiness are reduced by -10.
Vanguard Buff 2 Turns Vanguard (power) You've been designated vanguard, granting +20 Armor and Evasion.
Warlord's Cry Buff 3 Turns Warlord's Cry (power) A fierce warcry boosts your Attack Power by +10!
Winterstem Buff Until end of encounter Winterstem You are recovering X Health and Y Resolve at the start of your turn from the soothing effects of winterstem! X = 15 + Cunning/2 + Presence/2
Y = 15 + Cunning + Presence