Effigy Herald

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Effigy Herald
Herald Original.png
Bust of the Alraune Herald by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Alias The Herald
Species Alraunes
Gender Female
Occupation Charmer
Family The Alraune (mother)
Alraune Effigies (sisters)
Nationality Frost Marches Native
Location Old Forest
Corrupted Garden
Level 3
Health 150
Resolve 100

The beating heart of the effigies, the Herald is differently unique -- and not only because of her musical skills. Encountered as an enemy, she is one of the older daughters of the Alraune and has harnessed many skills in her efforts to fulfill their mother's orders. A lively and childish girl, the Herald has harnessed control over tentacles and musical boons. It will eventually be possible to interact further with the Herald, if players choose to spare her mother.


One green-skinned girl stands out among them, sitting atop the bulb and blowing on a twinned flute. Her tentacles slap rhythmically on a pair of drums couched on her thick thighs, setting the beat for her sisters' dance. Brilliant red face paint adorns her cheeks and surrounds her golden-hued eyes. Some kind of leader among them, you'd guess.


Upon first meeting the Alraune Herald, the Champion must defeat her and a group of Alraune Effigies in order to get into the Corrupted Garden to stop the Alraune. Depending on the class or background of the Champion, they will be able to Sneak Attack her and her sisters if they have the Thief class or Hunter or Slumrat background. Losing to her will result in a bad end.

Once the Champion has defeated the Alraune's guards, they will retreat towards their mother, preventing the Champion from acquiring any loot they might have dropped (The Alraune Herald drops no loot).

If the Champion were to Kill the Alraune, the Alraune Herald will disappear from the Corrupted Garden, presumably never to be seen again. However if the Champion were to Dominate her mother, the Herald can be found near the entrance of the garden. Initially, the Herald is scared that the Champion is angry at her from their first encounter, but thankfully is reassured that that is not the case. The following options will be available upon approaching the Herald:

  • Talk - You'd like to talk to the Herald — no music required.
    • Music - She's different from the others and it's all about her music; there must be a story behind it to share.
    • Her Tentacles - All those tentacles and she seems to control them so well; how?
    • Current Life - How are things in the glade and the overarching wayfort?
  • Dance - If she doesn't mind, you'd actually like to dance with everyone!
  • Sex - You're in the mood to see how far the seed fell from its mother when it comes to fucking.

There is a slight variety in dialogue when the Champion asks the Herald for some sexing, if the Champion had previously asked once, twice and 10 times.


The Herald is fought as a mini-boss/prelude to fighting the Alraune alongside four randomly chosen Effigies. At the start of the battle, all effigies gain the Focusing Performance buff.


Attack Power: 9 Spellpower: 19
Sexiness: 21 Armor: 3
Physical Resist: 4 Warding: 38
Magic Resist: 23 Mental Resist: 8
Evasion: 14 Fire Resist: -100
Frost Resist: -50 Holy Resist: -50
Storm Resist: 33 Tease Resist: -20
Drug Resist: -20 Pheromone Resist: 33



Beating the Herald should be easy for players of various builds; using Grease can allow the players to slip-up multiple or all of the effigies, and moves like Cleave will allow players to eliminate the additional effigies quickly. The only type of build that may be at risk are those that rely on Brint or similar characters to defeat targets; to avoid this, using single-target stuns or disrupts to stop the Herald will allow these damage dealers to continue attacking.


The Champion will be able to sex the Herald if they had dominated her mother first.

  • FuckHerPussy - You're going to pound her right in the flowery pussy. (requires a cock)

If the Champion had not talked to her about her tentacles

  • Tentacles? - If her tentacles are so dexterous, could the Herald use them?


  • TentaDicking - You need a hard tentacle-formed cock to fuck you raw and you need it now.


  • The Herald is different from her sisters but this has so far not been explained; the best example as to her uniqueness is that she has mastery over tentacles, music and has a pseudo-command role within the Alraune's offspring/creations.

  • As a creation of pure good in the world, the Herald was granted an amazing Bongo Cat-inspired GIF. This meme is known as Bongo Plant.

GIF Created by BubbleLord.