The Alraune

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Artwork by DCLzexon
Creators Savin
Contributors BubbleLord
Personal Information
Nickname(s) Plant-slave (Farrah)
Titles The Flower Queen
Relatives Effigy Herald (daughter)
Effigies (daughters)
Residence Corrupted Garden
Location Matron's Garden
Faction Servant of Kasyrra (until Champion confrontation)
Biological Information
Species Alraunes
Gender Female
Height 10' (flower bulb)
Hair Color Lustrous Emerald
Jade (eyebrows)
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Lush Red/Rosy (petals)
Pink (vines)
Verdant Green (skin)
Dark Green (leaves)
Other Traits Aphrodisiac-laced Nectar
Bust Size E
Misc. Genitalia Tentacle-Vines
Affliction Corrupted by Kasyrra
Combat Information
Level 4
Health 377
Action Points 2
Other Information
Version Added 0.0.30
Pre-combat & Combat interaction(by Savin)
Post-combat interactions(by SomeKindofWizard)
Soul Harvesting Bad End(by Wsan)
Changelog 0.1.0
Post-dominate(by SomeKindofWizard)
Azyrran x Alraune Holiday Event(by SomeKindofWizard)
Arona x Alraune x Effigy Herald threesome(by BubbleLord)
The Behemoth content(by Wsan)
Jael'yn Lethicite talk(by SomeKindofWizard)
I will be your loyal servant. Yours to command... to use as you see fit. Take me; breed me; abuse me. Whatever your heart desires.

As a young alraune, the Alraune was not fit to survive the blizzard that came in Kasyrra's wake, but when she offered the dying alraune warmth and passion, the Alraune accepted and woke to a changed body. Her mind and body were sculpted to indulge in pleasures of the flesh. Kasyrra had given the Alraune her first seedling, and promised that she would make so many more with the people of the forest, and it would grown until her lustful perfection stretched to the villages and beyond; and thus Kasyrra became her queen. Her corruption has spread through the flora and fauna of the Old Forest and thus staring numerous events, such as; the reason behind Evelyn's cock, the appearance of Lycanthorn and thus the Corrupted Lupines, and one of the reasons behind the events of Dog Days.

If killed, Kasyrra's corruption will still linger in the Corrupted Garden, however, the effigies and Herald will disappear from the forest. If dominated, she will have the effigies only take people who come to them first, and have them plant flowers in the forest to undo the damage they caused. As a resident of the Wayfort, the Alraune and her daughters provide numerous background support to the wayfort itself and to its other residents, such as but not limited to; the mutual aid agreement with Farrah and how they help each other, the effigies active role in the events of Maids of Wayfort and their assistance upon its completion, and interactions with the Behemoth. With her corrupted nature, untainted residents such as Drifa and Daliza will be a bit warry about her.

That plant's trouble. She's positioned so that nobody from the south can get across the bridge without seeing her first. And if they see her, half the time they turn tail and run. A quarter of the time they end up forgetting the rest of us are here and playing fertilizer with the Alraune and her daughters. It's a Nareva-blessed miracle we get anybody with the wits to make it across the river at all.


So you're telling me I have a penis because a demon corrupted the plant life in the forest? Wow.


Somewhere deep within the woods, a beautiful verdant queen sits upon her throne. Beware her gifts, for once you pass the briar wall, you may never return. But, if one were to survive her thorns and claim her rose, then blah blah. Point is, my expectations were unfortunately high before meeting her. You can see how the truth was rather... sobering. She wasn't quite the flower queen that the hunters built her up to be. Nevertheless I can account for how hot and fuzzy my whole body felt while I was there; I could feel myself getting dizzy just by being in her presence. Knowing this, it's not surprising that many-a-folk were captivated by her.



The titanic flower in the glade's heart rustles, accompanied by a series of gasps and moans from inside its lush red petals. Slowly, sensuously, the bulb unfurls itself, releasing a cloud of yellow-hued pollen and the sickeningly-sweet scent of sexualized nectar. A naked body slumps out of the flower, a lupine man covered in sticky golden juices from head to toe and to his raisin-dry balls and leaking red cock. He gasps for breath, scrabbling away from the other figure still standing in the heart of the flower.

The woman has no legs, but sprouts from the thighs up straight out of the irriguous flower's heart. The lupine's seed leaks freely from a fragrant flowery pussy, smeared across her impossibly broad hips and thick thighs. Her verdant green skin is wrapped in writhing pink vines as fine as her lustrous emerald hair and a long tongue plays across full, pouty lips as she drinks you in. Green eyes linger on you, giving the poor man she'd been coupling with time to scarper.

The woman has no legs, but sprouts from the thighs up straight out of the dank herb's heart. The lupine's seed leaks freely from a fragrant flowery pussy, smeared across her impossibly broad hips and thick thighs. Her verdant green skin is wrapped in writhing pink vines as fine as her lustrous emerald hair and a long tongue plays across full, pouty lips as she drinks you in. Green eyes linger on you, giving the poor man she'd been coupling with time to scarper.


First Encounter

Prior to their first encounter, the Champion will learn of the corruption spreading in the Old Forest, and through the Forest Kitsune or Effigies, learn of an alraune/a Mother Alraune. Once the thorn wall to the Corrupted Garden has been torn down and the Effigy Herald defeated, she will cry for her mother. The titanic bulb at the center of the glade unfurls, revealing a woman at the center of the flower. The defeated effigies withdraw behind their mother, as she states that the Champion will make a fine addition to her garden, as Queen Kasyrra gave her these new powers for a reason. With that, a dense vine wall erupts, blocking any chance of escape for the Champion.

Being defeated by either the Effigy Herald or the Alraune will result in the Soul Harvesting bad end.

If the Champion defeats her, she yields, stating that her queen has left her to be destroyed, and begs for mercy; that she will become a willing slave if they do not hurt her daughters any further. With that, the Champion is left with the following options:

Option Tooltip Result
Question This woman has been plaguing Hawkethorne ever since Kasyrra came through that portal. You need answers if you're going to find the demon!
  • Additional information from the Alraune before making the final decision
Kasyrra What is the Alraune's relationship with Kasyrra, and more importantly, where is the demoness now? -
Her Origin You haven't seen anything quite like this planty temptress before. Even her daughters are unlike her. Where did she come from? -
Her Goals If you let the Alraune live, what will she get up to? -
Dominate You'll let the Alraune live, but she can't be left to her own devices out here... she clearly needs someone like you to take control of her where Kasyrra left off. And her body's begging for your touch besides...
  • Spares the Alraune
    • Allows her and her daughters to exist but under the Champion
  • Results in Sex
Kill This creature has been a thorn in your side — and the whole region's — since Kasyrra got her fingers in it. Kill the Alraune and open up the roads once more!
  • Kills the Alraune
    • Disables any future interactions with the Alraune and her effigies have with the Wayfort
    • Disables Effigies encounters

When asked about Kasyrra, the Alraune intrigued that the Champion also knows her, asks what she had promised them. When they explain that she promised to steal her soul, she coos that while Kasyrra hunts for their soul, she was betrayed and abandoned by Kasyrra. She explains that Kasyrra had come to her after the great blizzard had ended, as she was dying as her young body was unprepared for such a brutal first winter. Kasyrra offered her warmth and passion, and when she woke, her body had changed. Kasyrra then had given the Alraune her first seed and made her a promise; that she would make so many more with the people of the forest, and she would grow until her lustful perfection stretched from the village and beyond - and thus Kasyrra became her queen. However, she never saw Kasyrra again, but states that she flew towards the ice-wrought city.

When asked on where she came from, the Alraune explains that until Kasyrra came to her, her glade was the only world she dreamed of. Perhaps she was planted by some capricious fey or traveled far in the talons of some beast, she does not know. All she knows is that the glade is where she sprouted and it will be where she dies; either by the Champion or the ravages of time. When asked if there are more of her, she assumes that she has a mother somewhere, but where she is or what form she cannot know, although within this part of the world, she believes that she is unique.

When asked on her goals, the Alraune explains that she would send out her daughters to spread her glade all throughout the land, although, she now realizes that the power she was promised was a fleeting one. When asked what will she do if she is spared, she answers that she does not know; that she has no queen to follow any more and the dream she was promised was just that. She cannot leave the glade, and her mind and body has been sculpted to indulge in pleasures of the flesh and to fill the world with more of her daughters. She offers that perhaps she can be of use to the Champion; to use her as their eager slave, and allow her to be a worshipper at the temple of their flesh. If present, Cait will retort at the blasphemy, advising the Champion to not listen to the half-demon's lies and that they have all the whoreshippers they need right here.

Domination the Alraune will have the Champion establish their sovereignty over her through sex, in which she will be their loyal servant (see Dominate Sex Options section below for options).

The Champion delivers the final blow to the Alraune, and the effigies flee in terror. While the vines in the glade decay, it is still a haven of Kasyrra's corruption.

Subsequent Encounters

If dominated, the Alraune will remain at her glade; the Corrupted Garden, where her and her many daughters reside. Visiting her, she welcomes her master back, and the following options will become available:

Option Requirements Tooltip Note
Talk - Share some words with the Alraune. -
Garden - Ask how the Garden's doing. -
Daughters - Are her daughters still getting up to their usual antics? -
Fortress - Ask her to tell you about the fortress. -
Kasyrra - Ask about her experience with Kasyrra, and if she's seen her again. -
Centaur Requires the Behemoth to be at the garden Ask about your centaur. Is she taking care of him properly? -
Sex - Get some planty action. (see Regular Sex Options)
Get Seed Has available inventory space

See if the Alraune has an effigy seed you could take with you.

Not *that* kind of seed... for once.

(see Pregnancy/Seeded section)
Jael's Soul? Jael'yn is present at the Wayfort Ask how exactly Jael'yn became a demon... One-time scene
Sword Charm Ask the mother if her verdant valleys are hiding any magical charms. TODO


When asked about her garden, the Alraune explains that its very lush and beautiful, however, the growth rate had sadly slowed as they're no longer harvesting everyone and everything in the forest, per the Champion's word. She adds that they're growing new and far more specialized plants, and the Champion will be the first to test them. When asked what she's crafting, she answers that she has no idea yet.

On the topic of her daughters, she announces that they're as wonderful as ever. She had to warn them to not venture out too far, and to not bring so many people to her, not with the Champion in her life. The Champion notes her smile doesn't ring as genuine as they glance over to an elf staggering drunkenly through the glade, dripping with planty cum. Her smile only widens as she explains that they're just visiting.

When asked if she knows anything about the fortress across the banks, the Alraune states that it predates her. It is beyond her reach, and Kasyrra had told her to never send her daughters across the river, and with so many virile men in the south, she had little cause to explore it. She comments on its sturdiness, that it would be a worthy seat for their power and a home for any of their followers, should they desire it.

In regards to Kasyrra, the Alraune explains that neither she nor her daughters has seen her ever since the Champion entered the garden. She reminisces her experience with Kasyrra, giving a full-body shudder as she remembers being fucked in every hole over and over.

While not a requirement for the Alraune to be alive when bringing in the Behemoth to the Corrupted Garden after the events of Harboring a Fugitive, she is heavily involved in most of his interactions there. Asking the Alraune about the Behemoth will come in 3 stages based on how long its been since he was moved to her garden;

The Alraune comments that the Behemoth has an idle curiosity about him and that he'll be 'indulging' in his surroundings sooner rather than later. She also states that she's not going to fuck him as a single thrust from him might rip her off the ground, but she is happy to take care of his needs in other ways.

The Alraune comments that he's getting on with her well enough, and that he's healthy - that he certainly felt healthy when he emptied his balls down her throat. She likes to think she's keeping him happy.

The Alraune smiles, stating that there's nothing new going on; he explores the forest, enjoys the company of her and her girls, and that she's been trying to grow a few plants that might be more to his liking. When he first came to the garden, she had to hook him in with pheromones - now he just uses her mouth unprompted, and she does not mind one bit.

Jael's Soul?

When asked on what happened, the Alraune explains that when Jael'yn arrived, she had begged to fuck the Alraune. Jael'yn came so many times, but when she was finally dry; she grew horns and a tail, and there was something small and pink lodged inside the Alraune. What the Alraune brings out is Jael'yn's Soulstone, just like the one that fell from Alissa's body, and the Champion doubts they'll be able to restore it to Jael'yn even if they tried. The Alraune apologizes, stating that she'll be more careful in the future.

The Champion receives Jaelyn's Lethicite Shard key item.

Sword Charm

When asked if the Alraune has seen a silver ring, with a silver bell on it, she takes a moment to sense through her garden, before finding it in one of her pitcher plants. She gives the Champion a goopey charm, to which they clean and slip onto the chain of the greatsword. After that, the Champion gives her a Chaste Kiss.

Seasonal Events

Azyrran Xmas

The following conditions must be met for this event to occur;
  • The Alraune is alive
  • Azyrran has not been recruited to be a companion
  • Land of Milky Honey is at least at state 4
  • Between the dates of Dec 1 to Jan 31 or Holiday Events option is set to On
  • Occurs only once a year

During this event, Azyrran will be preparing for the festive winter season, as such, she would like to make the finest honey, but she needs really good pollen. The Champion may elect to bring Azyrran to the Alraune, in which they will have sex options of Tentacle Fuck or Sandwich Azzy. Once the fun is over, Azyrran will return to the hive before all her honey leaks out, and the Alraune falls asleep. The details of this event can be found here.

Combat Stats

Stats Likes Powers Other
Combat Stats
Attack Power
Armor Penetration
Spell Penetration
Critical Chance
  • All Cocks
  • All Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Vaginas
PrimaryLusty Tentacles
ArmorUnnamed Ward + Sexiness armor
Other Combat Status
Other Information
RaceAlraunes(+1 Presence)
ClassCharmer(+1 Presence)
BackgroundCourtesan(+1 Presence)
OthersDisarm Immune
Dislikes Drops



Dominate Sex Options

Option Requirements Tooltip Result
Use Tentacles - You're pretty sure if you're careful you can avoided being seeded, and those tentacles are luridly beckoning you into their well-trained touch.
  • Got fucked by tentacles(anal + if has vagina)
  • Orgasm
Breed Her
  • Has cock
You've got a cock, she's got a cunt. Even an idiot can figure this one out.
  • Fucked the Alraune
  • Orgasm
  • Alraune seeded

Regular Sex Options

Option Requirements Tooltip Result
Breed Her
  • Has cock
Fuck the Alraune's pussy until every seed in her womb is nice and fertilized. -
Fuck Me! - More in the backdoor!
Clench! -

Resist her anal compulsions.

You can't catch me, gay thoughts!

Get Tentacle'd - Allow the Alraune to use all those writhing tentacles on you...
  • Has cock of at least 6"
Have the Alraune use her mouth and breasts on your dick. -
Fuck Me! - More in the backdoor!
Clench! -

Resist her anal compulsions.

You can't catch me, gay thoughts!

  • Has cock

Pound this plant-babe's ass.

Put the ass in YASS... wait, why does a plant even have a butthole anyway?

Arona Fertilize Have your buxom orc take charge and seed the planty milf.


Champion Pregnancy

Similar to the Effigies, the Champion can be knocked up by the Alraune, as such it falls under the Alraune knock up section. For the full pregnancy result to occur, while pregnant with an alraune seed, the Champion must be fucked vaginally for the seed to be fertilized. The details of the pregnancy and its scenes can be seen here.

Alraune Seeded

As an alraune, the Alraune is capable of birthing Effigy Seeds, and when planted, will shortly grow into an effigy. These seeds can be used in combat and will result in an allied Effigy to take up the Summon slot. The Alraune is capable to producing a seed every 3 days, this duration is reduced to 1 day if she is seeded, she will need to be seeded again once she produces a seed. If a seed is not available upon the Champion's inquiry, they will have the option to Breed Her or not.

Bad Ends

Soul Harvesting

How to encounter?
Losing to the Effigy Herald or the Alraune during the events of In Her Footsteps
Author Wsan
Version Added 0.0.30
Notable Variations Requirement Change
The Alraune's initial comment Losing to the Effigy Herald or the Alraune Slight
Sex Scene

One of the following:

  • If Brint is present and if the Champion has a cock of at least 17" or not
  • If the Champion has a cock bigger than 5"
Additional Sex Scenes
  • If the Champion has non-Flat Breasts or has a cock
Characters Involved
Alraune-DCLzexon-WikiHeadshot.png EffigyHerald-DCL-WikiHeadshot.png Kasyrra Moira WikiHeadshot.png Cait DCL WikiHeadshot.png
The Alraune Effigy Herald
Kasyrra Cait
Brint DCL WikiHeadshot.png Arona Moira WikiHeadshot.png

With the Champion defeated, a titanic flower at the center of the glade unfurls; revealing the Alraune.

With the Champion defeated, the Alraune coos on their attempt being nice warmup.

The cloying pollen the Alraune spreads intoxicates the Champion, as she brings them to her with her tentacles. If present, the Alraune expresses her delight to defile Cait. Dependent on if Brint is present, and whose cock is bigger, the Alraune comments on their size; else, the Alraune comments on how a wonderful seedbed the Champion will be. The Alraune proceeds to use Brint's/the Champion's cock/use her tentacles. Brief mentions to Cait and Arona also getting the same treatment. As the relentless fucking continues, petals sprout from the ground, blocking any sight and sound from outside the Alraune's garden. Tentacle-vines completely encase the Champion, preventing them from any movement and turning them into the Alraune's very own fuckdoll to keep.

An unknown amount of time passes, when the sound of beating wings is heard. Kasyrra arrives and coos on the state of the Champion, as the Alraune gasps and prostrates before her queen. While the Alraune orally services Kasyrra's cock, she comments on how disappointed she is on the Champion for not making it very far. She plans to take the Champion, and in exchange for taking her toy, she'll fuck the Alraune nice and hard. Once done, the Champion is freed from the glade and Kasyrra takes wing, landing on a deserted area of the forest. Somewhat angry, she slams her hand down on the Champion's head and directs it towards her cock. As they begin to service her cock, she whispers that they were supposed to be a powerful adventurer, yet they fell at the first challenge before them. She had so many more delights across to world to show them, but now they've ruined it all, so she'll ruin them instead. What follows is the most brutal and aggressive sex the Champion will ever know as Kasyrra dominates them. Once done, she shows them a thin, pink misshapen crystal; their mortal soul. After the Champion pledges that they'd do whatever she wants to get it back, she tells them to return back to the Alraune and give it to her as a present. When they ask what else will they do afterwards, she states that she couldn't care less. Returning to the Alraune, she thanks her queen for the gift, and wraps the Champion in her vines once more to breed/be bred.