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Busts of Jael'yn by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Boreal Elf
Demon (if sent to Wayfort)
Gender Hermaphrodite
Occupation Guard-Captain (during Palace of Ice)
Barmaid (post-Palace of Ice)
Religion Lumian
Location Winter City (during Palace of Ice)
Frost Hound or Wayfort (depending on choice)
Level 5
Health 485
Resolve 205

Jael'yn shakes her head, taking a deep breath that strains the corset fighting to keep her breasts from escaping completely. "Oh, Etheryn. I've always lusted after all these beautiful whores, and now thanks to our new queen, I finally have the cock I've always lacked! Now I can breed sluts and fill assholes to my heart's content! And you... yes. You'll be my prize conquest."

Her smile turns into something wonderfully wicked and hungry, sending a shiver down your spine. "But actions speak far louder than words..." she lets out a shrill whistle before calling out. "Guards! To me!"

Jael'yn is Captain of the Palace Guard in the Winter City. She was one of the few people to be kind to Princess Etheryn, but fell victim to Kasyrra's corruption when the demoness infiltrated the palace. When the champion encounters her, Jael'yn's soul is close to being lost and the champion has the choice to try and redeem the Guard-Captain or corrupt her completely.

"What happened to you?!... You used to be so sweet. One of the only people in the palace that was ever nice to me. I was sure you'd have stood up to the demons! How did they get you, too?"


You've probably never seen an elf so massive in every way. Her body is heavy and muscular, and the bronze sword in her hand is impossibly-heavy looking despite its obvious artistry and silver-gilding. Her coal-black hair hangs in a braided tail down past her ass, more akin to a tribal orc, but for a few stray locks that hang down to her tits.

The barest amount of armor actually covers her form; an underbust corset that does nothing to hide nipples pierced with thick gold bars. Her belly-button is pierced too, and a great big stylized heart tattoo rests below it right over where her womb would be.

Ryn shrinks beside you, eyes going wide. "Th-that's Jael'yn, the guard captain... she— Lumia's grace, she didn't used to have one of those..."

Her leg-armor is little more than a belt; it reaches down to her thighs, and a nearly-see-through silken tabard does nothing to hide apple-sized balls and a massive futa cock already dripping precum idly. No wonder your elven companion is trembling a little bit, the smell of fuck is catching you from all the way over here.

Stood beside her on shakey, pantsless legs is a member of the guard, cum flowing from an abused asshole while she tries to redress. Your approach finally takes the captain's attention away from her dripping conquest, revealing demonic black eyes. "Well, what do we have here?" she sighs, readying her weapon and looking you over. A foot of coiling likewise-demonic tongue slips past her lips, studded with silver. "A delicious new toy to break in..."


First Encounter

Jael'yn is lounging across a cum-soaked Palace of Ice throne being tended to by her harem when you and Etheryn interrupt. Etheryn is shocked that the Guard-Captain succumbed to the corruption in the palace, but Jael'yn is unrepentant and attacks with her Elf Guards.

If you're defeated, you go into a Bad End. If you're victorious, Jael'yn flops to to the ground and concedes her defeat. You have the choice to Talk to her or Fuck her. Once you're done with that, at Etheryn's request you subdue Jael'yn with an obedience collar and magic cock-ring. You then have the choice of where to send her.

  • Frost Hound: She needs help, maybe she can do some work for Garth?
  • Wayfort: She'd probably be happy turning the Wayfort into a home… Leaving her to her devices at the Wayfort will probably corrupt her completely.

Whichever your decision, you command Jael'yn to find a cloak and travel supplies and then head on her way.

Bad End

If you are defeated, Jael'yn and her guards lock you and Etheryn in stockades used to 'punish' prisoners. She and the guards lead a gangbang on you and Ryn until you pass out.

Frost Hound

"Kill her?" Garth's brow furrows with confusion and he lets out a long sigh, waving you towards one of the tables near his bar. "Fine, explain properly. The first thing this woman did was stomp in here, tell me you sent her, and then narrowly ruin one of my kid's dresses trying to cram herself in it." He scratches his arm, looking Jael'yn over. "There's something... obviously wrong with her, but I ain't sent her to Sanders yet."

Upon returning to The Frost Hound, Garth angrily confronts you for sending a corrupted deviant to his tavern. You and Etheryn explain Jael'yn's predicament as best you can, and Garth softens as she starts serving beers in a maid outfit she found in Garth's possessions. He still insists that you keep Garret from fucking her though; this is a tavern, not some depraved sex den.


"You didn't... see her?" Jael'yn shivers and bites her lip. "I was here, maybe an hour... looks like someone cleaned up, was expecting worse... then she jumped me, pinned me to the ground, and fucked me..." she stares off into the middle-distance, suddenly very far away from you. "Fuck, the things I felt. This sweet, burning pain, like a whip on the inside. And I've not been able to stop cumming since..."

If you sent Jael'yn to the Wayfort, you return to find that the Alraune (if alive) or Farrah have relieved Jael'yn of the remaining vestiges of her soul. She's not too upset about the transition into demonhood, and you convince her to stop masturbating long enough to set up a tavern in the Wayfort. You can Talk to Jael'yn, but it quickly turns to salacious tales and the demon amazon asking if you're going to fuck.


Jael'yn will battle the Champion accompanied by three Elf Guards. The Elf Guards will be replaced if defeated, however defeating Jael'yn will finish the battle.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 54.0 Spellpower: 21.0
Sexiness: 30.0 Temptation: 18.0
Armor: 83.0 Physical Resist: 29.0
Warding: 36.0 Magic Resist: 6.0
Evasion: 20.0 Acid Resist: 5.0
Blight Resist: 55.0 Fire Resist: -45.0
Frost Resist: 55.0 Holy Resist: 5.0
Storm Resist: 5.0 Tease Resist: -50.0
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses
  • Small Breasts
  • Small Cocks
  • Small Asses

stealable - [+]

combined drop with Elf Guards


After defeating Jael'yn in the Palace of Ice, you have the option to claim your prize. Whichever option you choose, Etheryn is involved as well.

  • Breed Cunt: Lay into her cunt, classic missionary style. (requires penis)
  • Anal-Ride: Ride her cock and make her clean up after.

If Jael'yn is sent to the Frost Hound, you can borrow Garth's new barmaid for a private rendezvous.

  • Tease: Let's make her working day a little more interesting. (requires Buttplug)
  • Relieve: Time for a desperate, passionate fuck. (after having Teased Jael'yn)
    • Fuck Pussy: Fuck her cunt and toy-fuck her ass for good measure. (requires penis)
    • Swallow Cock: Tug off that ring and suck her huge dick, get a nice creamy filling.
  • Fuck: She could probably use a little loving.
    • Ride Dick: Slip off the ring and ride.
    • Scissor: Let her cock and nuts slap down on your body while you mash cunts. (requires vagina)
    • Facefuck: (requires 7+ inch penis)
    • Rut: Face down, ass up, rail the girl until she nuts. (requires penis)
    • Call Ryn: You know she's eager for it. (requires penis, Etheryn with 25+ libido)
    • Ride w/Ryn: A princess needs a throne, and Jael'yn's got just the thing: A lovely pair of lips, and an even lovelier prehensile tongue. Have Ryn take her rightful place on Jael'yn's face while you sit on the maid's proud phallus. (requires Etheryn with 25+ libido)

If you send Jael'yn to the Wayfort, you'll have slightly different options with your demonic thrall.

  • Ride Dick: Slip off the ring and ride.
  • Scissor: Let her cock and nuts slap down on your body while you mash cunts. (requires vagina)
  • Facefuck: (requires 7+ inch penis)
  • Rut: Face down, ass up, rail the girl until she nuts. (requires penis)
  • Call Ryn: You know she's eager for it. (requires penis, Etheryn with 75+ libido)

Quest Related

In Her Footsteps

Jael'yn is the first foe you face during your assault on the Palace of Ice and must be defeated for you to continue on in the quest.