Wayfort Renovations

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Wayfort Renovations
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn
Requirements Cleared Winter City
Have met Rumie
Have either Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn at the Wayfort
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward Renovated Wayfort with new interactions
Location Wayfort
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

The old lupine nods to himself again, still looking wistfully to the north. "Unexpected, but... well, I'd say it's about damned time. Opening up some trade to the Winter City would be a boon for us. I take it that means you've come to me to shake down the whelps for some good honest work?"

Thanks to your deeds at the Winter City, you have a claim to a crumbling ruin north of Hawkethorne. If you have a steward at the Wayfort who can be there in person to oversee the repairs, you can start getting to work making it liveable.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Visit the Wayfort with either Daliza, Farrah, or Jael'yn present. The Wayfort is in an absolute state, [Daliza and her soldiers will require some time clearing everything out, perhaps you could pay some workers from Hawkethorne? / Farrah is just one woman, and there is a lot of Wayfort to clear out; perhaps you could pay some workers from Hawkethorne to help out? / Jael'yn is in way over her head, perhaps you could pay some workers from Hawkethorne to come up and help clear out your decrepit Wayfort?]
1 Pay Garth 2500 EC to renovate the Wayfort Garth has taken some money off of your hands and rounded up some lumberjacks and carpenters. You should go and check on the place after a week has passed.
2 Wait seven days It's been a week since Garth sent some workers up to the Wayfort for you, you should go and check the place out!
3 (complete) Return to the Wayfort and receive a tour You've been shown around the Wayfort, and it's a huge improvement on its previously-decrepit state... but perhaps there's more that can be done?


To get this quest, you need to clear Winter City, have met Rumie, and have someone at the Wayfort who can act as your steward. The following are the list of potential stewards, with the topmost taking priority if you have multiple characters who could fill the role.

  • Bailiff Daliza, provided you Accepted the barony from Etheryn or Elthara.
  • Farrah, provided you kept her at the Wayfort by choosing Allow or Make Promise.
  • Demon Jael'yn, provided you sent her to the Wayfort after defeating her in Winter City.

If the conditions are met, you're given the quest from the steward upon visiting the Wayfort.


To progress the quest, you need 2500 EC and to talk to Garth about Wayfort. If you have Maid Jael'yn (from sending her to Hawkethorne instead), she overhears and chats with you as Garth arranges things. If you accepted the barony, Jael'yn reveals that she trained Daliza back when she was Guard Captain.

Once that's sorted, all there is to do is wait seven days for the renovations to be complete. Upon your return, your steward leads you on a tour of the repairs.

Notable Loot & Reward

You have updated interactions and room descriptions in the Wayfort, as well as clearing the way for future upgrades to the fort. As well, your steward mentions that a flying creature has been spotted visiting the watchtower.