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Busts of Rumie by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Beefolk
Gender Female
Occupation Bartender
Location Wayfort

"Yeah! About the hornets, it's just, they uh... they haven't come to our hives recently! You know, to like... attack us, and take our honey..." she trails off and mumbles something about eggs before snapping out of it. "A-and I wanted to be sure that they were okay! It's not like I missed the uh, the bullying and stuff... I just wanted to see if they were okay."

Rumie sighs a moment later, head hanging after you finish shaking her hand. "And then I found out they can all make their own honey and stuff... so, like... I guess they aren't coming around anymore?"

Rumie is a blushing bulliable beefolk bartender (see: beetender) who serves drinks at the Wayfort. Vesparans and beefolk have an ostensibly adversarial relationship, so when the hornets stopped raiding, Rumie wanted to make sure they were okay. She stumbled across Farrah, who pressganged her into serving drinks in the mess hall. To her credit, Rumie has taken her new career in stride and definitely isn't staying just in the hopes of finding a nice hornet girl like Azyrran to egg her.

"Oh wow, she's like. So super-duper-fluff-fuzzy! Can we keep her? Pleasepleaseplease?"
—Honey Maiden Azyrran


Dressed like a cute barkeep with deep open cleavage, this incredibly bright gold-and-yellow bug is reminiscent of the hornets you're more familiar with... but for the part where she's incredibly pale, outrageously fuzzy, with a bimbo-bright expression, and cute little wings that seem to challenge the sheer concept of flight.


First Encounter

After completing Winter City, Rumie appears in the Mess Hall of the Wayfort. The first time you meet her, she introducers herself as Rumie and talks about how she went looking to check on the Vesparans. Finding that the hornet weren't raiding because they're producing their own honey now, Rumie met Farrah and next thing she knew she was tending bar.

If Azyrran is present, Rumie is instantly drawn to your tall, muscular, ovipositing hornet companion.

Subsequent Encounters

Rumie smiles and blushes, giving you a little wave. Her gaze flickers briefly to Azyrran, and you could swear you can practically hear her asshole beg for eggs. "H-hello [master / mistress] [], are you thirsty?" She puts down a mug and peers under the counter.

Rumie tends bar in the Wayfort, though since the Wayfort can only be partially restored at the moment she doesn't have a full array of goods and services yet. If present at the Wayfort, demon Jael'yn is also involved in the Mess Hall.

  • Drinks: Order something to drink.
  • Food: How about something to eat? (requires completing Wayfort Upgrades)
    • Sandwiches: Order some sammiches.
    • Stew: Order a meaty stew.
    • Soup: Loaded with veggies.
  • Suck Tits: Maybe not the drink she had in mind initially.
  • Fuck: Commence the bullying.


The following drinks can be purchased from Rumie's Drinks option. On consumption, you gain a Boon depending on which drink you purchased.

Name Function Description Note
Beer Maximizes Strength Some cheap easy beer, with a faintly musky scent to it. (grants Rye Beer boon)
Honey Wine Maximizes Cunning Fresh from the tap. (grants Honey Mead boon)
Milk Maximizes Toughness [Half demonic slut goodness, half Pupperidge cream, all delicious / Deliciously sourced from Pupperidge]. (grants Infused Milk boon) Unlocks once Wayfort Upgrades is completed.
Red Wine Maximizes Agility Rich and palatable (grants Red Wine boon)
Pupper Ale Maximizes Toughness On tap, no less. (grants Infused Milk boon)
Vodka Maximizes Presence A potent shot from the still snows of the Winter City. (grants Vodka boon)
Moonshine Maximizes Willpower Holy shit, Garth sent you this? You can't tell if this is a literal poisoning attempt, but it's definitely strong. (grans Moonshine boon, the Status Effects Cum Covered and Bruised and Beaten, passes eight hours)


If you have a mind to bully the beetender, you can drag her to her living quarters and have your way with her. She certainly seems to approve.

  • Lap Ride: Pull her up into your lap and fuck that asshole. (requires penis)