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Azyrran-Clothed-Moira Bust.png
Azyrran's bust, by Moira
Creator Skow
Species Vesparan
Gender Female
Occupation Warrior, Princess
Family Hornet Workers (sisters)
Hornet Drones (brothers)
Hornet Queen (mother)
Location Old Forest
Health 280
Resolve 100

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This hornetfolk Hive Knight can be found in the Old Forest, occupying the square between the stream and the Corrupted Garden. One of the handmaidens of the local vesparen colony, whilst she has suffered some Corruption, she has not been tainted to the same extent as the other bimbofied bug-babes, whose fate she laments.


1st Encounter

When you first enter the hornet's territory, she takes up an aggressive stance, mistaking you for a corrupted intruder from elsewhere in the forest. You can Attack her, Speak to her, or Leave her on this first encounter.

If you Attack, then you must fight the hive knight.

If you Speak, you will first have to ask her About herself. She will share her name and reveal the corruption plaguing her people. You may subsequently introduce your Self, ask about Her Hive, or Flirt with her. Once you have Flirted with her, she will offer sex with you.

If you Leave', Azyrran allows you to go without a fight.

Subsequent Encounters

Subsequent encounters with Azyrran depend on how you acted when you first encountered her.

If you Fought her and lost, or if you Left, then she becomes a random encounter that can be met by exploring. In this case, on subsequent encounters, she will give you the options to Fight! or Try to Talk! - the latter option is the same as if you chose the Speak option on your first encounter.

Once you have spoken to her and learned her name, she becomes a permanent resident of the square where you first met her, and can be interacted with by a simple button press. In this case, you have the option to Talk, Challenge, Attack or Leave.


The Talk interaction allows the player to access the About, Self, Her Hive and Flirt options, as per the first encounter.

Once the player has had sex with Azyrran at least once, the Talk menu also allows the player to ask her for a Hug, which restores 10 hit points and presents the player with the option to either have sex or leave afterwards.


Azyrran has five sex scenes:

  • Get Honey - "Drink up!" (Once selected, becomes unavailable for a time.)
  • Suck and Ride - "Climb onto her ovipositer and drain those titties dry."
  • Suck and Fuck - "Take her in the manly fashion, with your face buried in her chest." (Requires penis)
  • Rough With Me - "She does look strong. How about seeing if she can prove it... preferably using that ovipositor of hers, and your butt."
  • Cuddlefucks - "Snuggly and sexy."


The Challenge interaction allows the player to fight a practice spar with Azyrran, suffering no penalties if they lose. During this battle, Azyrran fights in a defensive stance, and she may take flight, making her harder to hit in melee.


The Attack interaction causes the player to attack Azyrran for real, causing them to gain 3 Corruption.

If they lose, Azyrran rapes them and steals some of their money. However, she remains in the square for further interactions.


Likes: Big Asses, Big Cocks, Vaginas

Armor: 41.0
Warding: 4.0
Mental Resist: 4.0
Blight Resist: -75.0
Penetrating Resist: 50.0
Drug Resist: 50.0
Physical Resist: 31.0
Magic Resist: 4.0
Evasion: 20.0
Crushing Resist: 25.0
Tease Resist: -100.0
Pheromone Resist: -100