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Spotty's Wiki Worklist Queue

The other shit I did before making this list: Done-ish

  • Authors
  • Orcs Generic: DONE
  • Hornets: DONE
  • Centaur Pack: DONE
  • Lupine Scouts: DONE
  • Horses - DONE
    • Treant: DONE
  • Gnoll Raiders: DONE
  • Slimes: DONE (aaggghhhhh I want to take a break)
  • Tainted Witch: DONE
  • Shades of the Past + content: mostly done
  • Other Persistent Characters (Right of Conquest, Old Forest, Hawkethorne, etc etc)
  • New shit from patch 0.2.11

Somewhere in the Queue

  • TF System + One-Offs + Items + Alchemy
  • Corruption
  • Bad Ends Overhaul
  • Additional Information for Combat Mechanics
  • Silly Mode
  • Personality
  • Codex
  • Races
  • Format Reworks and adjustments on existing pages
  • Category Additions and Reworks
  • Version History Rework maybe
  • Check and double check existing pages for mistakes and reworks


  • Test and try to implement image gallery to