Cat Call

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Cat Call
Creator Savin
Quest Giver Upon completing the tutorial
Level Range 1+
Quest Type Companion Quest
Reward Cait's Hexblade Leathers set
Location The Frost Hound
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you," Cait smiles, turning her big blue cat-eyes to you. "You know I can't thank you enough for what you did that night... for coming with me into that storm. I know it wasn't exactly a success, but I'm not giving up on my sister. Not ever. I'm going to find her... somehow."

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 When waking after the Tutorial Cait's sister Calla is still missing after being thrown through a portal between worlds. You've never even heard of magic like that before. Taking Cait to find a knowledgeable sage or scholar might answer a few questions.

First thing's first: ask Cait if she'd like to keep accompanying you.

1 If the Champion has recruited Cait to the party It didn't take much coaxing to get Cait to join up with you, and the perky cat-girl's presented you with a lead: apparently there's a witch in the woods, Lady Evergreen, who lives beyond the old stone bridge. Evergreen may know something about the portal in the ruins, and if so, could shed some light on what happened to Calla that night.
2 If the Champion has brought Cait to meet with Lady Evergreen With a little coaxing, you managed to get Lady Evergreen to reveal that Cait's father has lost himself inside the old caravanserai south of Hawkethorne. Best take your kitty companion there as soon as you can, considering how dangerous the Marches have been lately...
2 If the Champion refused Lady Evergreen’s offer You refused Evergreen's offer, and didn't let Cait sacrifice gods-know what in your place. You'll have to search the ENTIRE Marches on your own now, but where there's a will, there's a way. Just make sure to keep Cait with you while you explore.
After rescuing Barney from the Centaur Pack You found Barney, Cait's dad, and fought off a group of centaurs that had been harassing him. Cait's pleased to have her dad back in one piece; you can check in on him with her any time now!

Writer Credit

Written by Savin


The quest is automatically accepted upon waking after the events of the tutorial.



Following the Tutorial, you are able to recruit Cait right away with no requirements.

Lady Evergreen is in the Frostwood north of the Old Forest, you can meet her once you've defeated the Alraune and completed Kasyrra Frostwood encounter. If Cait is in your party, the quest conversation will trigger as soon as you go to Leave. Lady Evergreen greets Cait by her full name, revealing that her father Barney had paid her a visit before the blizzard. She'll reveal some information on the Demon Cult, but unfortunately is not able to help with the portal. That portal in particular only opens once per year, and even with her considerable magical knowledge there's no way to force the portal open or determine where it leads. Lady Evergreen is able to reveal the location of Cait's father though... for a price.

Lady Evergreen's usual asking price is a baby, which she can bear or sire. Cait is unable to fulfil this requirement, but if you're willing and virile/fertile you can pay it for her. Cait can join you for a threesome with Evergreen, or you can choose to handle the business yourself. If you're not willing or able to have a child with Evergreen, she will whisk Cait away for an unknown favour. Cait returns half an hour later, seemingly no worse for wear, but doesn't reveal what the favour was. However you go about it, Lady Evergreen reveals that Barney is in a caravanserai in the Harvest Valley.

Alternatively, you may refuse Evergreen’s help entirely and resolve to find Barney on your own before dragging Cait out of the mansion. Evergreen will be mad but Cait will hug you and thank you for standing up for her. You will not receive the tip that Barney is in the Harvest Valley and will have to explore with Cait to find him.

Bring Cait with you to the north-west corner of Harvest Valley to find Cait's father. He's been ferreted away, studying the history of the caravanserai and keeping the valley's more aggressive residents away with magic wards and prestidigitation. Cait and Barney have an emotional reunion, but you're soon interrupted. The centaurs harassing Barney have 'recruited' a Gnoll Spellblade to help them unweave Barney's magic so they can 'recruit' Barney and anyone with him in much the same way. You end up battling the Gnoll Spellblade and a Centaur Pack with an extra marauder. Losing results in a Bad End.

Once you've driven off the centaurs, Cait rescues the half-gnoll from their possession as they flee. You return to Hawkethorne with Barney and the half-gnoll in tow, and the quest is resolved.


After resolving the quest, Cait will pick up Hexblade Leathers from the rescued Gnoll Spellblade, and Salwah will arrive in The Frost Hound. With Salwah present you are able to start Divine Pussy, and Cait has some new scenes unlocked.