Gnoll Spellblade

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Gnoll Spellblade



Busts of the Gnoll Spellbalde by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Half-Gnoll
Gender Female
Location Harvest Valley (during Cat Call)
Hawkethorne (post-Cat Call)
Level 5
Health 260
Resolve 189

"My new husbands collared me juuuust for you!" she says between laughs, tugging at a tight leather choker around her neck. A leash chains it to her corrupted steed's gauntlet. "After they broke me, master said that if I unweave some spells, they'd let me keep the wizard that wove 'em. I was expecting a cute boy to sheathe my clit in. You'll do even better, pink-hair!"

The Gnoll Spellblade is a half-Gnoll mage who fell victim to a Centaur Pack in Harvest Valley. When some centaur marauders were stymied by Barney's prestidigitation, they 'recruited' this lady to help unweave his magic and 'recruit' him as well. Very little is known about her identity or life before you encounter her during Cat Call.


Her voluptuous figure is clad in a crimson coat and tall fuck-me boots with prominent heels. A wide-brimmed red hat rests atop her head, perforated by a pair of perky brown ears mottled with black, and a long bushy tail of the same coloration wags eagerly off the other side of the centaur's backside. Now that you look, you can see fur sticking up under her long black goves and leather boots. Besides those animalistic traits, she seems largely human, with rich caramel skin and black lips twisted into a sadistic little grin.


First Meeting

The Gnoll Spellblade first appears at the end of Cat Call, interrupting the father-daughter reunion between Cait and Barney. Collared and leashed to a centaur packleader, she had just finished undoing the magical protections Barney had placed over the area. The Centaur Pack and the Gnoll Spellblade attack the party, subjecting you and Cait to a bad end if you lose the battle.

If you're victorious, the centaurs will flee with no regard for the Gnoll Spellblade still at the end of the leader's leash. Cait will free her with a burst of magical fire to the leash, the centaurs not caring about losing their prize. Cait will try to heal the Gnoll Spellblade's injuries, only for the half-Gnoll to vomit up a large quantity of corrupted centaur semen and fall unconscious.

You and Cait bring her back to Hawkethorne and Brother Sanders for treatment. He is confident he can heal her physical injuries with time but is unsure about the mental ones. The Gnoll Spellblade will reside at the Chapel of Velun (until her follow up content is implemented). Cait takes her gear, thoroughly cleans it, and turns it against the forces of corruption in the land with her Hexblade Leathers.

Bad End

If you lose to the Gnoll Spellblade and the Centaur Pack that collared her, you will be quickly subdued as the centaurs fall in on Cait. You are presented to Kasyrra, who has taken control of the corrupted centaurs in her own tauric form. She will transform you into a fellow taur before vigorously claiming your new body.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 48.0 Spellpower: 70.0
Sexiness: 36.0 Temptation: 12.0
Armor: 52.0 Physical Resist: 8.0
Warding: 35.0 Magic Resist: 15.0
Focus: 34.0 Mental Resist: 10.0
Evasion: 34.0 [+]Blight Resist: -75.0
[+]Pheromone Resist: -75.0
  • Average Cocks
  • Small Breasts
  • No Breasts
  • Big Breasts
  • Big Cocks

stealable - [+]

Quest Related

Cat Call

The Gnoll Spellblade and her captors will interrupt the reunion between Cait and Barney, forcing you to drive them off.