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Appearing like bipedal hyenas, they are generally thin, bony, and lanky, with what muscle they have wiry and stringy instead of thick. Muzzled and with paw-like hands and feet, these savage creatures generally settle in wide expanses with tall grasses; their preferred method of ambushing prey is to surround it in hiding and erupt from cover with little to no warning. Their dappled coats camouflage them well in foliage and grasses, lending further advantage to their surprise attacks.

Gameplay Attributes

Affinities: Strength, Willpower, Presence

Physical Attributes

Sexes: Male and Female

Height Range: 5'0"(60in.) to 5'5"(65in.)

Hair Colors: Golden

Eye Colors: Black or Brown

Skin Colors: Pale or Dark

Cock Size: ??? - 8"

Tit Size: ???



Cackle Berry



Gnoll Raiders