Gnoll Raiders

From Corruption of Champions II
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Gnoll Alpha
Species Gnoll
Gender Female
Location Harvest Valley
Health 230
Resolve 100
Gnoll Raider
Species Gnoll
Gender Male
Location Harvest Valley
Health 195
Resolve 100


The Gnoll raiders lie in ambush in the grasslands to the south of Harvest Valley, being described as emaciated they always enter combat consisting of 1 Gnoll alpha and 2 Gnoll raiders.


"Golden, tawny fur covers these canid people from head to toe, dappled spots camouflaging them perfectly in the tall, dry grasses. Small round ears sit top their heads, followed by dark beady eyes and muzzles that're twisted in big, toothy leers. Bits of rags and torn clothing adorn their bodies, worn more for proof against the elements than for any kind of modesty; they've clearly been stolen from other more civilised peoples who had the misfortune to happen across this band.
Grabbing crude flint spears, these animalistic people quickly move to form a half-circle about you and your companions, gibbering and hooting in a tongue you don't understand. At length, what appears to be their leader — a wiry, gangly female with overlong limbs — steps up and snarls at you triumphantly. She's wielding a huge bronze cleaver that's long lost its edge, turning it into little more than a glorified club." - Player upon being ambushed by Gnoll Raiders.


The Gnoll raiders attack the party while venturing south of the river in Harvest Valley, they must be fought or fled from.

Losing the fight or surrendering results in anal and oral sex with the Gnolls.


Gnoll Alpha:

Gnoll Raider:


  • Clit Fuck
  • Get Sucked - Requires Cock.
  • Get Licked - Requires Vagina.


Likes: Average Cocks, Small Breasts, No Breasts

Dislikes: Big Breasts, Big Cocks.

Stat Value
Armor 36.0
Warding -6.0
Fire Resist -10.0
Evasion -2.0
Physical Resist 32.0
Penetrating Resist 25.0
Magic Resist -1.0
Blight Resist -75.0
Pheremone Resist -75.0
Frost Resist -10.0


Likes: Big Breasts, Big Cocks, Average Breasts, Average Cocks, Big Asses.

Disikes: Small Breasts, Small Cocks, Small Asses.

Stat Value
Armor 23.0
Warding 13.0
Evasion 39.0
Physical Resist 10.0
Magic Resist 13.0
Mental Resist 14.0
Blight Resist -75.0
Pheremone Resist -75.0


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