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Busts of Valencia by Moira
Creator strawberry tea
Species Manticore
Gender Hermaphrodite
Occupation Mercenary
Location Frostwood (initial)
Old Forest (second)
Harvest Valley (south, subsequent)

"Can't even beat a bunch of fucking slimes..." she mutters miserably, completely forgetting about your existence until she looks in your direction. Horror fills her eyes as a crimson blush explodes onto her cheeks, not stopping until nearly all of her face is as red as a tomato. She turns away from you, clutching her ears anxiously as you hear her mutter "fuck fuck fuck".

Valencia is a manticore mercenary trying to make her way in the world. She's small and weak for her kind, and despite her best efforts has never been able to grow wings. On top of that nobody wants to hire a manticore, and she flubs the jobs she gets because she's terrible at fighting. Valencia is having a rough time of things. You can help her, train her, and build a relationship with the bratty manticore, or leave her to the dangers of the world.


Valencia is a manticore, though one that's much different from your average arrogant amazon. She's about 6'5 by your estimate, which while considered average by Frost Marches standards, is dwarfish when compared to the imposing figures most manticores have. Her puny appearance is only further accentuated by her somewhat lithe figure, lacking the pounds of muscle her species is so infamously known for. But without a doubt, the most noticeable difference is her complete lack of wings; whereas normally you would find a pair of great batlike wings jutting out from her back, instead you find nothing but bare skin. If it wasn't for the fuzzy fur coating her limbs and her chitinous tailcunt, you could've easily assumed her to be a muscular catfolk.

Two cat ears peek from the top of her head with maroon fur coloring the outside and inside, distinctly different from the crimson red hair cascading from her scalp. Her slitted eyes are blood-red, swimming with her ever-present anger at nothing and everything. Dark-red fluff surrounds her neck, forming a great, royal mane that proudly displays its velvety texture for all to see, ending its soft fuzz just as her cleavage begins.

Her arms and legs are covered with maroon downy fur with a thick ring of fluff denoting where her fur begins and where her skin ends on each of her limbs. Her oversized hands and feet that are distinctly paw-like, bearing leathery pads that provide an excellent grip with small caved in holes on her fingertips and toe-beans, no doubt where her vicious claws are hiding should she ever need to use them.

She's sporting a pair of DD-cup breasts, certainly smaller in comparison to her more buxom kin, but nonetheless still a fine rack, displaying its firmness for all to see. While her breasts do leave the impression that she's failed to inherit the voluptuous curves of her haughty race, her enormous butt counters that. A normal manticore would definitely bear larger proportions, but it's still a magnificent piece of ass, jutting out like a bright advertisement as it welcomes any and all attention. Just the slightest movement sends her cheeks wobbling, rippling waves across her massive rump as it bounces hypnotically.

Above her massive tush is her lengthy tailcunt; blood-red chitin covers her sinuous appendage, all the way to the fleshy peach containing her juicy tailpussy. It's frighteningly thick, even for a smaller-sized manticore like Valencia, flaunting its power both as a weapon and as a man-eater alike, guaranteeing that any cock of any size will fit in its tight corridors. The bulb-like orifice at the end is currently closed, but when opened it releases the lust-induced pheromones stewing inside, promising a red blush of arousal across the faces of all who inhale it though you've never experienced it yourself.

Valencia's wearing a piece of chainmail armor, designed in a way that leaves her human-like skin covered while her furry limbs are completely unprotected. A crimson cloak is wrapped around her back, keeping in touch with the red color of her hair and fur. There's a noticeable bulge in her pants, suggesting that the wingless feline is a hermaphrodite and is considerably endowed like the rest of her phallic-bearing kin.

Her greatsword is a magnificent piece of bronze, bearing foreign markings and craftsmanship. It's remarkably well maintained, showing no signs of disrepair and looking as sharp as the day it was forged.


Initial Encounters

You first encounter Valencia in the Frostwood, trying to hold off a pack of Imps. She's beaten and five seconds away from an unpleasant fate when you have the opportunity to intervene.

  • Help Her: Help this manticore and fend off her red-skinned assailants.
  • Leave: This isn't really your problem. Best to go before one of those imps spots you. (will remove Valencia from the game)

If you choose Leave, the last thing you hear as you walk away will be Valencia's cries as the imps set upon her. If you Help Her, then win or lose you will be able to approach Valencia after the imps are gone. Rather than be grateful, she will berate you for interfering, (falsely) claiming that she had the imps right in her paw before you busted in. Valencia will also mention having taken a job from a tanuki slut only to be beaten up by a group of fox freaks before angrily storming off.

Next you'll find Valencia in the Old Forest, this time being accosted by Hornets. She's well and truly lost the fight, and is moments away from being egged by the bimbo bugs.

  • Help Her: Help this ungrateful manticore once again.
    • Fight
    • Threaten: These hornets aren't supposed to be attacking people. Give them a good scare by threatening to tell their mother. (Land of Milky Honey must be completed)
  • Leave: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… (will remove Valencia from the game)

Same as before, Leave will abandon Valencia to her fate. If you choose to Help Her, Fight will initiate combat while Threaten will have you yell at the hornets for attacking Valencia. They grumble, but quickly beg forgiveness at the mention of telling 'Queenie'. Valencia is again upset at being rescued, (falsely) claiming that she does not have a 'cute butt' as the Hornets said. She tries to redress, but the vesparan aphrodisiacs cause her penis to tear through her underwear. With a tired groan, Valencia walks off again.

Finally, Valencia will be in south Harvest Valley beaten down by a group of Gnolls. You will again have the opportunity to bail out the ungrateful fail-mercenary.

  • Help Her: You're probably not going to receive a sliver of thanks, but you're still going to help this poor girl. But hey, who knows? Maybe a third time's a charm?
  • Leave: You're not falling for this again. (will remove Valencia from the game)

Should you Help Her, Valencia will blush and avert her eyes. But as you turn away, she calls out to you and (finally) thanks you for all your help. She also invites you back to her home two squares up from Marefolk Village.

"T-thank you, for um... s-saving me," she finally stammers, darting her eyes to you momentarily before quickly returning to the very interesting clump of dirt they were intensely focused on.

Wow. An actual thank you. Guess the third time really is the charm.

"A-and um..." she starts before swallowing hard, "I-I'm sorry f-for... for being a d-dick to you earlier, b-before I mean, when you s-saved me, before."

Subsequent Encounters

When you visit Valencia's home in Harvest Valley, she will be - sigh - under attack by some slimes. The slimes press their advantage and jump in for a group hug. That's her tax paid for today, but the slimes warn her they will be back again tomorrow to collect. You don't have the chance to intervene to spare Valencia from this ignominious defeat but she seems alright, albeit embarrassed. She invites you back into a well-furnished cave before nearly hyperventilating from social anxiety.

As you build up her relationship (see Relationship section), her interactions and talk scenes will update with new information. She'll Chat about how she's making friends with the Slimes and Marefolk, taking more advanced mercenary jobs due to her higher confidence, and travelling as far as Pupperidge Farm and Hawkethorne now she's met someone who treats her as a person and not just a fearsome manticore.

  • Appearance: Get a better look at Valencia.
  • Talk: Strike up some conversation with Valencia.
    • Chat: Talk about this and that.
    • Her Gear: Ask about Valencia's sword and her armor.
    • Her Work: Valencia mentioned something about mercenary work; see if she's willing to divulge more on the topic. (unlocks Training)
    • Her Wings: Ask Valencia why she doesn't have any wings. (requires 90 relationship, unlocks Confess)
    • Confess: Tell Valencia how you feel. (see Relationship section)
    • Her Tailcunt: Ask about Valencia's very expressive tailcunt. (requires Use Tailcunt)
  • Training: Train Valencia's combat skills. (see Training section)
  • Sex: See if Valencia's up for a roll in the hay. (requires 100 relationship, see Sex section)
  • Kiss: Kiss your manticore lover. (requires 100 relationship)
  • Pet Ears: Pet Valencia's ears. (requires 100 relationship)
  • Cuddle: Cuddle with Valencia. (requires 100 relationship)


Once Valencia confides in you about her subpar fighting skills, you will have the opportunity to offer her training using your rather extensive recent combat experience. She will get more proficient at the exercises the more you train her, making impressive gains once you help her really apply herself.

  • Train
  • Soldier Train: Run Valencia through one of the exhausting training regimes you had as a soldier. (requires 30 relationship and Soldier background)


She smiles warmly at your comment, looking into your eyes affectionately before blushing and averting her gaze.

Does she... no, no, don't be stupid, []

You will be able to train with Valencia once a day, and each session will add 10 to your relationship score up to a maximum of 90. After nine sessions Her Wings will unlock, where she will tell you the struggles she's faced being born without wings and trying to grow them through prayer and Alchemy. Her repeated failures (in wing growth and also in life generally) left her bitter and cynical, but with your help she's been working through it. Then you and Valencia share a long, lingering glance.

You will then be able to choose Confess, where the you admit your feelings and Valencia reciprocates in kind. The two of you come together in an explosion of romantic energy and then it immediately turns sexual.


When you Confess your feelings to Valencia, you will have the following options.

  • Get Fucked: Take Valencia's kitty-dick balls deep in your [pc.vagOrAss].
  • Fuck Her: Fuck Valencia's pussy.

Valencia's sex menu will unlock as well. Fuck Ass has successively more demanding continuations available if your character has a high enough libido score, cum output, Bimbo personality, or is in Rut, while Get Fucked has continuations for libido, Bimbo personality, or being in Heat. If you go all the way to the end along a path (requires one of the following: 75 libido, Bimbo personality, Rut for Fuck Ass/Heat for Get Fucked, or 1000mL cum output for Fuck Ass only), one of your companions or a group of Slimes will find you several hours later passed out with Valencia.

  • Fuck Ass: It'd be a crime not to fuck her butt when Valencia has an ass this big.
  • Get Fucked: Get Valencia's cock balls-deep in your [pc.vagOrAss].
  • Use Tailcunt: Give Valencia's hungry tailcunt some well-needed affection.
    • Fuck It: You've got a penis, she's got a tailpussy, what else is there to it?
    • Swap Oral F/F: (requires a vagina)
    • Fist It: Get yourself elbow deep in Valencia's tailpussy.

You will also have additional sex options in Valencia's Training menu. Following a regular Train session, you will have the opportunity to offer Valencia Reward Sex.

  • Leave
  • Reward Sex: Valencia's done so well today, it'd be a crime not to reward her for her efforts.
    • Give BJ: Suck Valencia's fat dick.
    • Titfuck (requires DD+ breasts)

Will Training with Cait will be added to the training options as well.

  • Will Training: Train Valencia's willpower with a little help from your favourite Mallachite priestess. (requires Cait, has 50/50 chance of proccing success or failure with different sex scenes available as a result)

If Valencia fails

  • Fuck & Ride: Stuff Valencia's cunt while she fucks Cait. (requires penis)
  • Ride & Facesit: Alternate between riding Valencia's cock and sitting on her blushing face with Cait.

If Valencia passes

  • Double Oral Assault: Give Valencia a taste of heaven with Cait's lips on her cock and your lips on her cunt.
  • Double Titjob: Stack your racks upon Valencia's cock and paint your titties white. (requires DD+ breasts)
  • Cait Smothering: Let Cait feed your hungry manticore while you suck her dry. (requires Cait to be lactating)