Queen Nyzerrah

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Full Body of Bimbo Nyzerrah by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Nyzzy
Pronunciation Knee-zare-ah
Alias Queenie
The Hornet Queen
Species Vesparan
Gender Female
Title Queen
Height 7'6"
Bust Size HH
Children Prince Nyze
Other Relations  
Location Hornet Hive (4th floor)
Level 5
Health 415
Resolve 195
Strengths Queen Nyzerrah has 2 action points
Version Added 0.2.25
EDITOR'S NOTE: CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS --Spotty McBumble Fuck (talk) 16:35, 17 June 2021 (UTC)


The first thing that you notice is she’s huge in so many ways. She must be seven-foot six of smooth, muscular chocolate flesh, with two HH-cup breasts that are so full of honey they actually seem to be carrying a faint golden tint to them. They hang bare, and beads of the sweet nectar dribbles from them with every breath she takes. Her hips are wide as though made for birthing — despite having a broad insectile abdomen — and her thighs are thicker than most human waists. Her massive breasts look like they must be held up by actual magic... and maybe they are.

Much like her daughters, the Queen’s midriff is girded in armor, albeit her own is bronze banded in black and gold and lined with golden fluff so as to continue her hornet theme. You can see a skirt of silk... but it’s not on her, instead it rests off to the side. You’re left with the sight of a perfectly-shorn, juice-dripping cunt; no doubt the source of her lust-inducing aroma. There is a genuine effort involved in snatching your gaze up past her juicy twat, and plump dark nipples, and up to her face.

It’s worth the effort: she’s beautiful. Queen Nyzerrah’s face is the perfect shape of womanly beauty, with long, soft eyelashes, cute pouting lips, and a perfectly-shaped nose. She has hair of the same flaxen color as Azyrran and a great number of the other hornet girls, but it’s blended with streaks of obsidian more reminiscent of the demoness Kasyrra. It falls in loose curls to her shoulders in a way that perfectly frames her shapely face, drawing your attention to those deep black eyes as they inspect you in turn.

...And those eyes. All of the hornets have black orbs, but her eyes seem like deep and endless pools. Commanding, and powerful. It’s obvious she has you sized up already, and Azyrran freezes stock-still when they shift from you to her. You are definitely looking at a Queen, no matter what else has changed.


First Encounter & Land of Milky Honey

Once the Champion has acquired the Honey Key and Venom Key, they will be able to enter the Queen's chambers on the 4th floor of the Hornet Hive. At the center of the room is a titanic hornet woman, lying on her side in a sofa, being serviced by two drones. Queen Nyzerrah slowly stands, dismissing the two servicing drones, and gives a bubbly little laugh, commenting on the cuties before her and how her sweetling Azzy has grown. She slowly stalks to a side of the room and grasps a heavy greatspear, and she states that although she has many questions, the Champion hurt her babies, and they must do as Queen Kasyrra did and prove themselves in a fight. Azyrran nervous echoes her mother's final words, to which the Queen sighs and shakes her head, stating that Azyrran has gotten strong, however, it was by fighting her sisters, which is wrong and bad. As her mother, she commands Azyrran to go to her, to which a trembling Azyrran apologizes to the Champion, stating that she cannot fight her mother, and that she hopes the Champion wins. The Queen's handmaidens approach to aid their queen, however, they are waved off by her in an idle motion, and the Queen Nyzerrah fight begins.

If the Champion is defeated, it will result in the Hive Wife bad end. If Queen Nyzerrah is defeated through Resolve loss, she will drop her greatspear and start fingering herself, admitting defeat and begging for release, this will directly lead to victory sex options. Defeating Nyzerrah in combat will have her pout, throw down her greatspear, and state that she'll listen to the Champion, and with that, the following options will become available (sex requirements and results in sex section):

  • Sex - Before you talk, take advantage of the queen's defeat for some royal pleasure...
  • Talk - Skip the sex and try and talk some sense into the Hornet Queen.


Regardless if the Champion decided to fuck the Queen or not, the Champion will ask her what happened when she met Kasyrra. She explains that Kasyrra challenged them and won, and as the victor, they will follow her wishes. The plan was for the hornets to take over the whole forest, grow even bigger flowers, and conquer all the bees; one great big hive with Queen Nyzerrah in charge of it all, while Kasyrra gets all the other stuff, which the hornets don't care about. Before, the hornets primarily had to take honey from the bees, but now Queen Nyzerrah's honey makes all of her girls big-boobed; capable of producing honey as well. She states that since the Champion won, they'll do as the Champion says as long as it doesn't hurt the hornets, to which the Champion orders them to stop raping people and making bimbos, especially since if they keep that up, Kasyrra will steal her and her daughters' souls. Queen Nyzerrah giggles at that and waves it off, saying that nobody can take a soul, the Champion insists it's true, but moves on and restates their order. Dejected at the order, she clarifies that the Champion's telling them to do the complete opposite of the orders of someone who also beat them, so the hornets will do what the Champion wants, but should the Champion and Kasyrra fight, the winner gets their demand kept. Although the Champion's orders are boring, she agrees to follow it and shows proof of her seriousness by giving them her ring: the Hornet Ring.

Corrupt End


Pure End


Post Land of Milky Honey


Combat Stats

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Perks Drops
Attack Power
Physical Resist
Magic Resist
[+]Blight Resist
Crushing Resist
Penetrating Resist
Tease Resist
Drug Resist
[+]Pheromone Resist
  • Big Asses
  • All Cocks
  • Vaginas

stealable - [+]

  • 2000 EXP
  • 1000 EC


Land of Milky Honey

Victory sex options
Option Branch
Requirements Tooltip Result
Fuck Cunt Cock There may be a whole lot going on with her bug-bum. But that cunt deserves fucking. -
Cum Inside Fuck Cunt - Not like she isn’t already getting regular doses.
On Thighs Fuck Cunt - These are such nice thighs.
Fuck Ovi Cock You know, that’s a pretty girthy ovipositor... -
Azzy's Mouth Fuck Ovi - Open wide, cutie-buzz.
Paint Azzy Fuck Ovi - Time to thoroughly cover your lover. That’ll show her.
Ride Ovi - Spread your ring and take the Queen for a ride. -
Push Out Ride Ovi - Like anal beads. Huge. Soft. Lube-covered anal beads.
Keep Eggs Ride Ovi Not Butt Pregnant They probably aren’t fertilized, but who knows what’ll happen when they dissolve?

Bad Ends

Hive Wife


Post Land of Milky Honey



Quest Related

Land of Milky Honey

As the Queen of the corrupted hive, she must be stopped in order for Azyrran and the champion to purify the hive.