Land of Milky Honey

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Land of Milky Honey
Creator TODO
Quest Giver Azyrran
Requirements TODO
Level Range TODO
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward TODO
Location Hornet Hive
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

Writer Credit


Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 When initially receiving the quest from Azyrran Azyrran has asked you to find a Lumian priestess to help purify the hornet hive's nectar reserves. Perhaps Brother Sanders knows an adventuring cleric or paladin that can help?
1 After talking to Brother Sanders about the LumainCleric? Sanders has suggested that a young paladin of Lumia is in Harvest Valley. Head that way and search for her.
2 After finding Liaden at Harvest Valley and Telling Her You met Liaden, a paladin of Lumia, just outside Hawkethorne. She's waiting for you with Azyrran outside the hive, in the northern part of the Old Forest.
3 Upon rendezvousing at the Hornet Hive While Liaden distracts the guards, you and Azyrran have infiltrated the hive. You'll need to find a way into the queen's chambers and confront her to stop the hornet attacks on the forest...
4 Upon defeating Queen Nyzerrah and talking to her You've defeated Queen Nyzerrah, but she's been just as bimbofied as her daughters. It will take much more powerful magic to cure her than it will the rest of the hive. Liaden will be in the honey reserves to take care of them, now.
5 Talking to Liaden at the Honey Pool You've met back up with Liaden at the honey pool, and she's suggested using the corrupted core to purify the pool — you just need to purify the core, which should be much easier. Take it to Sanders and see what he can do about it.
6 Asking Brother Sanders to Cleanse Core You've gotten Brother Sanders to purify the honey core. Now it should be able to act as a vessel for all the hive's corruption, like a big ol' sponge. Take it back.
7 Begin the cleansing ritual with Liaden With Liaden's expert help, you and Azzy have purified the hornets' hive! Perhaps you should take the opportunity to meet the queen again. Just... give her a day or so to let the purification sink in, eh?
(pure end)
Revisiting the Hive after the ritual is complete Your business at the hive is now concluded, with a happy ending to boot.
(corrupt end)
Kicking Azyrran and Liaden into the corrupted Honey Pool Rather than bothering yourself with purification, you opted to simply chuck Lia and Azzy into the honey pool and call it a day. Bonus: now you have a pair of braindead fuck-sluts at your beck and call. Everything's coming up (name).


To start Land of Milky Honey, the following conditions must be met:

Normal Start Evil Start
Azyrran's Trust >= 5 Azyrran's Trust <= -5

The Alraune has been defeated

Azyrran has talked about Her Hive

The Champion has met Brother Sanders

temp table to raise/reduce trust:

Trust is set to 0 upon meeting her for the first time

Raise Trust

Scene Condition Gain Limit
Talk First time only +1 5
Talk - Yourself
Challenge - Force Yourself - Leave Trust is <= 0
Attack - Leave
Flirt - Cuddlefucks n/a
Challenge - Thank Her
Challenge (combat defeat)
Reduce Trust

Scene Condition Gain Limit
Challenge - Force Yourself Trust is <= 0 -1 -5

Post Combat Sex (Challenge/Attack)

  • Titfuck
  • Fuck Cunt
  • Ovi Punish
Attack Trust >= 0

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