Honey Golem

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Honey Golem



Bust of the Honey Golem by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Slimes
Gender Monogendered
Height any because she is goo
Cock Size any because she is goo
Bust Size any because she is goo
Location Hornet Hive (during Land of Milky Honey)
Level 4
Health 375
Resolve 192
Strengths The Honey Golem has 2 action points
Version Added 0.2.25

"Lemme give you something sweeter, sweetie! Promise you'll love it.. you'll never stop wanting more!"

The Honey Golem is a goo girl made out of the collected honey of the Hornet Hive, animated due to the Honey Core.


You've barely taken a step forward before the honey all around the key wobbles and erupts, spilling upwards from the once-placid surface and shaping itself into a distinctly humanoid shape — a huge, busty bombshell of a babe made entirely of honey, with a pair of tits spilling out and leaking the excess straight back into the pool. Curly 'hair' spills down well past her shoulders and a little button nose and dark-gold eyes start forming on from the momentarily-blank face, followed by a smile on pillowy yellow lips.


Land of Milky Honey

After defeating Prince Nyze and venturing into the Honey Pool, a voice will call out to the Champion as an oversized honey-goo woman emerges from the pool. She picks up the fallen aphrodisiac-covered whip and goes to taste it, which she is immediately repulsed by. She hefts up her breasts and offers the Champion something much sweeter, something they'll never stop wanting, before a fight starts.

Being defeated by the Honey Golem will result in the Gooslut Bad End. Defeating the Honey Golem will have the Champion notice the solid core floating inside the goo girl. Assuming that the hornets, in their bimbofied state, could not make anything like the core, they conclude that the core is what is animating the honey, and corrupting the hive's food supply. They decide that the crystal needs to be removed, in which case they will have the following options (sex requirements and results in sex section):

  • Take It - Take the honey-goo's corrupted core by force.
  • Fuck It Out
    • Pound It Out - Fuck the goo until she squirts that corrupted core right out.
    • Get Goo'd - Tell that giant honey-babe to grow a big fat honey-cock to fuck you with. May involve some tentacles.

Regardless of their decision, the Champion will now have the Honey Core key item, and the Honey Golem dissolves back into the honey pool.

Combat Stats

Stats Likes Powers
(stealable [+])
  • Disarm Immune
Attack Power
Physical Resist
Magic Resist
Crushing Resist
Penetrating Resist
Tease Resist
Drug Resist
Pheromone Resist
  • All Breasts
  • All Cocks
  • Vaginas
Dislikes Perks


During Land of Milky Honey

Option Branch
Requirements Tooltip Result
Fuck It Out
  • Defeat the Honey Golem
- -
Pound It Out Fuck It Out
  • Cock
Fuck the goo until she squirts that corrupted core right out.
Get Goo'd Fuck It Out - Tell that giant honey-babe to grow a big fat honey-cock
to fuck you with. May involve some tentacles.

Bad End: Gooslut Bad End

How to encounter?
Losing to the Honey Golem
during the events of Land of Milky Honey
Characters Involved
Honey Golem
Honey Golem

Honey tendrils wrap around the Champion's arms and legs, as they are lifted off the ground and into the goo-girl's embrace. Any companions will be dragged away by the hornets. The Champion's holes are fucked by the tendrils and their mouth is filled by the goo girl's tongue, all the while their body is being filled with honey. With a tittering voice, the honey girl states that the first thing she wants to do with them, is to be them, and that they will have lots of fun sex together, forever and ever.

Quest Related

Land of Milky Honey

The Honey Core animating the Honey Golem is also what is corrupting the hornet's food supply, hence it must be removed in order to purify the hive.