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"I like you 'cause you got that something that I need in my life; so give it to me!"
— Slimefolk Bandit, Sylvara Milos

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Name: Slime / Slimefolk (pl. Slimes)

Sexes: Hermaphrodites

Height: Varies regionally; slimes traditionally will attempt matching the heights of the most populous races in a region.

Weight: Slimefolk follow traditional human weight ranges.

Skin: Slimefolk boast a membraneous skin of gelatin-like slime that comes traditionally solid in all colors.

Hair: Slimefolk do not have hair; instead, they shape their body to emulate it as necessary.

Eyes: Slimefolk do not have eyes. They can choose to darken the spots into their faces that can emulate eyes, however, to prevent unnerving others.

Ears: Slimefolk do not have ears; instead, they shape their body to emulate it as necessary.

Lifespan: Slimefolk have not been recorded to die from old age; reproduction capacity ends after 60 years for most slimes, while the longest recorded date without end is 80 years.

Maturity: 2 years


The amorphous slimefolk is perhaps one of the most libidinous creatures known in Savarra — they come in various materials and have origins deeply rooted in conjecture with the elementals, yet these genderfluid slimes cannot be summoned or created through magic. Tales of slime lasses charming local princes, gooey hunks riding to the rescue of fisherwomen or the telltale smile of the local slime whore are well known; their ability to become anyone's physical fantasy throughout the world acts as the description for any slimefolk. Fluctuating colors of their gooey soft skin paired with this means that every slime can carefully carve out their appearance, becoming vastly unique from any and every one of their kin. Yet all slimes carry within them a singular red core comparable to a fist-sized ball of mud; this acts as a nucleus that keeps them together.

Due to their profound ability to change their body at a whim, slimes do not understand traditional concepts of gender in most cases; many slimefolk live their lives without truly getting a grasp on the concept beyond the physical sexes associated to them commonly. When young, this discrepancy means that slimes will often "overdo" their proportions when trying to match genders; unreasonably large tits and asses, growing cocks bigger than arms, and even asking a partner to actually fuck their face are just some of the anomalies of this. Although they are not man-eaters, slimefolk can theoretically eat anything if they set their mind to it — all slimefolk can urge their membrane to temporarily harden when eating or drinking, turning their insides digestive and allowing them to breakdown meals.


Known as "universal breeders", slimefolk are classified as hermaphrodites by most researchers due to their ability to reproduce emulating both ends of reproduction. When semen is released into their body and allowed to meet with a slime's core, it will "fertilize" and trigger their reproductive cycle. From this point on, a slime will often need to drink water, eat food and generally keep in good health as their core grows. After a period of roughly two weeks, a slime's core will have doubled in size before it divides. Once divided a slime will remove this core from their body and sustain it with water until it has enough liquid that it can produce its own body.

Once born, these blob-like slimes require constant attention and a steady supply of liquids alongside normal meals. For roughly two years, a slime will study the others around it while continuously using its excessive water supply and nutrients to grow. At the one year mark, most of these blobs have evolved into toddler-like shapes so they can practice leg-requiring actions like walking and jumping. Finally after a year of more advanced learning and growing, these slimes will often feel confident in their knowledge of other races in their local area to consider themselves adults. All slimes know from birth — through passed on knowledge — how reproduction and their core works, allowing the newly confident slimefolk to quickly come to terms with understanding their body.

Although generally within their second and third year of life, a slimefolk will either participate, see, or hear another race have sex; this generally marks when they begin experimenting and ultimately becoming sexually active. Most slimefolk as a result end up bearing a child out of accidental impregnation when young. To combat this, most slimes insist on pulling out rather than practicing restraint — this has led to populations of slimefolk exploding in certain areas in the last century.


Many believe that the slimefolk — and their similarities to elementals — are an artificial race created in the early age of the Belharan empire by powerful mages. Others believe them to be the creations of the gods; these people are understandably laughed under the table by everyone else. Slimefolk primarily originated in the Belharan Heartland but have progressively begun spreading in the last two centuries of modern history. This explosive population has produced droughts in many areas and eventually led to a brutal culling 150 years ago; thousands of slimes either willingly or were cornered, killed to re-distribute their fluids into the drained environments. If the slimes had history, it is believed to have been lost when some of the oldest and largest of the slimes were killed.

Although this devastation had left many slimefolk without an identity, they bounced back when 100 years ago their population had boomed dangerously once more. Rather than commit genocide, however, many slimefolk banded together with mages to create artificial sterilization. This process was implemented and still to this day continues spreading through Savarra and slime populations as older slimes change the cores of themselves and their distant cousins, preventing them from reproduction after around 60 years of age. Dubbed "fixing", this process is passed from parent slimes to their children and has effectively brought slime reproductive capacity into a window that allows slimes to not only have children with lovers of low fertility ages — such as a human wizard pushing into his fifties — but also secure them with a point of maturity. Now able to control their growth of reproduction and paired with attempts to better educate their children, many believe the slimes will grow and cherish a rich history.

Society & Culture

Privy to examples of over-indulgence, slimes are a society built on pleasure and enjoyment. Their heavy reliance on water or various liquids has led many slime communities to crop up at lakes and shores, allowing them to serve as perfect "community fluffers" for budding villages and frontier-busting. While slimefolk mimic or inherit the culture of their surroundings, all slimes share a fear of being "cored" and separated from their bodies. In slime culture, the ultimate form of punishment is to remove a slime's core as it effectively removes their mind and makes their body start dismantling. Unless put back into their body or a body of water, slimefolk will die within a day; those who survive this require a month to painfully rebuild or "reattach" to their body.

One of the most intimate forms of affection or trust for slimes is allowing someone to "wear" them. Legends of slime-armored heroes are generally veiled as a slime who wholeheartedly trusted their partner, hiding their core along their body where the wrong move could very well remove or even destroy their core. Many slimes consider these epics to be the ultimate form of romances, inspiring many to become romantics and emulate this. Slime adventurers, as a result, are one of the most common sights among traveling parties save for extremely dry climates such as desert nations.

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