Slime Siblings

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The Slime Siblings are a group of 3 slime that reside in the lakeside of Harvest Valley and simply want to "play". Whether the Champion agrees to that is another story.

Slimefolk Green Headshot DCL.png
Headshot of the green-colored slimefolk by DCLzexon
Creator BubbleLord
Species Slime
Gender Mono-Gender
Relatives Other slimefolk (siblings)
Location Harvest Valley (south lakeside)
Level 3
Health 230
Resolve 100
Strengths highly resistant to physical damage


The tranquil silence of Harvest Valley really is something — even with all the troublesome aspects to it, the nearby lake is almost always so... peaceful. Trotting along it is even more so, except for the occasional puddle in your path.

But the puddle doesn't wait for you — lunging forward and squishing around your feet. The puddle erupts upward and the water flows around your weapon, swirling away and quickly forming a steadily concentrating blob. In seconds, other puddles of assorted colors begin wiggling into the open... just as the main blob defines itself.

(A pair of wholesome G-cups bulge forth from their body seconds before they jut their ass back with a noisy jiggle. Arms burst outward and the blob splits into curvaceous thighs and then dainty legs. The final touch is a flick up of their head sending arches of watery goo trailing back behind them and tinting a shade darker than their body. From shapeless to shaped, the goo-girl's final touch is tossing a quick, innocent wink. / Excess slime seems to suck itself in at the base and jut itself out just slightly at the chest akin to lean-built male. Jutting their hips forward- or at least you think they are since the lower half of the blob is already splitting and forming rather simple humanlike legs — the slime's groin bulges out into a hand filling curve to imitate the bulge of a cock against trousers. The slime's body squelches and two arms push themselves free and flex, instantaneously chiseling a manly visage... just to wink at you!)

"Like what you see, huh?" The slime looks around to the other puddles, two more starting to form. "Of course it's not the only form I can master! We're not bound to silly things like physical sexes!"

Their figure and form shrinks and changes ultimately becoming featureless. No breasts or even a chest, completely smooth from the waist down with a sadly small butt; even its hair becomes neutrally messy-shaped in its efforts to become so gender neutral. But in this state, you can see something new — a red sphere inside their body that looks like it'd fit in the palm of someone's hand. Their gooey lips twist into a smile and they trot closer; the slime crosses their arms and conceals the orb, tossing you a second wink.


Initial and subsequent encounters with the Slime Siblings will give the Champion an option to Play or Run!. Choosing to play will put the Champion into a combat encounter while attempting to run will test if the Champion has at least an initiative of 8. Those who succeed with the initiative test are able to flee the encounter while those who are not are put into a combat encounter.

The colors of the simefolk are random and can range from green, red, purple, yellow or pink.

Additional flavor text is available depending on what the Champion did the last time they encountered the Slime Siblings,

  • If they ran
  • If they were defeated
  • If they won the last time


It is ill advised to go melee focused on the slimefolk as their bodies are quite resistant to physical attacks. Magical and Lust based attacks would be a suggestion.


Attack Power: 12 Spellpower: 12
Sexiness: 41 Armor: 11
Physical Resist: 9 Warding: 16
Magic Resist: 16 Focus: 5
Mental Resist: 9 Evasion: 11
Crushing Resist: 100 Penetrating Resist: 70
Tease Resist: -150 Drug Resist: -150
Pheromone Resist: -150


  • Cocks of all shapes and sizes
  • All the boobies
  • Vagina


Slime Glomp - Modified version of Lusty Tentacles



If the Champion was victorious:

  • MaleRide - If they can become anything then how about they become a strapping hunk and fuck you silly?
  • HermRide - You wouldn't mind getting to sit on a dick and snuggle with a woman if they can pull it off.
  • FemaleFuck - You're hoping to fuck some wholesome slime-girl pussy; slimes can always provide that. (requires a cock)
    • Inside - You're definitely not pulling out now — not when they feel this good!
    • Pull Out - If they don't want to get knocked up, then you'll pull out. They still get your cum one way or another.
  • MaleFuck - You actually want to try fucking someone who's masculine; the slime can be your bottom boy.
    • Inside - You're definitely not pulling out now — not when they feel this good!
    • Pull Out - If they don't want to get knocked up, then you'll pull out. They still get your cum one way or another.

If defeated: The Champion will be accidentally cock slapped by one and then group hugged by all three siblings.


Each slime gives:

  • 55 XP
  • 40 EC

Total of:

  • 165 XP
  • 120 EC


Like a candy store, pick the color you want.