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Adepts of shadow and subterfuge, thieves make their fortunes in the underbellies of distant cities and on the lonely trade roads with equal ease. As a thief, you're hard to pin down and hit, easily evading enemy attacks before slipping behind them for the kill. Agility is your greatest weapon, both for avoiding harm and landing your own blows, though having the cunning to pick out your enemies' weaknesses and the strength to exploit them are valuable assets indeed. The life of a thief is one of profit through swiftness and guile.

Primary Attribute: Agility

Class Details

Starter Items


  • Level 1: Twist the Knife | When you land a weapon hit on a creature suffering from a negative status effect, you deal 50% bonus damage.
  • Level 3: Sharpen Blades | +10% bonus to Critical Chance

Class Affinities

Class Talents

Starting Talents

Level 2 Talents