Hornet Worker

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Hornet Worker
Hornet Worker Headshot DCL.png
Headshot of the Hornet Worker by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Species Vesparan
Gender Female
Occupation Worker
Family Other Hornet Workers (sisters)
Hornet Drones (brothers)
Hornet Queen (mother)
Location Old Forest
Level 1
Health 110
Resolve 100


Kneeling by the side of the forest trail are a trio of hornet-girls, busy at gathering all the sweet nectar they can get their fuzzy hands on. You'd heard of insect-folk living in the forest, bee and hornet alike — before the snowstorm, they supposedly came to trade with Hawkethorne, honey and wax for things they couldn't make themselves. These, though... sure, this particular trio appears insectile enough, but that's where the similarity to the stories ends. As they stop sucking off cock-vines and lapping at lewdly-shaped flowers to turn their wide, vacuous gazes in your direction, you're afforded a good look at them. Gentle, tapered faces with deeply inset and pupiless black eyes suggest at what they might once have been before corruption got to them; antennae jut from their heads amidst a head of long, curly and fuzzy blonde "hair" that looks completely out of place on an insect.

The chitin that covers much of the hornet-girls' bodies is painfully stretched, the hard plates going so far as to break apart and expose the soft flesh beneath in order to accommodate the sheer amount of growth that's taken place as they've sunk further and further into corruption. Huge hips, plush — well, in place of where a butt should be they've got insectile abdomens tipped with a stinger, but they still manage to look worthy of a bimbo. Gauzy, insectile wings adorn their backs, but given how blatantly curvaceous the hornet-girls are, you doubt they could even get off the ground. Giggling and dripping sweetness all over, the hornet trio advance upon the party, tossing their curls and smooching the air.


The initial encounter with the Hornets leads the Champion to face 3 Hornet Workers, while subsequent encounter will include a Hornet Drone if the Champion is at least level 2.

If the Alraune has been dealt with, encounters with Hornets will be non-hostile and the Champion will be asked if they could get egged.



Attack Power: 6 Sexiness: 14
Armor: 2 Physical Resist: 4
Warding: 2 Magic Resist: 2
Evasion: 2 Blight Resist: -75
Crushing Resist: 40 Penetrating Resist: 40
Tease Resist: -100 Drug Resist: 50
Pheromone Resist: -100


  • Big Ass (butt rating of greater than 7)


  • Honey Slather - Just a basic-type tease attack. Deals drug-type resolve damage.
  • Aphrodisiac Sting


Post Combat Options:

  • If victorious:
    • Nurse - Suck out only the best honey straight from the tap.
    • Boobjob - Fuck those pillowy titties.
      • Cock - That glorious valley looks ripe for a good old-fashioned fucking. (requires a cock)
      • Vag - Grind your cunt against those sweet tits. (requires a vag)
    • Ovi Handjob - Jerk off the bimbo hornets and make them spill their precious eggs on the floor
    • Fuck Ovi - She thought she was going to use your backdoor — well, turnabout is fair play. (requires a cock)
  • If defeated:
    • If the Champion's butt is already occupied, they will used as a plaything for the hornets

If peacefully propositioned for a good egging, the following options are available:

  • Decline - You'd rather not have hornet eggs in your butt, thank you very much.
  • Get Egged - Do the hornets a favour, the poor girls deserve it. (The Champion must not be Butt Pregnant)
  • Foreplay - What's better for fun than getting the blood up?
    • This will trigger a combat encounter


  • 20 XP
  • 5 EC