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The Alraune
Bust of Mother Alraune by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Species Alraunes
Gender Female
Title Mother
Children Alraune Herald (daughter)
Alraune Effigies (daughters)
Location Corrupted Garden
Level 4
Health 310
Resolve 100
Strengths The Alraune has 2 action points

Sequestered deep in the heart of the corrupted garden lies the Alraune, mother to the various corrupted plant creatures flowing into the Old Forest. She is a servant of Kasyrra and the first major enemy the player will likely face on their journey.


The titanic flower in the glade's heart rustles, accompanied by a series of gasps and moans from inside its lush red petals. Slowly, sensuously, the bulb unfurls itself, releasing a cloud of yellow-hued pollen and the sickeningly-sweet scent of sexualized nectar. A naked body slumps out of the flower, a lupine man covered in sticky golden juices from head to toe and to his raisin-dry balls and leaking red cock. He gasps for breath, scrabbling away from the other figure still standing in the heart of the flower.

Or rather... growing from it.

The woman has no legs, but sprouts from the thighs up straight out of the irriguous flower's heart. The lupine's seed leaks freely from a fragrant flowery pussy, smeared across her impossibly broad hips and thick thighs. Her verdant green skin is wrapped in writhing pink vines as fine as her lustrous emerald hair and a long tongue plays across full, pouty lips as she drinks your group in. Crimson eyes linger on you, giving the poor man she'd been coupling with time to scarper.


The Alraune will be encountered after the Champion has first dispatched the Alraune Herald and Effigies at the entrance. Having dealt with the guards, they will retreat behind their mother, which will lead to a direct combat encounter.

If the Champion fails to defeat the Alraune or her daughters at the start, it will result into a bad end. If the Champion is victorious in dealing with the Alraune, the following options will become available:

  • Question - This woman has been plaguing Hawkethorne ever since Kasyrra came through that portal. You need answers if you're going to find the demon!
    • Kasyrra - What is the Alraune's relationship with Kasyrra, and more importantly, where is the demoness now?
    • Her Origin - You haven't seen anything quite like this planty temptress before. Even her daughters are unlike her. Where did she come from?
    • Her Goals - If you let the Alraune live, what will she get up to?
  • Dominate - You'll let the Alraune live, but she can't be left to her own devices out here... she clearly needs someone like you to take control of her where Kasyrra left off. And her body's begging for your touch besides...
  • Kill - This creature has been a thorn in your side — and the whole region's — since Kasyrra got her fingers in it. Kill the Alraune and open up the roads once more!

Killing the Alraune will the Corrupted Garden's sexual vines will die down and the Alraune Herald will disappear. However if the Champion were to dominate the Alraune and become her new master (after some sexing), she can be visited at the heart of her garden, in which the following options will become available:

  • Talk - Share some words with the Alraune.
    • Garden - Ask how the Garden's doing.
    • Daughters - Are her daughters still getting up to their usual antics?
    • Fortress - Ask her to tell you about the fortress.
    • Kasyrra - Ask about her experience with Kasyrra, and if she's seen her again.
  • Sex - Get some planty action.
  • Get Seed - See if the Alraune has an effigy seed you could take with you.

Breeding the Alraune will allow her to create a Effigy Seed for the Champion to use (see Alraune Mother for more details). This also applies in reverse, if the Champion were to be vaginally bred by the Alraune, they will we able to birth an Effigy Seed if the right conditions are met (see Alraune Father for more details).

Whether or not the Champion spares the Alraune, they will be able to rest at the heart of the garden. However if the Champion had dominated her, resting will result in a sleepy cuddle session.

Whether the Champion kills or dominates the Alraune, subsequent encounters with the Alraune Effigies will always result in a combat encounter.



Attack Power: 21 Spellpower: 39
Sexiness: 47 Temptation: 10
Armor: 47 Physical Resist: 13
Warding: 17 Magic Resist: 7
Focus: 1 Mental Resist: 6
Evasion: -13 Blight Resist: 33
Fire Resist: -100 Frost Resist: -50
Holy Resist: -50 Storm Resist: 33
Drug Resist: 33 Pheromone Resist: 33



  • Use Tentacles - You're pretty sure if you're careful you can avoided being seeded, and those tentacles are luridly beckoning you into their well-trained touch.
  • Breed Her - You've got a cock, she's got a cunt. Even an idiot can figure this one out. (requires a cock)
    • Fuck Me! - More in the backdoor!
    • Clench! - Resist her anal compulsions.
  • Worship - Have the Alraune use her mouth and breasts on your dick. (requires a cock and should be at least 6")
    • Fuck Me! - More in the backdoor!
    • Clench! - Resist her anal compulsions.
  • Anal - Pound this plant-babe's ass.


Quest Related

In Her Footsteps

The Alraune is the source of the corruption encroaching into the Old Forest and must be dealt with.