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A bust of Alraune by DCL
Creator Savin/SKoW
Species Unknown
Gender Female
Children Countless
Location Corrupted Garden


Sequestered deep in the heart of the corrupted garden lies the Alraune, mother to the various corrupted plant creatures flowing into the Old Forest. She is a servant of Kasyrra and the first major enemy the player will likely face on their journey.


The titanic flower in the glade's heart rustles, accompanied by a series of gasps and moans from inside its lush red petals. Slowly, sensuously, the bulb unfurls itself, releasing a cloud of yellow-hued pollen and the sickeningly-sweet scent of sexualized nectar. A naked body slumps out of the flower, a lupine man covered in sticky golden juices from head to toe and to his raisin-dry balls and leaking red cock. He gasps for breath, scrabbling away from the other figure still standing in the heart of the flower.

Or rather... growing from it.

The woman has no legs, but sprouts from the thighs up straight out of the irriguous flower's heart. The lupine's seed leaks freely from a fragrant flowery pussy, smeared across her impossibly broad hips and thick thighs. Her verdant green skin is wrapped in writhing pink vines as fine as her lustrous emerald hair and a long tongue plays across full, pouty lips as she drinks your group in. Crimson eyes linger on you, giving the poor man she'd been coupling with time to scarper.


The Alraune is immobile and is thus first encountered when the party enters the corrupted garden, having first dispatched the guards at the entrance. Angered by the assault upon her daughters the Alraune attacks, promising to turn the party into recepticles for her seeds.

  • Talk
  • Sex
  • Get Seed (Grants an Effigy Seed)


When defeated in combat, or any time afterward if spared, the player may freely talk with the Alraune. Topics include:

Post Combat:

  • Kasyrra - What is the Alraune's relationship with Kasyrra and more importantly, where is the demoness now?
  • Her Origin - You haven't seen anything quite like this planty temptress before. Even her daughters are unlike her. Where did she come from?
  • Her Goals - If you let the Alraune live, what will she get up to?

Visiting thereafter:

  • Garden - Ask how the Garden's going.
  • Daughters - Are her daughters still up to their usual antics?
  • Fortess - Ask her to tell you about the fortress.
  • Kasyrra - Ask her about her experience with Kasyrra, and if she's seen her again.


  • Breed Her - Fuck the Alraune's pussy till every seed is nice and fertilized. - Requires Cock.
  • Get Tentacle'd - Allow the Alraune to use all those writhing tentacles on you.
  • Worship - Have the Alraune use her mouth and breasts on your dick. - Requires Cock.
  • Anal - Pound this plant-babe's ass. - Requires Cock.


The Alraune summons up to 3 of her effigies in combat, her techniques revolve around rapidly draining the party's resolve while restoring her own health. The Alraune should be the sole target of the party, as if she is downed the battle is won. An effective tactic is to use solely tease attacks upon her.

Losing combat to the Alraune leads to a game over where Kasyrra arrives and is disappointed with the player for amounting to so little.

If the player succeeds in defeating the Alraune they are given the choice of killing her, or becoming her new master.


  • Summon Effigy
  • Vine Restrain
  • Heal
  • Pheremone Burst


Stat Value
Armor 47.0
Warding 17.0
Evasion 2.0
Mental Resist 6.0
Magic Resist 7.0
Physical Resist 13.0
Pheremone Resist 33.0
Focus 1.0
Blight Resist 33.0
Drug Resist 33.0
Fire Resist -100.0
Frost Resist -50.0
Storm Resist 33.0
Holy Resist -50.0



Electrum Coins x400 - 100%


After defeating the Alraune, Hornet girls will nolonger become hostile but will instead offer sex. However the effigies remain hostile whether the Alraune was spared or killed.