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While the world is full of bards and performers, only some of these rare souls learn to blend magic and sensuality together into a unique performance that inspires lust and courage. As a charmer, you know how to bolster the courage and fighting spirit of your companions, and how to sap the wills of those who oppose you. Song, spell, and your sensual body are all means to your ends. Your presence -- your innate and irresistible force of personality -- is your greatest weapon, supplemented by the agility of a dancer and the cunning to both manipulate and resist the wiles of others. The life of a charmer is one of joy sought in the hearts of others.

Primary Attribute: Presence

Class Details

Starter Items


  • Level 1: Stylish! | Any piece of Light armor you wear automatically gains the Skimpy tag, if it didn't have it already. While you're wearing Light armor, you gain a bonus to Sexiness equal to your Charmer level.
  • Level 3: Focusing Performance | +10 bonus to Lust Resistance

Class Affinities

Class Talents

Starting Talents

Level 2 Talents