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While the world is full of bards and performers, only some of these rare souls learn to blend magic and sensuality together into a unique performance that inspires lust and courage. As a charmer, you know how to bolster the courage and the fighting spirit of your companions, and how to sap the wills of those who oppose you. Song, spell, and your sensual body are all means to your ends. Your presence -- your innate and irresistible force of personality -- is your greatest weapon, supplemented by the agility of a charmer and the cunning to both manipulate and resist the wiles of others. The life of a charmer is one of joy sought in the hearts of others.

Class Details

Starting Gear

Class Affinities


Backgrounds will increase your starting attributes, and some NPCs may either know you or have special interactions with you based on the background you pick.

Name Starting Boost Affinities Description
Noble Scion Presence +1 Presence
You're the youngest child of a noble family, with all the pampering and prestige that entails — not to mention training in arts of magic or battle to your hearts' content. As the youngest child, though, you had little hope of inheriting power and so now seek your own fortunes on the frontier. Your noble upbringing imparts a bonus to Presence.
Hunter Agility +1 Agility
You were born and raised in the wilderness of the northlands, surviving by your skill with a bow and your attunement with nature. Like you, your parents were adventurers, and left early in your life. You're used to living alone — you're quick, quiet, and fleet of foot after years of living in arboreal solitude. Your life as a hunter has given you greater Agility.
Scholar Cunning +1 Cunning
You were trained in the highest institutes of education in the south, which emulate the legendary colleges of ancient Belhar. The constraints of academia grated against you, however, and eventually you had to strike out on your own. Your rich classical education covered the basics of all manner of scholarly pursuits and the secrets of magic, granting a bonus to your Cunning.
Courtesan Presence +1 Presence
You were a high-class escort in one of the up-and-coming metropolises of the south, always in demand and paid handsomely for your services. You've done it all, with everyone. However, an affair with a powerful noble whose spouse turned against you caused you to flee the city and seek the anonymity of the frontier. Your charisma and manipulative skills increase your Presence.
Minstrel Presence +1 Presence
Once apprenticed to one of the greatest bards in your homeland, you struck out on your own to share your songs and stories across the far frontier. Your career in showmanship has taught you to inspire people and bring them to believe your words and songs, imparting a bonus to Presence.


(You can only pick one level 7 perk)

Name Level Description
Stylish 1 While wearing Light armor, you gain a bonus to Sexiness equal to twice your level.
Focusing Performance 3 When you finish sleeping, you give your friends a show. Your party gains +10 Mental Resistance for 12 hours.
Commanding Presence 5 You add half your Presence to your Mental Resistance.
Enchanting Acts 7 Tease deals 40% of its base damage to all other enemies.
Expert Inspiration 7 Positive Combat Effects you apply last for twice as long.

Class Powers

Starting Powers

Name Type Tags Description
Bolstering Dance At-will Stance You use your dancing to invigorate your allies, restoring X HP to all allies,
then restoring X HP and granting +10 Evasion and Mental Resistance each turn thereafter.
Song of Storms Recharge
N/A You sing a bardic song to the storm goddess, infusing your weapon or an ally's with galeforce.
The target's weapon deals bonus X Storm damage, lasting for 3 turns.
War Song Encounter N/A You sing a song of horror and war, making an attack against enemies' Mental Resistance.
On a hit, you deal X Psychic damage and inflict Terror for 5 turns. In addition, your allies shake off Terrified and Staggered

Level 2 Powers

Name Type Tags Description
Charm Spell Recharge
Spell You weave a charm through your dancing, afflicting a foe with unnatural lusts.
On a hit against its Magic Resistance, the target takes 10 + (Presence / 2) Psychic damage and becomes Aroused for 3 turns.
Allure Recharge
Tease You put everything on display... and on offer... to any foe that looks your way.
You make a Tease attack against every enemy on the field, and on a hit, targets become Aroused for 1 turn as well.
Blinding Beauty Recharge
Spell You channel the power of the dryads, becoming so incandescent that all foes foolish enough
to look upon you are stricken Blind and Terrified for 3 turns. This ability targets Magic Resistance.

Level 4 Powers

Name Type Tags Description
Soothing Dance At-Will ResHeal Using your dances to de-escalate one ally's desires,
you restore X HP and alleviate the Aroused condition.
Song of Splendor Encounter Tease You sing a song of splendor and desire, dealing 33 Tease damage to all enemies when first sung,
and empowering the Sexiness of yourself and your companions for the next 5 turns.
Song of Courage At-Will Stance You sing a song of valor, enhancing the Attack Power, Mental Resistance, and Focus of yourself and your allies by +8 for the duration.
You and all allies recover 18 Health when you start singing.

Level 6 Powers

Name Type Tags Description
Resplendent Aria Encounter N/A You provoke yourself or an ally to action, instantly refreshing the target's Recharge powers.
Dischord Recharge
Spell You let loose a blast of sonic force against your foes, targeting Physical Resistance.
Targets hit take 25 + Spellpower(%) Crushing and 25 + Spellpower(%) Storm damage, and are Staggered for 2 rounds.
Grand Finale Encounter Spell You reach a crescendo, dealing 45 + Spellpower(%) Storm damage if you hit a creature's Mental Resistance.
If this defeats your foe, the power does not go on cooldown.


Name Type Tags Description
Inspiration Ultimate Spell
You rally your allies with the sheer power
of your music. Your party's HP is fully
restored, and all members gain +20%
maximum Health for the rest of the encounter.