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Evelyn Full Bust Moira.png
Bust of Evelyn by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Human
Gender Female (Futa)
Location The Frost Hound

"Don't mind my teasing. Come here, why don't you?" she says, inviting you. "Take a seat. My name is Evelyn."'

Currently Evelyn can only be encountered once so far


The woman on top is wearing a strikingly beautiful red dress that ends at her upper thighs, as if she decided to grace this inn with her presence moments after disappearing from a noble's dancefloor.

The woman kneeling before her is steadily bobbing her head, the sound of slick, wet slaps repeating as she eagerly thrusts herself forwards. An erotic moan from the woman above her alerts you to what's transpiring — she's getting her cock sucked! And extremely vigorously, if the sudden increase in volume is any indication.


The Champion needs to have defeated the Alraune and at least 10 days should have passed since the start of their adventure before they will be able to encounter Evelyn at The Frost Hound.

The Champion will first notice a door slightly ajar and soft pants coming from inside the room. The Champion may:

  • Look - Peek inside. What's going on in here?
  • Don't - None of your business, though they should really be more discreet.

Deciding to peek into the room will reveal the saucy action going on inside the room, the Champion will find two women; one standing wearing a strikingly beautiful red dress and the other on her knees steadily sucking Evelyn's cock. Evelyn will notice the Champion peeking, in which the Champion may:

  • Stay - Your interest is fully piqued.
  • Leave - Wrong Room

Having their interest piqued, the Champion will decide to continue watching, in which Evelyn will silently gesture to the Champion to watch quietly. While praising the ginger-haired doe girl that's swallowing her load, she will mention to the girl to stop only once she goes soft before she greets the Champion watching them. Having suddenly realized there is a person watching, the ginger-haired girl will hesitantly dash away with swollen cheeks of embarrassment, presumably to her own room. Evelyn will offer an invitation to the Champion to come inside, of which the Champion may:

  • Come In - Accept her offer.
  • Leave - On second thought, you have places to be.

Deciding to leave at this moment will blue ball Evelyn of which she will sigh in exasperation as the Champion closes the door.

Accepting Evelyn's invitation will result in some saucy sexing. Deciding when the invitation to join her is given or if the Champion accepted her sexing offer will use up the encounter and the door scene will not become available again.


Having accepted Evelyn's invitation into her room, Evelyn will introduce herself and offer the Champion a seat. The Champion may decide to:

  • On Her Lap - Sit on Evelyn's lap.
    • Facing Her - Sit facing her, getting up close and personal. She does have the kind of figure you want to drink in with your eyes...
    • Facing Away - Sit facing away, with her big, hard cock poking up between your thighs. That seems like it'd be fun...
  • Kneel - Kneel subserviently between her legs.