A Teatime For Dragons

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A Teatime For Dragons
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Quest Giver Kaina
Requirements Glacial Rift must be unlocked
Level Range 6+
Quest Type Side Quest
Reward See Rewards
Location Glacial Rift
Harvest Valley

Her pale flesh turns dark with an incredibly deep blush that finds its way into her shoulders and the tips of her ears. "I got excited and knew I had to treat you properly, as I was brought up to do. So I prepared tea, and gave you what I had... but, uh, I gave you the last of that." The dracotaur wrings her tail so tightly it's astounding that she doesn't end up hurt. "Could you pick up more for me from the village you live in?"

You have a lovely time meeting Kaina, but unfortunately she got overexcited and served you all her tea. Hopefully you know some merchants who regularly travel hostile and inhospitable areas.

NOTE: It is possible to lock yourself out of being able to complete this quest, if you did not recruit Azyrran or closed the door when you first met Evelyn.

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Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Acquire the quest from meeting Kaina Kaina has asked you to get some tea for her, and paid you with a tremendous ruby. There are a few people you could go to for resources; the only issue would be sourcing it reliably, and getting supplies to Kaina.

Likely she would appreciate some food, too. [Perhaps Gianna's Caravan can help you?|Surely someone out there can make the trek to icy lands]

1 Talk to Gianna's Caravan about Kaina's Tea, and having previously met Kohaku You've asked Gianna and Tamarind to source you some tea, and they have assured you that there will be no problems making your delivery up to Kaina. You've even managed to assure some extra trade and travel for Kohaku.
2 Talk to Gianna's Caravan about Kaina's Tea, without having met Kohaku Though you've not crossed ways with a kitsune trader for any green tea, you're sure Kaina will be happy when her delivery arrives regardless.
3 Return to Kaina Kaina has thanked you for sourcing her some tea, and requested you bring some to her auntie: Ashelander, the gold dragon. As unlikely a request as this might be, apparently the mighty dragon was injured a great many years ago and has been sitting alone in a mountain to the west of the harvest valley.
4 Visit Ashe and choose a royal You've delivered Kaina's tea to Ashe... but the poor dragon isn't in a position to enjoy it; she has a debilitating injury, and only royalty can withdraw the spear pinning her wings. This could be done by Azzy, all you have to do is bring her back to Ashe. / Evelyn's a princess; perhaps she can help?
5 Return to Ashe
(quest complete)
Although you can't be convinced this is a happy ending, the matter is resolved. Azzy / Evelyn carries the Amazon Princess' spear, and has been transformed into something... greater. (Azzy only: At the very least your honey-hornet seems to be able to change herself back and forth.) Ashe herself... has passed away, apparently unprepared to face her end. Now what remains of the golden dragon resides in a mace.


You meet Kaina in the Glacial Rift, guarding the entrance to her home. Once you're friendly with her and get invited in, she will give you the quest as you go to leave.



Once you acquire the quest you need to find Gianna's Caravan, either through Explore in any applicable region, or by upgrading the Wayfort and having them be available there. Choose Kaina's Tea to progress. The quest state is different whether or not you've met Kohaku, but either is fine to proceed.

When you return to Kaina, the food and tea has already been delivered. Kaina thanks you, and asks if you can also deliver some tea to her aunt in Harvest Valley.

Dragon Lair

Once you’ve reached the mountains of the western side of Harvest Valley, you can enter the Dragon’s Lair. Inside, you will find the large golden dragon, Ashelander, injured and close to death, with a large spear impaling her. She will tell you that she cannot remove the spear - called the Amazon Spear, a weapon designed for conquest - because it requires a direct line of royalty to wield.

If you brought her along, Ryn will offer to remove the spear herself, as she is of Queen Atheldred’s line. Ashe will be humbled and honored at her offer but will refuse, as she can not bear the thought of another of Iveryn’s line touching it.

You will instead be able to choose either Azyrran or Evelyn to remove the spear, provided you have access to them and have done the proper talks and recruitment. Selecting one will lock you into that selection. Once you’ve brought your chosen royal to the cave and removed the Amazon Spear, Ashe will tell you that the spear acted as life support and that she is now dying. She breathes her last breath into the mace of her closest friend and then dies.

Your royal will be influenced and will have undergone some draconic transformations.


Ashe has passed away, and you have obtained a new mace in return. If you [Use] the mace from your inventory, you will be able to speak with Ashe, as the golden dragon’s essence now resides within the mace. You can visit Kaina and speak with her about how the quest ended.

Notable Loot and Rewards

If Azyrran chosen:

If Evelyn chosen

  • Dragon Evelyn unlocked