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Ashelander by Moira
Creator SKoW
Full name Bringer of Ash, The Fire That Renews the Forest and Scourges Foes
Nickname(s) Ashe
Species Dragon
Gender Female
Relatives Kaina (Niece)
Location Harvest Valley
Version Added 0.5.34

"I am Bringer of Ash, the Fire That Renews the Forest and Scourges Foes. Something a little too exhausting to... say often. Please, call me Ashe, or Ashelander."

Ashelander is a large golden dragon that you encounter during the quest A Teatime For Dragons. She was once friends and sometimes-lovers with Lady Iveryn var Rydell, the younger sister to Queen Atheldred, Etheryn’s grandmother. Her specialty was dream magic.


First meeting:

A brilliance you realize is missing from the rest of this creature; her scales are lackluster, pale imitations of the ones capturing scant light at the throne. You look around carefully, considering this... apparently-unwell dragon isn't speaking up; what might once have been immense wings, capable of blotting out the sky, are tattered and pinned together by a thick, sweeping-headed spear. This injury is the source of that scent of blood, and ancient illness, and every breath seems to tug on it.

As a weapon:

It's a beautiful piece, whose blades are reminiscent, surprisingly, of flowering womanhood, and whose head is capped with a little pink heart gem you would call adorable if it weren't so desperately in need of a cleaning.

In your dreams:

Sat on the edge of your... of someone's bed — a very large, comfortable bed — is a beautiful woman of pale skin, a soft pink complexion, and beautiful gold and rose-gold locks of hair that hang from elegant curving horns.

Jewelry hangs from her in intricate beads of pearls and gold, with sleeves reminiscent of the Ashelander-Mace's haft. She's not facing you, yet, but you can make out twitching ears framed with beautiful scales.


First Encounter

When you first encounter Ashe, it’s during the quest A Teatime For Dragons. You are sent by Kaina, Ashe’s niece, to check up on her in Harvest Valley. When you enter her lair, you find her on the verge of death, wings speared and pinned and unable to move. She will tell you that her closest friend, Iveryn var Ridell, had ridden out while she slept off an injury and was consumed by a wraith. It returned to Ashe using the princess’ body and speared her wings, mocking her before going for the death blow with the mace Ashe had given her as a gift just a year before. Having seen no choice, Ashelander slew her lover and best friend with dragon fire, and has been trapped in her lair ever since.

Once you’ve chosen a royal to remove the Amazon Spear from her wings, Ashelander will tell you that the spear was the only thing keeping her alive and now she is dying. She admits that she is afraid of dying and regrets not being able to do more good deeds and lay in the sun again, before she begs you to place the mace in her mouth. Once you’ve done so, she will breathe her last breath into the magical mace. Her body then turns into golden dust and disperses with a breeze of wind.

Second Encounter

After Ashe passes away, you will receive a new mace. If you select the [Use] prompt on the weapon in your inventory, you realize that Ashe imbued the weapon with her essence, allowing her spirit to live on within the weapon even though her physical body has faded into dust. She asks you to keep her clean and let her lay in the sun in return for using her to smite your enemies, and maybe let her visit your dreams.

Third Encounter

After enabling Dreams in her talk menu as a weapon, the first time you sleep you will meet Ashe in a humanoid-draconic form. She will express her gratitude for what you’ve done and give you this beautiful line:

"You are as a dear flame to me, as you would be to any dragon who holds you in their heart. Even if the whole world should turn against you, I will always remain. I will look over your children, and your children's children. They will know warmth and love from me, be taught strength and song by me, so that they might protect themselves, and the dreams of others."

You can respond with:

  • Thank: That means a lot, thank you.
  • No Thank: Hard to say how you feel about that.
  • Hug: Poor baby.


Once you have interacted with her mace once, you can interact with her like any other NPC simply by selecting [Use] in the inventory over her name.

  • Dreams On: Have Ashe visit your dreams tonight.
  • Affirmations: How does Ashe feel you’re doing?
  • Training: Exercise and meditate under Ashelander’s tutelage; it’s perfect for a night’s sleep!
  • Sex: Have a little fun with Ashelander’s weapon form.

When you dream with Ashe, you can interact with her here as well.

  • Head Rubs: Get some sleepy head rubs.


Ashe has sex options both as a mace, and as herself in your shared dreams.


  • Polish: Get a coarse cloth, some weapon polish, and go to fucking town on those flanges.
  • Shafting: Get shafted, literally. (requires some sort of privacy)


Fuck: More, you choose ‘more’.

  • Give Oral: Eat Ashe out.
  • Get Oral: Get eaten out.
  • Tailpeg: Sit in Ashe’s lap while she tailfucks your ass.
  • Get Fucked: Hike up a leg and have Ashe fuck your pussy. (requires a vagina)
  • Fuck Pussy: sergeant (requires a cock)

Quest Related

A Teatime For Dragons

You encounter Ashe during this quest, after Kaina asks you to check up on her aunt in Harvest Valley


  • As a weapon, when you wield Ashe and score a critical hit, she will yell “Bonk!”. She can also yell "FOR ZE LADY!" and other battlecries (Some might be locked to silly mode)