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Busts by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Species Half-Dragon
Gender Female (Hermaphrodite)
  • When The Snow Falls Upon Grass, All Hearts Become Open (mother) [deceased]
  • Jacquard (father) [deceased]
  • Bringer of Ash, The Fire That Renews The Forest and Scourges Foes (aunt)
Significant Other A Selkie [deceased]
Location Glacial Rift
Level 7
Health 791 HP
Strengths Kaina has 2 action points
Version Added 0.4.40

"Oh... welcome." Kaina twiddles her fingers shyly and welcomes [party.yall] inside, adjusting her ponytail. "Please! Come in out of the cold, I didn't expect you back so soon. Then again... I suppose I can't tell time so well, anyway."

Kaina is a physically imposing half-dragon taur, who also happens to be an agoraphobic shut-in. While initially hostile, she's very happy to see new people if you prove trustworthy. Kaina doesn't have a lot of contact with the outside world. She also particularly enjoys drinking tea.


She's a massive figure, even in her quite-large secret den. Her tauric lower body is a lizard-like form reminiscent of the dragons of yore; primary blue scales streaked with black, from which extends five feet of thick, ridged tail. Her feet are large claws, ending in sharp talons. As far as sexual equipment, Kaina has it all; Nodules and ridges run the length of a draconic cock, with a thick rounded head that ends ultimately in a tapered tip that looks custom made for filling wombs. Apple-sized nuts hug her body closely in a dark black sack, she has a pussy of ebon lips and a similarly night-black asshole.

The more human portion of her body is plenty captivating, even with a deep v-necked fur coat on. Blue and black scales wrap around her hips, leading up to a toned abdomen and ice-white skin. Despite slender shoulders and delicate-looking arms, Kaina has full, jiggling E-cups, and the power to heft a brutal hammer. Her face is feminine and shapely, with bright blue eyes, slightly elfin pointed ears, and a scruffy black ponytail keeps otherwise messy ringlets in check between sweeping horns more reminiscent of a giant ram.


First Encounter

Despite slender shoulders and delicate-looking arms, the dragon... taur, has a massive, brutal hammer.

And it is that hammer whose haft she slaps into her palm. "Been a while since anyone's dared cross the threshold. Why don't you sit down?"

When you first visit Kaina's tile, you take cover in a nearby cave. A large dracotaur emerges, threatening you with a hammer. A fight begins. If you lose the fight, she roughly fucks you before kicking you out of her cave. If you win, you have a choice of what to do.

  • Talk: Look, she came at you very aggressively.
  • Fuck: She was going to do the same to you. (see Sex)

Choosing Fuck and then the Rough sex option ends the encounter with Kaina still hostile. You can meet her again by revisiting the tile. Choosing Talk or one of the Kind sex options leads to Kaina inviting you into her home. It's within the cave, a comfortable space covered by illusion to keep her safe. She prepares you some tea, and you have a nice chat with the surprisingly polite monster-taur.

The first time you go to Leave, she asks you for a favour.

Subsequent Encounters

On subsequent visits, you can choose to have sex with Kaina, though she won't be able to treat you to tea again until you progress her quest. Once you've organised her some tea, she tells you about her aunt, a gold dragon who was wounded during the war with the Jotuns and is resting somewhere in Harvest Valley.

Tea Time

"Want to... cuddle up?"

Once she has the supplies, Kaina is delighted to serve you more tea. There are variants for lactating companions to 'contribute' to the brew, and once it's served everyone settles into the blankets. Kaina makes a move with all the subtlety of a giant half-dragon taur, which you can reciprocate or politely decline.

  • Just Drink
    • Rest
    • Leave
  • Cuddle: Get a little closer, this will probably result in getting sexed up!


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops
Attack Power: 60.0 Armor Penetration: 40.0
Spellpower: 24.0 Spell Penetration: 20.0
Sexiness: 21.0 Temptation: 20.0
Accuracy: 40.0 Critical Chance: 8.0
Armor: 95.0 Physical Resist: 30.0
Warding: 48.0 Magic Resist: 8.0
Focus: 0.0 Evasion: 20.0
Blight Resist: -75.0 Pheromone Resist: -75.0
  • All Breasts
N/A stealable - [+]
  • 1000 XP
  • 400 EC


If you lose to Kaina in her initial encounter, you get fucked by the dracotaur. If you win, you have the option to Fuck her. Choosing one of the Kind options leads to Kaina becoming friendly and inviting you inside, while Rough Facefuck keeps her hostile.

  • Kind Oral: You got off on the wrong foot; why not give the dragon's pussy a good time?
  • Kind Fuck: Press her up against the wall and please her tailhole. (requires penis)
  • Rough Facefuck: She fucking started it.

Once you're friendly with Kaina, the following options are available from her Sex menu. You also get a covert buttfucking from Kaina if you Cuddle during Tea Time.

  • Cowgirl: Kaina does her best to ride you cowgirl. (requires penis)
    • Get Penetrated: Spread 'em, slut.
    • No Thanks: Just stick to the tail-hug.
  • Fuck Pussy: Get nice and comfortable, and fuck Kaina's pussy while her tail hugs you roughly. (requires penis)
  • Get Ravaged: Have Kaina push you down and fuck your brains out.

Quest Related

A Teatime For Dragons

Kaina needs more tea but is too much of a shut-in to get it herself. Maybe you can help?