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Busts of Gianna by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Nickname(s) Gia
Species Gargoyle
Gender Female
Occupation Trader
Bust Size C
Location Gianna's Caravan

"I’m Gianna, owner of this magical-as-fuck caravan. I’m a very pretty girl hidden away under here. That answer enough, m’dear?"

"I’m an accomplished writer of runes, or I’d not even be here. This caravan’s basically a part of me, and is as indestructible as... Well, as me."

Gianna is gargoyle who travels the Marches with her Caravan of Wonders and her companions Tamarind and Svern. She always wanted freedom and she liked the romance of wandering and helping adventurers. Its noted that when the light touches her skin, she becomes dangerously horny and just in-general dangerous.


A tousle of shoulder-length wavy grey locks reflect the light like liquid silver, and when they’re shifted away you’re treated to the sight of pale grey, iris-less fractal orbs staring out from underneath heavy, black-painted lids. They observe you, while you take in her face; sculpted, feminine, with pouting, likewise-painted lips, and the hints of poking fangs.

Her entire body is the smooth grey of wet stone; cute perky c-cups with prominent, diamond-hard nipples greet you rather pointedly, slightly darker than the rest of her flesh. Her arms look strong, with tendons standing out like whipcords when she tenses and un-tenses them. Not to mention how her fingers terminate in thick, razor-sharp claws.

At a distance you’d imagine she was just a grey-skinned humanoid, except her abdomen looks literally chiseled, travelling downwards to a cutely shaved little strip of grey fluff hanging over a neat, human-looking pussy. Her feet likewise look human… save for the massive claws, including some hooked back-toes that remind you of a carnivorous raptor.

Finally she turns around, and you see the stubby marks of hacked-off wings at her shoulder blades, and a thick, bullwhip of a tail that unravels from her waist. Just underneath the tail you catch the winking, slightly paler skin of her butthole, between firmly chiseled cheeks, right where it belongs.


When encountering Gianna for the first time, she will introduce herself and her Caravan of Wonders, along with her companions Tamarind and Svern. The Champion will also be offered a free drink (provides a Pale Ale boon and consumption of 1x Alcohol) as first time customers get a free drink.

On repeat encounters with the Caravan, although the Champion can't see her smile beneath the rags, they can certainly sense it as she waves them closer. She gives a quick slap on the side of the caravan that out folds the familiar awning with its lovely shop display.

The following options are available should the Champion decide to approach Gianna when encountering the Caravan:

  • About You - Ask about this mysterious being.
  • The Caravan - What the heck is this thing?
  • Flirt - Maybe Gianna would be up for a romp? (requires talked About You)
    • Domme Me - Show me what you’ve got.
    • Butt-Fuck - She has a really cute bum.
    • Scissor - Time to get properly coiled up with this cutie. (requires a vagina)
    • Tailpeg - A nice thick... long... tail.

Asking her about herself will result in her removing her bundle of clothes, revealing that she's a gargoyle. She also mentions that the moment light hits her body, she gets dangerously horny and just in-general dangerous.

When asked about the caravan, Gianna states that although she's great at writing runes, she needed the help of Tamarind and Svern to help with the math for it. With a bunch of experimenting, a little mechanical work and some banditry-of-bandits, they had everything they needed for her caravan. She always wanted freedom, but without a goal, its just aimless, so she liked the romance of wandering and helping adventurers.


Gianna is quite dommy, such that most of her sex scenes will result in the Champion being Bruised and Beaten (except Butt-Fuck (vagina or Cock <=6" variant))

Flirting with Gianna will result in the following options:

  • Domme Me - Show me what you’ve got.
  • Butt-Fuck - She has a really cute bum.
  • Scissor - Time to get properly coiled up with this cutie. (requires a vagina) (Silly Mode: You have two tickets to the clam-slam)
  • Tailpeg - A nice thick... long... tail.