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Busts of Naiyana by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Full name Asani Naiyana
Species Marefolk
Gender Female (pre-capture)
Occupation Chieftain (pre-capture)
Title Ex-Chieftain
Height 6'1"
Cock Size 12"
Bust Size I
Family The entire Marefolk Village
Spouse Unnamed Marefolk husband/wife [deceased]
Children Atani (daughter)
Location Centaur Village (during Harboring a Fugitive)
Marefolk Village (post quest)
Version Added 0.3.5

"Oh look at you! It always warms my heart to see you doing well. How do you fare, my lovely saviour?"

Naiyana was the Chieftain of the Marefolk Village before she was abducted during a centaur raid and the title was placed onto her daughter, Atani. Like her daughter, she emits an enticing scent of a mare in heat, however, having gained heavier tits and a giant cock and balls from her captivity at the centaur village, the scent of sex that boils off of her greatly outshines her daughter's. It's mentioned by Atani that her mother wields a great big studded quarterstaff as a weapon, although it's not seen, it is akin to a training staff which is an eight foot stick of thick hefty-wood covered end-to-end in metallic studs, the difference being that Naiyana's is bigger and heavier. Everyone in the village calls Naiyana mom or mother.

"She's a beautiful woman. Strong and proud, but she's everyone's mother. Every day with her in those horrid centaurs' clutches is like a stabbing pain. I miss her so much, and I feel like I never got a chance to tell her I love her. She spent so much time being a mother to everyone that maybe I felt a little left out."
"We're glad you've come home to us, it is a quiet home without a mother."


Now that she's face-on, you can at least get a good look at her... and gods if there isn't a lot to take in. She has soft copper hair that looks like it should be tied up in a bun, but is more a bedraggled mess than anything. Her fur is soft and grey, and despite muscular-looking limbs she has a soft squishy tummy. Huge I-cup breasts bounce with every breath, and once more your eyes are drawn to the foot-long horse-dick which seeps thick pre-cum from a weighty black scrotum. Her hips are wide and built to birth, supported by a massive ass from which sprouts a swishing horse-tail of the same copper hue.

Naiyana’s fur is a soft grey and her body is plush and curvy, although it would seem height tends to skip generations back-and-forth considering she’s near a foot shorter than her daughter. Her hair is a rich copper, still full of gloss and lustre despite her advanced age and tied up into a neat bun. The lines at the corners of her sea-green eyes are made more for smiling than worry, and when she looks at you she gives you the very same smile you’re used to seeing on Atani herself.

Atani’s mother is a beautiful woman, make no mistake. She’s come a long way since you met her in the breeding stocks, but her time with the corrupted centaurs has definitely left a permanent mark on her; her tits are heaving and always full to the brim with milk. Where there had once just been a womanhood, a throbbing prick rests above large meaty nuts, and the scent of sex boils off of her with an intensity that outshines even her daughter’s prodigious pheromones.


During Harboring a Fugitive

Once the Champion has made their way to the Centaur Village with Ahmri, they must first defeat the Unitaur to find Naiyana. After defeating the Unitaur and clearing themselves from the tauric mess, the Champion is hit with an overpowering scent of fuck as they hear a moan for help. The Champion investigates a tent, to be met with the sight of a large marefolk woman with a mask over her face and cloth covering her ears, and on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air. The Champion cautiously asks if she's okay, but they're met with a loud voice begging them to fuck her again. With that, the Champion has the following options:

  • Fuck Pussy - Fuck it, sure. (requires a cock and results in +3 Corruption and Cum Covered)
  • Fist Pussy - Let's get you emptied out. (results in +1 Corruption, Cum Covered and -50 Resolve [or until 1 left])
  • Talk - Unbind her and try to get some sense out of her.

If the Champion decided to fuck her in some way, after sexing the mare, she realizes that the Champion is not a centaur and asks what they're doing at the camp. They give her a proper look over before they realize something and ask for the mare's name, to which she eventually replies that she's Asani Naiyana. They realize now that she's the chieftain's mother and the centaurs have done a serious number on her. Variations of the Champion's personality will come into play here, as a Dark Knight will authoritatively command their newest fuckpet to wait for them at the gate, while a Champion or Bimbo would realize their awkward mistake, before telling her that they're there to rescue her. Her eyes water and she hugs their waist before saying thank you, she will then wait at a different tent to gather her wits together, but she promises to be ready by the time they're ready to leave the village.

Not fucking her will have the mare assume they want to use her face first, and she turns to face the Champion, allowing them a better look at her. They ask her for her name, to which she struggles slightly before saying her name; Asani Naiyana. Variations of the Champion's personality will come into play here, as a Dark Knight, will authoritatively command their newest fuckpet to wait for them at the gate, while a Champion or Bimbo would inform her that they're there to rescue her. When she asks how did they get through everyone, the Champion assures her that they already dealt with them. This realization makes her eyes water and she hugs their waist before saying thank you, she will then wait at a different tent to gather her wits together, but she promises to be ready by the time they're ready to leave the village.

Once the quest has been cleared [regardless of the outcome], the Champion will find Naiyana by the gates of the centaur village. The journey back is uneventful as they escort her back to the marefolk village. Thankfully, Naiyana seems well-suited to long travel despite her new giant sloshing balls between her legs. Once they reach the village, Atani rushes towards her mother with an expression of pure, child-like delight. Naiyana, uncaring of her new breeding mare-figure, steps up and catches her daughter in a hug, unfortunately, it's short-lived when Naiyana's cock shoots up to full mast at the merest contact of a body. Atani is quite shocked and asks what happened to her mother, but Naiyana brushes it aside stating that it's something they can talk about later, and for now she's just glad to be home. The two embrace once more as Atani sobs into her mother's neck. After a few minutes, Edessari and Wredi approach them with a blanket and a large mug of tea. Wredi softly expresses her relief that Naiyana has come home, although Naiyana's scent causes both guards to throb awkwardly at full mast. Before things can get more awkward with Atani standing in the middle of three weighty horse-cocks, Naiyana clears her throat and suggests that it would be best for her to go to a tent and get herself properly situated as they can spend some time together once she calms down but before she's escorted by Atani and Wredi, she thanks the Champion once again. Edessari steps in next to the Champion and comments that it's going to be a hard time getting used to Naiyana's new endowments, literally. She adds that although she'd love for the Champion to join them for a drink, she asks if they could let the chieftain and her mother spend some time alone. The Champion nods and agrees, smiling at the delighted expression on Edessari's face.

Post Harboring a Fugitive

Having been rescued from the corrupted centaurs, Naiyana can be found to the east of the Marefolk Village. When the Champion visits Naiyana, she will give them a powerful hug before asking how do they fare. With that, the following option will become available:

  • Catch Up - Spend some time with the rehabilitating parent.
  • Marriage - Marry her daughter. (must have accepted Atani's confession)

Catch Up

Catching up will involve asking Naiyana how she's been doing. She rhetorically asks if Atani told them to check up on her, before saying that she's been doing a lot better and that she's proud of how well Atani has done in her stead. Although the heat she gets are so intense, she's getting there but this causes her prick to slam into the table's underside. Her scent is so intense that it makes the Champion lightheaded, but Naiyana notices and walks them to the opening of the tent. She hugs them and says that she appreciates them for keeping a dear old woman company.


Having accepted Atani's confession, the Champion must go to Naiyana and get her approval. The Champion asks Naiyana for permission to marry her daughter, to which Naiyana lets out a little gasp and plants her hands on her mouth, she then gives them their blessing as the Champion is her saviour and the saviour of her people. She will then excuse herself as she needs to speak to her loving daughter.

Wedding Ceremony

On the night of the wedding, Naiyana will be singing in a deep and confident tone as she spends some time with her daughter before giving her away. Once everything is all set, Naiyana walks her daughter down the aisle before eventually taking a seat. Once the Champion and Atani are officially married, Cait ushers the newly-weds into Atani's tent for the couple to consummate, but not before they see Cait saunter up to Naiyana and give her the eyes. Sometime after the hot and steamy marital sex, they find a cum-stuffed Cait sleeping while still planted on Naiyana's still-erect cock. They extricate Cait and leave the marefolk to their collective hangovers.