Edessari & Wredi

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Edessari & Wredi



Busts of Edessari & Wredi by Moira
Creator SomeKindofWizard
Alias Mare Guard
Species Marefolk
Gender Dickgirls
Occupation Atani's Bodyguards
Cock Size ~12" (both)
Location Marefolk Village
Version Added 0.2.15

"Wredi always gets the blowjobs, I want your mouth."

"That’s because I like the— you know, I shouldn’t complain. I never get buttstuff with you."

Once more the mares thrust forward at the same time, filling you to the brim and setting off hot pleasure-laden waves that rock you from head-to-tail... and then you hear something a little unexpected; the clapping of two hands above your head. It’s hard to get a good look up, but it becomes pretty obvious that these two are high fiving. Not exactly the classiest thing, but to be fair you are getting fucked like a beast in the middle of town.

Edessari and Wredi are the tough shemare bodyguards of Atani. They've known her since she was a child and that according to Atani, they are the strongest of the marefolk, however, they are honor-bound to guard their friend and chieftain at all times. Being Atani's bodyguards, they are quite exposed to her radiating scent, which can cause horny complications, complications which the Champion can relieve depending on their relationship score with Atani. They are quite protective of Atani, as they would kick the Champion out of the village for making her cry to thanking them for making Atani happy, should they have accepted Atani's confession.

"W-what? No! No, they’re... they’re just my friends, and the strongest. Would that I could spare them to help fight out there, and I know they want to... but they’re honor-bound to remain."


Edessari gasps, even as she’s tucking a block lock of hair out of her face. You’re struck for a moment at how cute her pubes are... and the fact that she has them. Well, technically she doesn’t, but for some reason the fur above her dick is thicker and a similar blue to that of her head despite the warm brown-ness of the rest of her. Much akin to the nearly-identical Edessari, Wredi’s got a tuft of thicker fluff above her massive steaming equine boner that’s the same color as her flowing red locks. It would be cute if not for the fact that the raw animal smell of them both in your nostrils is enough to have your heart hammering, and blood rushing right down into your depths once more.


First Meeting

The Champion may first meet the Mare Guards when refusing Atani's request to save her mother from the centaurs, where after hearing their refusal to her plea, she will burst into tears. Before the Champion can respond, one of her guards grips them hard on the shoulder and hauls them from the tent. She will then proceed to kick the Champion out of the village while the other attempts to soothe their crying chieftain.

Subsequent Meetings

If the Champion had initially refused Atani's request, before they can visit her again, her guards will bar them entry and ask if they'd had a change of heart. With that, the following options will become available:

  • Yes - Okay, maybe you feel a bit bad.
  • No - This still? Fuck that.

If they'd haven't had a change of heart, they will literally be booted out of the village.

If they've had a change of heart, the Champion will apologize and state that they'd like to help. This will earn them a long hard stare from the guards before one goes to inform Atani about the news. After she returns, they permit them entry into the chieftain's tent, but not before one warns them that if they make Atani cry again, she will gut them.

Although not directly approachable like most characters, Edessari and Wredi make their appearance after the Champion fucks Atani. Being in close proximity to the sexing that occurred plus the Champion is basked in their chieftain's scent will make the mare guards very pent up (see Sex section for conditions and options).


Harboring a Fugitive

Once the Champion's preparations are complete and they are ready to begin the centaur rescue, the Champion, Ahmri, Atani, and her guards will begin formulating a plan on what to do with the centaurs. Ahmri is able to convince the group that the marefolk just need to distract the centaurs long enough for the Champion to get into the village and deal with the source of the corruption. One of the mare guards huffs proudly that the marefolk hunters and foragers have eluded the centaurs for centuries, and that one venture won't be difficult.



After a session of Sixty-Nine, Titfuck, or leaving after Get Ridden or Scissor with Atani, upon exiting her tent, the Champion will find the two horny shemares trying desperately to handle their arousal after listening to the sex that just happened and that the Champion is basked in Atani's scent. The following options will become available:

  • Leave - They can handle themselves.
  • Tease - Just a tiny smooch.
  • Fuck Guards - Get some big fat shemare horse cock in your holes. (requires >= 80 relationship and results in Orally Filled, Anally Filled and Fatigued)

Quest Related

Harboring a Fugitive

While the marefolk distract the centaurs, and the Champion and Ahmri infiltrate the centaur village, Edessari and Wredi will keep their chieftain safe while they're gone.