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Marefolk are a race of anthropomorphic horses native to Savarra; this race of beastkin earns its moniker because the overwhelming majority of its population are either female or female-appearing intersexed individuals. This is because males become afflicted by a peculiar mental degradation as they enter puberty, which diminishes the intellect and leaves them driven by violent impulses and pure lust thereafter. The only cure is ingestion of an herb called Mare's Barley, which has the side effect of causing the male to develop feminine physical traits, though without impeding their functionality as males. Because of this, male marefolk are presented with a choice at puberty on whether or not they will take the herbal treatment; those who decide not to undergo the regime are exiled, although it is implied by Atani that most female marefolk will still seek out these bestial stallions for breeding when they desire children.

A Marefolk Village can be found in the southern part of the Harvest Valley region. Prior to the Corruption, they were on peaceful terms with the residents of Hawkethorne, but afterwards, the taint's effects on its inhabitants begins to strain relations as the residents turn more violent and lust-driven.

When talking to Garth about Harvest Valley, he mentions that the females of the village would occasionally "kidnap" men who were traveling through the area, but prior to the arrival of Kasyrra, this was all for show; the participants would have sex and then go their separate ways after their mutual fun was finished. After the demon's arrival, things began taking a more serious turn, a side-effect of corruption's negative influence on their minds.

Hostile Marefolk

Peaceful Marefolk