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Klemaia nude.Moira.0.png

Busts by Moira
Creator Wsan
Full name Klemaia
Nickname(s) Maia
Species Marefolk
Gender Dickgirl
Occupation Adventurer
Significant Other
Location Khor'minos

"If we're measuring currents, Klemaia must be a raging river," Lily says.

She glances at the marefolk's loincloth before meeting Everna's eyes, the corners of her mouth quirking upwards a bit.

"There's a lot of her to take care of, and she has the appetite to match."

Klemaia is a marefolk found lounging in the bath house of Khor'minos. She is accompanied by her elven harem of Everna, Lily, and Rose (not to be confused with the minotaur of the same name). She's more than willing to induct further members into her harem, elf or not.


You meet Klemaia in the Khor'minos bath house between 20:00 - 3:00. You can talk with her about both herself and her elven companions as well as propose to join them in group activities.

  • About Her: Ask about Klemaia.
  • Elves?: You're mildly curious as to the origin story of three beautiful elves lying against the marefolk.
  • Rose & Lily: The two sisters have pale skin but their features are quite different. Rose has long red hair and deep green eyes, while Lily has shorter white hair and light blue eyes. You can see the resemblance in their faces, but only just.
  • Everna: Everna has tanned-brown skin and a larger, bustier body than Lily and Rose. It looks like she might have come from afar.
  • Harem?: Seems like there's a harem situation going on here. You could ask about the dynamics a little... if you're interested.
  • Join Harem?: Whether intentional or not, these elven women are making a hell of a sales pitch for being one of Klemaia’s lovers. Is it possible she’d accept another?
    • Join In: Joining Klemaia's harem for the night seems like the best possible decision you could make right now.
    • Maybe Later: Joining a harem is a bit too much of a commitment for you right now.
  • Relax w. Harem: You're a part of them, now. This is your place to relax. (replaces Harem? and Join Harem? after Joining In)
    • Touch Klemaia: Take some comfort in the marefolk's imposing physical presence.
    • Kiss Girls: Share some of your love for Klemaia with the others.
    • Maia's History: How did Klemaia get to where she is today?
    • Pregnancy?: It's a wonder Klemaia doesn't have the girls constantly pregnant, with all the sex they're having...
      • Impregnate Me: There is a solution here... (available if Klemaia cannot impregnate you)
      • Contraceptives: Ask Klemaia to start taking contraceptives again – more children right now would make things difficult. (available if Klemaia can impregnate you)
      • AnnouncePreg: You have an announcement to make to the group. (available while pregnant with Klemaia's child)
    • Go To Inn: Head to the inn for the night to indulge in some hot and heavy pleasure with Klemaia and the girls.


"Mmmmnn... I think this is going to be an all-nighter..."

If you Talk to Klemaia when she's present in the bath house, you can offer to Join Harem? at which point you can Join In and head to the inn with Klemaia and her girls. For your first time with Klemaia and her harem, you can have her take you either Roughly or Gently. After the first encounter, you can Relax w. Harem and Go To Inn to select from Klemaia's extended sex menu.

  • Gentle: You want some gentle, loving sex, being held in Klemaia's arms and made to cum until your head is spinning.
  • Rough: Klemaia holds you down and gives you a violent pounding you'll never forget.
  • AllNightMating: You've offered to be impregnated – all that's left is to make it a reality by spending all night being plowed senseless by your marefolk lover, aided by the girls. (available if Klemaia can impregnate you, Champion knockup chance)
  • Deepthroat: Take that monster of a horsecock down your throat to give it the hot, wet sheath it deserves.
  • Ass Worship: Eat Klemaia's big, curvy ass while she's balls-deep in the other girls giving them the time of their lives.