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Busts of Rose by Moira
Creator Wsan
Species Minotaur
Gender Female
Occupation Barkeep
Religion Velunian
Location The Wild Stallion

"Great," she says, smiling. "Anything but another soldier. I'm Rose. What can I do for you? We've got rooms and drinks."

Rose is the barkeep and owner at Khor'minos inn The Wild Stallion. With the ongoing siege, inns and taverns around the city have had to quarter soldiers, leading to Rose taking on a greatly increased workload. Stressed and overworked, Rose is looking for a brave adventurer to take on the quest to provide low-commitment ongoing sexual relief to a busty cowgirl bar owner.


You meet Rose upon entering The Wild Stallion. As the barkeep, she provides most of the bar's services. If you ask to Talk to her, she'll ask you to come back between 22:00 - 6:00 when she's not as busy.

  • Rooms: Ask about rooms.
    • Pay 900: Pony up for rooms. (costs 900 EC)
    • Never Mind: Maybe you won't go for rooms right now.
    • Steep?: That seems a little expensive for three rooms for a month.
  • Drinks: Buy a drink. (see The Wild Stallion)
  • Talk: Rose looks like she isn't too busy. (requires between 22:00 - 6:00)
    • Sure: You'd be glad to keep her company.
    • No Thanks: You're not interested in buxom cowgirls.
  • Sex: See if Rose needs any more help with her problem. (requires completing Talk, between 22:00 - 6:00)


"I've been very busy in the last few months. So busy that I don't have time for a relationship, really, not if I want to keep this place," Rose murmurs to you. "Casual fun is all well and good but there are precious few options ever available. So if it seems like I'm coming off a little desperate..." She sighs, pushing the hair out of her face and down her shoulders. "I guess I am."

If you Talk to Rose between 22:00 - 6:00, she discusses how she hasn't had time for herself lately, and asks if you'd be willing to serve as a stress reliever. If you choose Sure, you'll have sex with her and from then can approach her between 22:00 - 6:00 once a night to help relieve her stress again. After the first encounter, you can choose from her sex menu in subsequent encounters.

  • Doggystyle: Put Rose on the bed and fuck her from behind until she's sated. (requires penis)
  • Cowgirl: Tell Rose to set her own pace while she's on top of you. (requires penis)
  • Missionary: Lay Rose down and give her a hard, passionate fucking. (requires penis)
  • Fem Sex: (triggers automatically if no penis)