The Wild Stallion

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The Wild Stallion

The Wild Stallion map.png

Location of The Wild Stallion
Region Khor'minos Main Street
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

The Wild Stallion is an inn on the Main Street. Due to rising food prices during the siege and the quartered soldiers, it's quite expensive to get a room at the moment. On the bright side, Rose is a friendly host and the off-duty legion members make for a lively atmosphere.

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There's an inn here — "The Wild Stallion". There's a silhouette of the horse's head on the sign. It's seen better days. Actually, the text is pretty close to illegible. It does seem loud and lively inside, though.


Noise fills the air from the moment you enter, raucous soldiers and bar-goers all but outright partying atop the tables. It looks like everyone is getting along smashingly, though there's definitely an incentive to be friendly when you've got a bunch of legionnaires sat inside. Any disturbance is going to be put down posthaste.



Most interactions go through Rose, the barkeep. You can order rooms, drinks, or even volunteer your services as a booty call for the overworked custodian. Due to the strength of the alcohol being served, ordering two drinks close together will cause you to pass out, with varying outcomes depending on whether you've already purchased a room and if you have the Bimbo personality.

If you pay for a room, you and your companions can sleep at the inn.

  • Barkeep / Rose: Go talk to the barkeep / Rose.
    • Rooms: Ask about rooms
      • Pay 900: Pony up for rooms. (costs 900 EC)
      • Never Mind: Maybe you won't go for rooms right now.
      • Steep?: That seems a little expensive for three rooms for a month.
    • Drinks: Buy a drink.
    • Talk: Rose looks like she isn't too busy. (requires between 22:00 - 6:00)
    • Sex: See if Rose needs any more help with her problem. (requires having done Talk with Rose, and between 22:00 - 6:00)
  • Party!: Oh wow, there's so many minotaur men! And they're all so fucking hot! (requires Bimbo personality)
  • Sleep: Head up to your room and get some shuteye. (requires having bought a room)


The following drinks can be purchased from Rose's Drinks option. Each drink costs 30 EC, and are consumed instantly upon purchase. On consumption, you gain a Boon depending on which drink you purchased.

Name Function Description Note
Mead Maximizes Cunning Get some honeyed alcohol. Sweet and easy, a favored drink among rank-and-file soldiers. (grants Taurus Mead boon) The effects of alcohol last for one hour. Due to the strength of Khor'minos alcohol, drinking two beverages in the space of one hour will cause the champion to black out.
Ale Maximizes Willpower The undiscerning adventurer's choice of drink. Served in every inn from here to Yvennes, or so they say. Every region's got their own spin on it. (grants Dragon's Ale boon)
Beer Maximizes Strength Pick a random beer from their selection — there's certainly enough of them. They don't all taste the same, but you've got a pretty good idea of what you'll be getting. (grants Rye Beer boon)
Wine Maximizes Toughness Not too dissimilar from the "world famous in Khor'minos" bloodwine, it makes a fine substitute. (grants Spiced Wine boon)
Sherry Maximizes Agility Khor'minos' peculiar landscape makes for some interesting opportunities when it comes to ingenuity in cultivating common foods. At least one of them results in amazing wine! (grants Minoan Sherry boon)