Khor'minos Baths

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Khor'minos Baths

Khor'minos Baths map.png

Map of Khor'minos Baths
Region Khor'minos
Level range 6+
Accessible from Khor'minos Main Street
Neutral Hub Yes

"This is nice," Brienne says, turning her head. "This place is a pillar of the Minoan community." She taps an actual pillar supporting an archway with her knuckles. "Lots of people don't come here to bathe, or at least not just for that. It's pretty common to just hang out here and talk. Though I do hear the baths are nice... probably better than the ones I've been to."

The Khor'minos Baths are a leisure area where the citizens of Khor'minos mingle and get pampered. It's been a key source of relief since the city was locked down, and a generous senator has made entrance free. Things do seem to be getting a little frisky with everyone cooped up, but surely that's a natural consequence and nothing to do with demonic corruption.

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Points of Interest


The room itself is beautiful, adorned in marble with huge murals upon its walls. There are several benches with cowgirl attendants standing nearby, and you can see a few people getting an oil massage. So that's why people leaving this place smell so good! The scent wafts over to you — sweet, but not overbearing.

Heading south from the atrium, you can treat yourself in the heated baths. If you bring Arona you get a special event with the big lug.

  • Massage: Get a massage courtesy of the cowgirls.
  • Arona: Arona wanted to come to the Bath House with you — spend some quality time with the big orc. (Arona must be present)
  • [Boreal Elf|Tarandra]: [There's a diminutive wyld elf sitting by herself, grooming her hair. You notice she's wearing a loincloth — not a skirt — which means she must be at least half-sex, if you understood the dress code.|Tarandra's on her own again, brushing her hair on a bench.] (requires being between 2:00-5:00)

Swimming Pools

The air here is cooler than that of the teyarium, and it's a welcome change. You feel refreshed as you walk inside and take a look around, noting the pools of varying sizes and depths. The construction is fairly impressive – you can't help but wonder how much work went into this.

To the west, there are cooler swimming pools for exercise and refreshment.

  • [Lizardfolk Male|Yonzan]: [Go say hi to the friendly-looking lizardfolk.|Yonzan hasn't noticed you just yet, but you can see him looking around every so often.] (requires being between 5:00-10:00)


Steam billows around you from the moment you step foot in the saldarium, the air several degrees hotter than the mild room you just came from and noticeably muggy. It's quite a plain room, the intended purpose obvious.

To the east, you can find a number of interesting denizens luxuriating at night.

  • [Noble Girl?|Arille]: [There's a stunning cowgirl reclined against the opposite wall of the pool looking right at you.|Arille's looking at you.] (requires penis, and being between 20:00-1:00)
  • [Sheepgirl|Noire]: [Wade up and say hi to the cute little sheep.|Say hi to your cute [|, pregnant ]sheep-slut.] (requires being between 17:00-22:00)
  • [Marefolk|Klemaia]: [There's an ostentatious-looking marefolk woman sitting poolside with what looks to be her harem — three big-breasted elven women leaning against her, gazing adoringly at their bigger partner. She's covered in tribal markings and tattoos, swirling white patterns that adorn her glistening chocolate skin.|Klemaia and the girls are here, as usual. She looks every bit as striking as she did the first time you met her.] (requires being between 20:00-3:00)