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Busts of Yonzan by Moira
Creator Wsan
Nickname(s) Zan
Species Pexighast
Gender Male
Occupation Carpenter
Location Khor'minos Baths
Version Added 0.4.43

"Oh- hey... [pc.n]- [pc.name]," he stutters. He's blushing already. "Um... how's it going?"

Yonzan is a swimmer you encounter using the pools in the Khor'minos Baths. He's big and muscular, being a former soldier who works as a carpenter. However, if you talk to him, you discover he's a sweetheart and very easy to bully.


There's a big, muscular lizardfolk boy swimming laps through one of the lanes. Looks like he just got here.


First Encounter

Yonzan is available in the swimming pools at the Khor'minos Baths between 5:00-10:00. You approach the athletic lizardfolk as he's taking a break. He's very friendly, and mentions he has time to chat if you're interested.

Subsequent Encounters

You can visit the friendly lizardfolk whenever he's at the pool. If you've had sex with Yonzan, the approach and conversations vary as you bully the submissive beefcake.

  • Background: Did Yonzan come here from afar, or was he born here?
  • Swimming: Why'd he pick swimming as his thing?
  • Swim Together: [Pass the time with the friendly scaled guy by swimming with him.|Poor Zan — but you'd love to hop in the water with the big-cocked boy and tease him a while...]
  • Sex: Proposition Yonzan for some changing room fun. (requires having had sex with Yonzan)

The first time you choose Swim Together, you notice that Yonzan has very visibly gotten excited as a result. You can Flirt with him to seal the deal, or politely ignore it. If you've had sex with him, the Swim Together scene becomes you masturbating him in the pool as he tries not to make a scene.

  • Flirt: There is an enormous bulge in this boy's shorts. You're doing your best not to stare but it's clear he's hung like a horse, and he's right at eye level with you. (see Sex)
  • Never Mind: Brush the distraction aside.


"W-well..." he says, struggling to get the words out, his eyes roving all over you. "Can- can we... do it again?"

You unlock Yonzan's sex menu by offering to Swim Together with him, and then Flirt. Yonzan has the following sex options.

  • Ride Him: Push Zan down and [squeeze that gigantic cock into your [pc.pussy]|get that gigantic cock deep in your ass].
  • Fuck His Ass: Turn Zan around and pound him silly until you force him to empty his bulging nuts all over the wall. (requires penis)
  • Dom Blowjob: Have Zan lean back and do his best to resist while you pump a massive load out of his cock with your mouth.