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Busts of Arille by Moira
Creator Wsan
Full name Arille Khel'salak
Species Cowgirl
Gender Female
Occupation Bathhouse Manager
Title Miss Arille (Noire)
Mistress (conditional)
Family Senator Khel'salak (father)
Location Khor'minos Baths
Version Added 0.4.42

Right when you make up your mind to satisfy your curiosity about this woman, she pushes off the wall and floats towards you. Conversations die down, heads turn, and it feels like even through the steam all eyes are on her as she approaches you, an easy smile on her face. The water ripples around her hips when she reaches the pool's shallow side, the surroundings fading away until it's just her standing in front of you.

"You're the first interesting thing that's been around in a while," she says. "You're not from around here, are you?"

Arille is a Khor'minos noble with a tendency to get what she wants. Her father has placed her in charge of the Khor'minos Baths, where she can be found luxuriating with her family servant Noire.

"Miss Arille is quite the socialite, and she keeps me busy scheduling her meetings and appointments. Usually, that leads people to think she's just a party heifer, but I know better — she's got a sharp mind up in that head of hers. While it's traditional for minoan womenfolk to go into things like engineering and alchemy, a big part of being in the senate is knowing who's who, and she's had a strong start on that."


There's a beautiful caramel cowgirl reclined in the pool. Despite her obvious attractiveness she's not getting any attention – in fact it seems like everyone is actively avoiding her, though you can't narrow down the reason. She looks you over, and you get the distinct feeling you're the first person she's even glanced at in a while.


First Encounter

Arille can be found in the Khor'minos Baths in the Saldarium between the hours of 20:00-1:00. If you have a penis, you can select her option and she'll approach to ask how you got into the city.

  • Great Warrior: Your heroic feats are many and your reputation precedes you.
  • Name On List: Your name was on an entry list. Very convenient.
  • Coincidence: Who knows? You pretty much just showed up and stumbled in.

Whatever you say, Arille is intrigued, and invites you to continue the conversation somewhere private. If you say No, the conversation ends.

  • Yes: You do want to see that. (see Sex)
  • No: You're not interested in this would-be dominator

Subsequent Encounters

If you previously said No, Arille will repeat her offer. If you said Yes, approaching Arille will lead directly into another sex scene.

Also, in Noire's content, she insists you need to ask permission of 'Miss Arille' to be intimate with the sheepfolk. You can choose the following option from Noire's menu if Arille is currently at the baths.

  • Ask Arille: If Noire wants her lady's permission to get intimate with you... guess there's no getting around it. (requires having asked Noire if she's interested in having sex)


Arille leans closer, whispering in your ear. Her bikini is barely concealing her luscious breasts from this angle. "Don't you want to see these bouncing up and down as I ride you into the bed, hero?"

Arille has five sex scenes that occur in order every time you visit the domineering cowgirl. Her scenes are only accessible if you have a penis, and involve her collaring you and making you serve her. In the fifth scene, as a thank you for being a good pet, she allows you to turn the tables. Afterwards, her five scenes repeat in the same order.

Also, Arille features in a scene in Noire's Baths sex menu.

  • Arille: You have an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, like someone you're familiar with is drawing near... knowing Arille's proclivities, she might just fuck you from behind to make sure you're doing right by her servant.




Arille dom.png
Found in Arille's initial sex scene