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Busts of Noire by Moira
Creator The Observer
Species Sheepfolk
Gender Female
Occupation Personal Servant
Clerical Assistant
Location Khor'minos Baths
Version Added 0.4.43

"It's just kind of awkward, you understand? Most people who come around this time are looking for miss Arille... for someone to come for me' is embarrassing, but in a good way. Thanks, []."

Noire is an adorable sheepfolk who can be found in the Khor'minos Baths, usually in the company of her mistress Arille. Her family into the service of Arille's family two generations ago, and Noire is a dedicated and loyal servant.

"Just that Noire is quite dear to me, as my personal servant — she does the cooking, she does the books, and she does the cleaning because I don't trust anyone else to have that kind of access to my suite when I'm not around. My grandmother went all the way to buy a sheepfolk because of their legendary tendencies towards being pliable and eager to please, and she's very, very useful to me."


This is Noire's base appearance. Her appearance screen varies significantly depending on pregnancy and how many children she's had, up to 13.

Noire is a diminutive sheepfolk, standing about four foot seven — which makes her about average for one of her race, but absolutely tiny when it comes to the citizens of Khor'minos. That being said, she draws up to her full height when she notices you eyeing her in the bath, clearly proud of who she is and what she has to offer.

While she may be a sheepfolk, Noire doesn't have much wool on her, mostly through an aggressive shearing regimen in order to beat the natural heat of the Undermountain and indulge in her bath-loving lifestyle. What remains of her golden wool is in the form of a thick mane of gold about her neck, as well as several small tufts along the rest of her body. Her hair's the same shade of golden blonde that her wool is, and falls all the way down to the small of her back when she's got it untied like this in the baths; a cute round face complete with large amethyst eyes and a pouty little mouth complete the ensemble to give an image of adorable petiteness. She obviously takes care of her appearance with meticulous care in order to play the social game as an accessory to her mistress, smelling fresh and clean thanks to spending so much time in the baths every day.

Little wonder, then, that her mistress drags her around like a puppy on a leash, especially given her usual cheerful demeanor. Noire's got a pair of large sheep horns curling out from either side of her head, surprisingly light for their size and sturdiness; while they aren't adorned, they're nevertheless clearly smoothed to take off the edges and points. While in the baths, the sheepgirl's wearing a two-piece bathing suit of gold-trimmed black, the material stretchy latex from the farms on the outskirts.

What Noire lacks in not having grown up, though, she's managed by growing out. Being tied to a minoan senator's family has meant a life of relative comfort and plenty even as estate staff, and it shows — Noire's body is plump and curvaceous under the latex, her thighs thick and springy, her breasts ripe and rounded. She's not fat, but it's undeniable that the little sheepfolk has never gone hungry in her life and it's helped her body greedily grow out into the proportions that it's always wanted to be.

Her teardrop-shaped DD-cups push out against her bathing suit, flaunting their presence with a passive-aggressive modesty, pleasing to the eye and resting snugly within the latex. Meanwhile, her thighs swell away from her hips, springy enough that you could conceivably bounce a coin off them.

From her ass and thighs, your gaze wanders back up to her midriff, caught bare between her two-piece bathing suit. Noire has a soft, flat midriff with a bit of fat, as would be expected of a house — well, she's not exactly a slave — who's never done hard labor nor missed a meal. It's not enough to form a love handle, but nevertheless imparts a welcome softness to her otherwise supple figure; all that bathing has to be good for her skin, you suppose.

All in all, Noire is cute, adorable, and with a sprightly demeanor and baby face to go with a round, wooly body. It's little wonder that Arille deigns to keep her as some sort of companion — she certainly isn't one to suit her mistress' sexual tastes, but there's an undeniable appeal there for those who like voluptuous, nubile waifs. She's been silent all this while as your eyes rove over her, but finally gathers the courage to clear her throat.


First Encounter

Noire can be found in the Khor'minos Baths between 17:00-22:00. The first time you meet her, she's excited to meet the Champion of Winter who's been granted access during quarantine. Noire mentions she works here in Arille's employ, and that it caused quite a stir when Calise petitioned for you to enter the city.

Subsequent Encounters

You can return to the sheepfolk during her regular hours. She has a number of scenes per talk option. If you'd like to get better acquainted with her, she insists you need to Ask Arille before you can get intimate with her.

  • Appearance: Take a good look at the sheep.
  • Talk
  • Sex: Ask Noire if she'd be interested in getting more intimate. (see Sex)
  • Ask Arille: If Noire wants her lady's permission to get intimate with you... guess there's no getting around it. (requires having asked about Sex, and Arille must be present)
  • Suite: The baths are a little too public for what you really want to do to this little sheep. Take her up to her apartment above the baths and show her a good time. (see Suite)


If you've fucked Noire at least three times and are not impotent, the next time you visit, Noire tells you that Miss Arille would like to see you as soon as possible. Arille's noticed the time you've been spending with her servant and gives you permission to get to know the sheepfolk even better. Even have a child with her.

From then on, you can choose Suite to hang out with Noire in her private suite and get new interactions.

  • Cuddle: You don't feel like doing anything more than snuggling up against a small sleep sheep this evening.
  • Hang Out: Just spending some time with Noire will be good for today.
    • Talk: Now that you're in a more private setting, you can discuss matters that normally wouldn't be appropriate for the baths.
      • The War: Now that you're in a more private setting, you can discuss matters that normally wouldn't be appropriate for the baths.
      • Pregnancy: Listen to what Noire has to say about you knocking her up. (requires Noire being visibly pregnant)
      • Kids: (requires having children with Noire)
    • See Kids: Ask Noire if you can see your kid[|s] with her. (requires having children with Noire)
    • Shear: What's a sheep without a shearing? Sheepfolk reputedly take a lot of pleasure in being sheared, and her wool is getting quite long, you'd say.
  • Sex: (see Sex)


To have sex with Noire, you first need to ask Noire, and then Ask Arille while Noire's mistress is present at the baths. Once you've gained permission, you can take Noire to a private area and have your wicked way with her.

  • Tease: While you're not in the mood for full-on bumping uglies, it's nevertheless incredibly satisfying to see a skittish little sheep all flustered and squirming.
  • Doggystyle: Crater Noire into the ground and take her right down to pound town. (requires penis)
    • Pussy
    • Ass
  • Eat Out: Have a taste of some fresh mutton.
  • 69: They say that it's better to give than to receive, but what about giving and receiving at the same time?
  • Arille: You have an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, like someone you're familiar with is drawing near... knowing Arille's proclivities, she might just fuck you from behind to make sure you're doing right by her servant. (requires penis, and for Arille to be present in the baths)

Once you've had sex with Noire three times, and if you're not impotent, Noire asks Arille for permission to get to know you even better. Arille grants it, giving you access to Noire's suite and new sex scenes. See Pregnancy for more details.

  • Impregnate: (requires having a virile penis, and for Noire to not be pregnant)
  • [Grope|Milk]: The little sheepgirl's [tits are so beautifully formed. Shapely, full and with just a bit of sag, such tits would be the envy of any cowgirl were they scaled up to size|heaving, pregnant tits look ripe to be milked as they swell along with the child inside of her|tits look achingly milky, ripe and heavy as they heave with each breath she takes]. They certainly look like they could take a squeezing and more... which you're more than willing to provide.
  • Cowgirl: Perhaps it's time to teach Noire to take charge. All right, there's no denying it's going to be a futile endeavor, but it'll be fun to see the poor sheepgirl try to be assertive.


Arille chuckles. "Why, I'll even give you leave as to get yourself pregnant by [] here, if that's what you want. Or have [] impregnate you, if you'd rather frame it that way. Your family has always been loyal servants to mine... and [] here has proven [pc.himHer]self capable enough in the service of the city. I wouldn't mind my sons and daughters having loyal and capable servants. That is, if [] is amenable to the idea — I'll leave the two of you to work it out between yourselves if you even want to have a go at it, hmm?"

In giving you permission to know Noire even better, Arille also gives you permission to impregnate her loyal servant. From then, you can choose Impregnate to knock Noire up. There is a lot of customisation in Noire's content for being pregnant and having children, with Noire's physical characteristics changing the more children she has with you (up to 13). See Noire Pregnancy for more details.

There is also variations for Noire's pregnancy depending on player virility, with Noire's pregnancy taking longer and bearing more children the higher virility you have (up to 8).