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Full body art of Calise by Moira
Creator Savin
Species Human
Gender Female
Occupation Paladin
Title Champion of Velun
  • Unnamed Paladin Father [deceased]
  • Unnamed Sorceress Mother [deceased]
Religion Velunite
Location Khor'minos

"Fear not, wayfarer!" the woman shouts over the din of battle, finally letting her smiting flames flicker out and hefting up her axe. "The legions of Khor'minos still stand strong against the tide of corruption."

Calise is a human paladin and the divine champion of Velun. You meet her in the Undermountain, leading the Khor'minoan forces against the Imps that have taken hold in the deeprealms. Calise is hinted to be older than she seems, and has proven invaluable to the underground city in their struggle against corruption. It's she who vouches for you to be able to enter the city, and asks for your aid in helping Khor'minos withstand the siege.

"What a woman!... The way she talks, you'd think she's holding the whole city together all by herself... just like you'd expect from a divine champion!"


Calise a human woman, standing about 5'9. She has tanned skin and sharp features framed by a messy mane of rich brown hair that hangs down to her lower back. Her lips are lush and red-painted, complimenting large, friendly green eyes full of warmth and passion.

She wears a heroic panoply: a muscled bronze cuirass, bronze greaves and arm guards, and a Belharan-style helm with a great black plume. Beneath her armor is a simple white tunic and a knee-length cloth skirt, while over it she wears a hooded red cloak that spills down to her sandal-clad feet, pinned at the shoulder with a jade symbol of Velun. She wields a minoan labrys, a two-headed axe, on a long haft that demands both hands to wield.

Beneath all that cloth and armor is a lean, athletic body. She has a pair of supple C-cup breasts and willowy hips, supporting a tight little booty. Calise has a smooth-shaven twat and what must be a virginal asshole between her round cheeks, right where it belongs.


First Encounter

You first meet Calise after you're ambushed by a horde of Imps in the Undermountain. She leads a regiment of Khor'minos soldiers, driving back the demons with magic and blade. Calise leads the troops in pursuit of the retreating imps, leaving Isadora with you. However, some imps had lain in wait, and re-appear once the stampeding hooves are well in the distance.

Calise returns when she realises the deception, either congratulating Isadora for her combat ability (if you were victorious) or slinging spells to drive the imps away before they can violate you (if you were defeated). She introduces herself; she's the Champion of Velun, and was travelling through the mountain on her way to Tychris when the demons attacked. The imps grow more numerous every day but they have not been able to find the source, pressed as they are simply to hold the city's walls. If you've cleared Winter City, she addresses you as the Champion of Frost, and bids you to join her in Khor'minos so you can work together to protect the city.

Subsequent Encounters

"Sounds like you're losing hope," you say, taking her hand again when it's offered. For such a grim prognosis, her smile's unabated.

Calise shakes her head. "With you here? Hardly! Between the two of us, this city of bulls and cows has two superb cattle-dogs to keep it safe."

You catch up with Calise in the Khor'minos outskirts. If you're yet to clear the Winter City, she bids you to head there, as she's heard that a demon queen may be on the verge of ascending. Once you've proven yourself capable, she can vouch for you to enter Khor'minos proper and join the war effort. If you're already the Champion of Frost, she says she's vouched for you to King Kelsaz and you will be able to enter the city at your leisure. You can also access her regular menu from here.

If you speak with Calise, she talks about her parents, how arrogant mages destroyed her home city, how she's been mentoring Isadora, and how the city fares. You can ask for Aid or Guidance, and see about relieving the righteous champion's tensions.

  • Talk: Swap words with Calise.
    • Her Story: So how'd Calise become a divine champion?
    • Isadora: Where'd the other human in the legion go after the fight on the bridge?
    • The City: What's Calise's take on the great capital of the kingdom?
    • The King: What can Calise tell you about the minoan king?
  • Aid: What aid could Calise provide you? (one-time, x1 Tome of Lay On Hands, 1x Tome of Jade Flame, 1x Tome of Celestial Smite, 1x Tome of Smite Evil)
  • Guidance: What wisdom does she have to offer?
  • Flirt: Perhaps Calise would be up for showing you a little Khor'minoan hospitality herself?
  • Next Step: What's next on the parth to lifting the siege of Khor'minos? (begins The Siege of Khor'minos)

Defending Khor'minos

If you choose Next Step, Calise bids you to check the Undermountain for sites the demons are using to smuggle arms. The Khor'minos legions are mighty, but they are not subtle, and whenever they go investigating any demons hear them coming from far away.

Once you've cleared the site and reported to the Winter City that the demon's arms are of Boreal Elf make, you return to Calise to present your findings. She says they'll be deploying the navy to prevent further shipments, and agrees to lend you a watercraft so you can take the fight directly to Queen Alissa's new court. However, as she understands it Dracia is a fortress, so it will be a challenge for you to assail. But Calise is sure you can persevere.


Calise gives the men a look. "Oh, very well. I suppose you're right... I deserve a little healing as much as anyone else. Keep watch, men, and shout if there's trouble! I'll come out swinging!"

If you Flirt with Calise, she's initially hesitant, worried that her duties are too important to step away from. However, her troops heartily encourage her to get a little rest and relaxation. The city won't fall because she took a little time to herself; indeed it may fall if she doesn't. It's for the good of Khor'minos. Assuaged, she leads you into an abandoned house for some privacy.

  • Dick Her: Put Calise up against a wall and fuck her brains out. (requires penis)
  • Trib Her: Hike one of Calise's legs up and rub twats! (requires vagina)

Quest Related

The Siege of Khor'minos

Once you've proven your mettle in the Winter City, Calise asks if you're up to help save a second city.