Faceless Blade

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Faceless Blade


Bust of the Faceless Blade by Lionpaws
Creator Savin
Alias The Blade
Species Kitsune
Gender Female
Occupation Assassin
Faction Demon Cult
Level 8
Health 528
Strengths The Faceless Blade has three action points
Version Added 0.4.10

"You've been a thorn in my friend's little cult for far too long. Enough. There's no demon queen here to vouchsafe your life. She'll never know what happened to you and your friends. Perhaps that will set her mind free."

The Faceless Blade is an assassin and one of Master Tollus's most loyal lieutenants. Not much is known about her, other than that she was cast out of the Kitsune and ended up joining the Demon Cult.


It's a kitsune, wearing little more than a mesh bodysuit and belts covered in knives and potions, her tails the color of a midnight sky and speckled with white roots like the stars.


First Interaction

The Faceless Blade is an optional encounter in the The Siege of Khor'minos. If you defeat the Blood Knight and go to Execute her, the Faceless Blade intercedes and blocks the blow before fleeing with the defeated general.

Grave of Saints

"I struck exactly where I meant to," the assassin says evenly. She flicks her sword under her arm, drawing it clean. "The veins near the heart. To spread the poison faster. I would like to kill you cleanly, but Michael insists you die screaming. I never could say no to him. My apologies."

If you accept Calise's quest to pursue the Ring of Fate, you encounter the Faceless Blade as you're leaving the tomb. She sneaks up on you, stabbing Calise through the chest with a poisoned blade before you realise she's there. The Blade reveals she left Calise alive on purpose to make her death more painful, and that she plans to murder you in spite of Kasyrra's orders. She has extra dialogue if you're a Kitsune, denigrating Keros as the 'August Whore' and 'Lord of Lies'.

If you're victorious, the Blade escapes, leaping backwards off the cliff and disappearing.

Bad End

"Do you wonder how a kitsune earns a moniker like 'Faceless,' a voice whispers from behind you.

If you lose to the Faceless Blade during The Ring of Fate, you get the Faceless Blade Execution bad end as the assassin finishes the job.


The Faceless Blade is equipped with a Senninbari and survives the first blow that would defeat her. She uses Berserkergang at the first opportunity.

Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 57.0 Armor Penetration: 29.0
Spellpower: 45.0 Spell Penetration: 19.0
Sexiness: 50.0 Temptation: 19.0
Accuracy: 50.0 Critical Chance: 24.0
Armor: 54.0 Physical Resist: 24.0
Warding: 64.0 Magic Resist: 34.0
Focus: 11.0 Mental Resist: 6.0
Evasion: 55.0 Blight Resist: 50.0
Fire Resist: 25.0 Holy Resist: 25.0
Tease Resist: 33.0
  • Big Breasts
  • All Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses

stealable - [+]

  • 10,000 XP
  • 3,000 EC

Quests and Events

The Ring of Fate

If you accept the Calise's quest, The Faceless Blade is the final boss in the dungeon to reclaim the Ring of Fate.