A Feast For Heroes

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A Feast for Heroes
Quest Details
Quest Type Event
Requirements Completion of The Ring of Fate Quest
Quest Giver(s) Calise
Level Range ?
Location(s) Royal Palace
Conditions and Outcomes
Can Fail? No
Has Combat? No
Is Timed? No
Unique Loot Yes
Multiple Outcomes? Not for the event itself, but potentially for The Siege of Khor'minos


An event that is technically a stage of The Siege of Khor'minos, but not officially recognized by the game as such. This event takes you to its own 'dungeon' though it is entirely without combat, and consists of 3 stages during which the champion interacts (possibly sexually) with Khor'minos royalty and other important personages. Pay close attention, as some of your choices here will matter down the line.

Requirements and Preparation

In order to be able to go to the event, the champion must have completed The Ring of Fate and waited for Calise to recover afterwards.


Once Calise has recovered the champion can go to her usual spot in Khor'minos Outskirts and use the option 'Ready For The Feast' to enter the event.


Before the feast, the champion can 'Help' Calise with her armor (Have sex with her). Afterwards, the event will proceed to introduction phase, with different introductions depending on what companions the champion has brought.

Phase 1

Phase 1 marks the beginnings of the feast. The royal family has not arrived yet, but there are plenty of people for champion to interact with Interactable NPC's during this phase:

  • Arille
  • Alante
  • Decima
  • Isadora
  • Hadred Grune (Minoan General)
  • Mimi
  • Senator Khaius
  • Tricia (The Herald)

During this phase, the champion can speak to Tricia at any time to progress the event into Phase 2

Phase 2

The Royal family has arrived, and the champion can now interact with them, as well possibly a certain familiar cowgirl bard. Interactable NPC's during this phase:

  • King Kelsaz
  • Princess Varena
  • Livrea (Must be engaged to her?)
  • Unnamed Orc chef
  • Tricia

The champion can also slip into the royal chambers to do some snooping. This requires one to distract the guard, but one of the ways is getting Calise to help, and she is always available during this phase. The champion can then investigate the area for extra information, and potentially acquire Royal Panties, Royal Jewelry and Tiran's blessing buff.

To proceed to Phase 3, the champion must have first spoken to King Kelsaz, then they will be able to proceed by talking to Tricia as with phase 1.

Phase 3

During this phase, the banquet has begun, and most NPC's are feasting, but there are a few new faces sitting on the waysides. Also, Calise splits off from the party, inviting the champion to talk with her after they are done. Interactable NPC's during this phase:

  • Prince Vrannus
  • Barney (If cait is in party)
  • Tricia
  • Calise
  • Armitia Moongiven (Priestess)

The champion can also 'Sit at High Table' to further interact with King Kelsaz and the rest of feasters.

Once finished with interactions, the champion can talk to Calise to wrap up the event.

Post Feast

During the ending of the event, Calise brings the champion to the palace gardens to show them the magnificent view, and to ask them who they think the traitor is. The available options differ based on who you interacted with over the course of the feast, and who you recruited for your combat effort. Afterwards, the Feast finishes with a dance, where you first get to pick a member of the royal family, and then do (or not do) a dance with Calise.