Queen Alissa

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Queen Alissa




Full Body of Queen Alissa by DCLzexon
Creator Savin
Full name Alissa var Ridell
Species Boreal Elf
Demon (post Palace of Ice)
Gender Female
Title Elvenqueen
Family Princess Etheryn (younger sister, ward)
Queen Alraince (mother) [deceased]
Unnamed Father [deceased]
Queen Atheldred (grandmother) [deceased]
Queen-Consort Synneva (grandsire) [deceased]
Religion Lumian
Location Winter City (during Palace of Ice)
Level 6
Health 290
Resolve 224
Strengths Queen Alissa has 3 action points

"You know I'm going to have to punish you for running off for so long, little sister. Oh-ho, the things I've been saving up for you. My queen's taught me so much, so many new ways to break sluts like you into nothing but mindless fuckmeat. Do you like what I've done with the guards? That's just a taste of what Kasyrra and I will do, to you and your friend!"

Queen Alissa is monarch of Winter City and the Boreal Elves. She assumed the role after the hunting death of her father, and was beloved by her despite her lack of attention to the finer details of ruling. Alissa was loath to focus on matters such as diplomacy and the royal treasury, instead hosting lavish feasts and hunts to pass the time. Her outsized public persona hid the depravities she committed against her sister, Princess Etheryn, which are implied to be masking other feelings towards her ward. Alissa was distraught when Etheryn fled the palace, consoling herself with ever-greater extravagance and her new mysterious beau.

During the events of the Palace of Ice, Alissa loses her soul while bearing Kasyrra's corrupted offspring and becomes a demon in full view of her subjects. She is repelled by you and Etheryn and flees for parts unknown.

"But my mother did not long survive my birth, and my father... did not long survive his beloved wife, either. So my sister became queen amidst a year of tragedy, and I became her ward. She resented me terribly, and made sure I knew it. According to her, I'm the cause of everything bad to ever happen to her. At least I'm the only one she seemed to take her frustrations out on... the people still love her, especially the warriors. The way they fawn over her when she walks among them, throwing flowers at her feet and praising her name like a goddess's... Even if I'd spoken up, I doubt anyone would have believed that their beloved queen was capable of being such a monster."

"Remember what I said about the old king dowager's thrill-seeking addiction, champion? The parties just got all the more lavish, the acts during said parties more and more debauched. Alissa would indulge herself, be it in the hunt, at the parties, or otherwise, and when the first thrill began to fade she sought ever greater extremes just to be able to feel something. Or at least, that's what the amazons who accompanied her on her hunts told me when they returned the hounds to the kennels. Like her father, she put herself into danger, took risk after risk just to be able to feel alive, and always came out on top."

"Oh, little princess, what you don't know about your sister... like how desperate she was for an heir. How she'd been saving you for herself. No man would ever be good enough for Queen Alissa. That cage you wear was for her benefit, my dear... to jealously guard her precious little fucktoy's virgin twig until she was ready for a child. Does that shock you? No... I don't think it does. You knew all along what she wanted. How hard it was for her to keep herself from making you her consort."


It's a woman, statuesque in height and utterly voluptuous, dressed regally in whites and blues while a crown seemingly made of pure ice sits snugly around her brow.

"A-Alissa!" Ryn gasps, clutching at your arm. "It's her... m-my sister..."

So that's the elvenqueen? She might once have been a muscular amazon like her two guards, but she's clearly put on some weight — and most of it has gone to her chest and hips and... and to her bulging, quite obviously pregnant, belly. The queen walks with a hand over her stomach, the other clutching a long spear with a silver crossguard, using it to help her walk despite her gravidity.


First Encounter

The first time you enter the Winter City, Alissa will address the city square from her palace as you and Etheryn watch from the audience. She announces that her absence from public life has been due to being pregnant and that she will soon give birth and present heir and sire to her adoring public. Alissa also declares that she will soon rejoin her huntresses in campaigns against the foes of their land, to rapturous applause. She returns to the palace as you and Etheryn plan your infiltration.

Palace of Ice

Once you've gotten past Jael'yn and Elthara and opened the magically sealed door, you walk in to Alissa dutifully servicing Kasyrra. Kas bids Allissa to keep you occupied while she keeps working on her portal. Alissa exchanges threats with you, Etheryn, and Hethia if present, and engages the party with her greatspear. If you're defeated, it goes into a Bad End.

If you're victorious, Alissa retreats to protect her offspring and flees to the roof. You and the party eventually follow and witness Alissa give birth. She is horrified to realise her 'heirs' are actually Imps due to being sired by Kasyrra, and before too long the corruption is too much and Alissa loses her soul. With the whole city watching, Alissa transforms into a demon. She goes to attack, but is shot twice by Etheryn and flies away.

Bad End

If Alissa defeats you in battle, she magically binds you before triumphantly reclaiming her sister, brutally reasserting her authority before carrying the reinstated Duchess of the Rim off to an unknown fate. You're helpless to do anything to help as Kasyrra advances on you. You are given the choice to service Kasyrra and become a sex slave to her army of dragon-warriors, or refuse and be thrown through a portal to one of several Marethian bad ends.


Stats Likes Dislikes Powers Drops

Attack Power: 51.0 Spellpower: 51.0
Sexiness: 25.0 Temptation: 17.0
Armor: 102.0 Physical Resist: 31.0
Warding: 12.0 Magic Resist: 17.0
Focus: 38.0 Mental Resist: 32.0
Evasion: 27.0 Blight Resist: 50.0
Crushing Resist: -10.0 Fire Resist: -50.0
Frost Resist: 50.0 Penetrating Resist: 25.0
Tease Resist: -25.0
  • Big Breasts
  • All Cocks
  • Average Breasts
  • Big Asses

stealable - [+]

Quest Related

Royal Amnesty

Etheryn is fleeing Queen Alissa, and seeks to use ancient treaties to compel The Baroness to raise an army against her.

In Her Footsteps

Queen Alissa is the final (mandatory) boss in the Palace of Ice and Act 1. You, Etheryn, and your companions infiltrate the palace to stop her and rescue the Winter City from her corruption.